The Four Biggest Myths About Losing Your Virginity! (Must Read)

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People tell you horror stories that leave you having nightmares for weeks. Just the thought of losing yourself to someone who might not be the right person is equally as taxing to your mind. I’m here today to debunk some of the most popular myths about losing your virginity.

The Four Biggest Myths About Losing Your Virginity! (Must Read)

Whether you’re a curious teen or saving yourself for marriage there are so many negative as well as positive things you hear about losing your virginity. All in all, it sounds exciting and super romantic, right? It really can be but there’re also so many awkward ways that it’s not. There’s so many myths and legends about whether or not you’ll have a good time. People tell you horror stories that leave you having nightmares for weeks. Just the thought of losing yourself to someone who might not be the right person is equally as taxing to your mind. I’m here today to debunk some of the most popular myths about losing your virginity.

Myth #1 Your first time can never be a good time!

Let me tell you that this is complete and utter bullshit. Honestly, many people think that they know this to be true but it’s not. Not everybody is going to bleed or cramp the first time. Not everybody is going to have a heart attack and not live to see tomorrow. In fact, nine times out of 10 the pain that girls experience during their first time is due to shot nerves and vaginal dryness.

Being aroused is super crucial to losing your virginity. If you aren’t properly lubricated of course it’s going to hurt and you might even bleed. The best way to prepare yourself for losing your virginity is to masturbate often and learn how to orgasm on your own because it may not be executed during your first time.

Don’t listen to people who say that there’s no way that it will feel good, your first time because it is possible. Many people have experienced a negative outcome from losing their virginity, which makes them reflect it on you. Just do yourself a favor and don’t listen to everything you hear from people who have zero experience yet claim they have the most.

Myth #2 You should only lose your virginity to someone you love!

Many people also believe this to be true. You don’t have to lose your virginity to somebody you’re in love with. Because chances are if you’re losing your virginity young you’re already not in love. For some sex is always better with somebody that you love, but sex is also an object of pleasure. There is no law that says that you have to be in love with someone to be able to give your body to them.

In fact, people have sold their virginity, not that I recommend that. However, it is just so silly to think that you must be in love with someone in order to open yourself to them in a sexual way. I can tell you right now I wasn’t in love with the person that I lost my virginity to. Maybe at the time, I assumed I loved him, but there was never real love that mingled in my mind. And yet somehow we ended up having sex without being thrown into the streets and beaten by people as we were shunned for our horrid actions. The only thing that truly matters when losing your virginity to someone is that you’re comfortable with the person. Don’t lose your virginity just to lose your virginity because I promise you you’ll regret it.

Myth #3 Losing your virginity after marriage is the safest method!

This is another high-class dose of bullshit. Sex after marriage, while somehow thrown into this immensely positive light is not always the safest method of losing your virginity. However, the safest method of losing your virginity is contraception in every sense of the word.

Just because you’ve known someone long enough that you’re engaged to them and about to marry them doesn't mean that they haven’t fucked around with other people. In this day and age, you don’t know people the way that you think you do.

You can be in a relationship with someone for four years and they could have cheated on you for three and you'd never know it. Just like losing your virginity to someone you’ve only known for months is just as hazardous if you don’t use protection. Under no circumstances should you bareback it the very first time you have sex. Marriage doesn’t mean anything to a bunch of hoes that’s why there’s a 40 to 50 percent rate of divorce.

Myth #4 You’re a piece of shit if you have sex before marriage!

Wrong, wrong, and wrong again! Losing your virginity doesn’t shape you as a person, nor does it change the characteristics that you hold true to your soul. Everybody is different, so everybody takes it a different way, but you’re never a piece of shit for losing your virginity before marriage. It’s just something that ends up happening. Sometimes when we least expect it. But you should never feel like you owe the world an explanation as to why you lost your virginity prior to finding the man of your dreams. Because honestly if we’re being real, it’s none of anyone’s fucking business.

There will be plenty of people who do judge if you decide to divulge that information. However, these people aren’t exactly the people that you’re probably going to have in your everyday life. Therefore, their opinion really doesn’t matter. It’s your body to do with what you please. So don’t let anyone make you think that you are some devil worshiper from hell because you decided to explore your body with someone else. Sex isn’t a crime, if it was we wouldn’t be here.


So, as I brought you these four incredibly insane myths I want you to really take into account everything that I've said. A lot of people seem to think that the opinions of others in terms of crucial moments in their own life is valid and it’s not. The only relevant opinion of your virginity is your own. So have sex before or after marriage. Have anal or give 12 million blowjobs in one night. The only person who was in control of your body is you. So get to fucking or keep that shit locked up. It’s all up to you now!

Ellowen Ophelia
Ellowen Ophelia
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