The Fundamentals of Sex

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A Beautiful Betrayal of the Body

The Fundamentals of Sex

Walking down the street is supposed to be easy. You walk by people every single day and never look them in the eye or pay them any mind. But when it's someone you know....

Someone your body knows…

That's when walking becomes quite interesting.

When passing by someone you shared extremely steamy sex with, it is almost impossible to not react in some way. Your nipples grow sensitive and your hands grow warm. You start to imagine their lips on the beautiful expanse of skin you chose to reveal. The smell of that person is suddenly all there is in the air and your breathing begins to grow labored.

Passing by someone you share a connection with is torture. Not being able to respond how you would like is just hell.

Up next your legs begin to turn noodle-like and unsteady. You find your hand wandering close to a sweet place you both know well. A place where you can't hide the affection you feel or the dripping discharge between your thighs. Your body screams the truth while you whisper the lie that you can simply walk past them.

But when your temperature spikes and your mind wanders to one of the many times you had no words other than that Casanova's name. All you want is that familiar filling feeling. The little O your mouth takes shape in, and the way your eyes roll to the back of your head in pleasure when he burrows deep inside of you.

How can you ever simply walk past that?

Eye contact is made and held and it takes everything in you not to rip all your clothes off right then and there. In that steady stream of gaze, you both return to that rhythm your bodies take on together when alone. Your hands dig into the skin on your arms because you wish it was theirs you were touching. So many forms of torture... So little understanding in the fundamentals of sex and the role they play between human beings.

You want this person right now, as you read this. You want them more than when they were out of sight. In that brief passing, hormones were exchanged, emotion, lust, and occasionally even love. All of that can flow from one person to another like a strong orgasm rocking the body of the woman having it, causing her partner to lose their grip and come to climax with her.

And after the ten seconds spent exchanging everything through sight, you fight to let go of the moment. You fight to right your mind of the dirty thoughts that make your mouth water and pussy ache. Do not misunderstand, this is no easy feat. It can be one of the most challenging situations because memories never fade. The demons stay and haunt you all through the night until your fingers are moving in slow torturous circles on a swollen clit between plump lips and you are imagining the exact scenario all over again.

Addiction is a powerful thing. Infatuation can also be a very powerful thing. Infatuation doesn't care about morals or looking crazy. Infatuation must have addiction; the drug that can qualm your raging libido. Now of course nothing compares to the looks you get when someone knows your body. When they can tell when your wet just by the way you are standing, or the hungry look you get in your eye unknowingly while drinking them in.

Then you both find yourselves crawling and pawing at hard ground separating the two of you just to get a fraction of an inch closer. Closer to what you know has the power to make your body unravel like ribbon. You convince yourself that it is just to look, to speak, to smile, and to feel the pleasure that never dissipated no matter the miles set between. You promise to be a good girl. You promise to demonstrate control. But looks turn to the licking of lips, hugs turn into long intimate caresses down voluptuous thighs, and sweet words turn guttural and animalistic. You both can't help it. Two magnets bound to attract are hard to keep apart. As you yearn for him to settle between your legs he is lost in the now healed scratches on his back that you left. His mind has recreated the feeling and his penis bulges against his pants with it. Your bodies betray you both out in this public space.

After those ten seconds of thick tense air and sexual desire, you bite down hard on your lip and relive every instance hand met waist, every time a thrust was met with your own, every climax you’d both ever had raging on like a stubborn bull.

The fundamentals of sex are never simple or easy. Once the connection between human beings is made, especially in the bedroom, those passing’s by that used to mean minor happiness will now cause Erections, throbbing pussy; arousal between both parties. Keep in mind how unexpected it may be. Keep in mind the place your mind goes when feeling euphoric or turned on. Keep in mind that your body, my love, will always betray you. That is the most crucial Fundamental of sex.

Brianna Price
Brianna Price
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