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The Essence of a Kiss

A Couple Embrace in One Timeless Moment

By Ashir AliPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Kiss is the First rule of Love

The night is heat and mystical. the gorgeous dark sky splays before us rich, dark, and eloquent, presenting a canvas full of stars wet just like the rarest diamonds; uncut and flawless. As our eyes lock during this unaltered moment, I can’t facilitate however feel that God has set the scene with simply the correct illumination to mirror that look in your eyes.

solely you may deliver the goods that look, for in it I saw our 2 souls unite along as one… as we tend to stood there, “uncut and perfect” even as Adam stood with Eve within the garden at the start of time…

He walks towards me.

My heart flutters at his each step.

The stirrings of affection that I forthwith compassionate him, yell on behalf of me to require him into my possession,

however I restrain myself.

Time is aware of no boundaries as he stops before of me,

simply to feel that electricity, that invisible pull that attracts USA along tho' neither one amongst us took associateother step.

As a musician reverentially caresses his instrument before he begins to play, his hands slowly move around my waist in an unforgettable grip.

He pulls me about to him.

My arms instinctively go around his neck,

Not because that's wherever I consciously placed them,

however just because that is where they belong.

I will feel his chest exhausting against mine as I absorb his fascinating scent,

It anchors my terribly soul.

His eyes mirror all the dreams that I hold inside and reflects back to Pine Tree State as I see each coming back into reality.

I slowly stroke the side of his face.

His skin is heat and smooth.

He tenderly follows the motion of my hand fascinated as he enjoys the texture of my caress…

“I love that.”

My fingers entwine within the softness of his hair and my heart whispers my confession of love.

His heartbeat pulsates through my entire kind because it joins with my own, changing into one drill in rhythm.

My hands glide down his sturdy back,

And his love on behalf of me is felt all over.

i'm we tend toakened by the thrill of the feel of his body powerfully ironed to mine as we embrace.

It appears as if time has stopped only for our pleasure.

Not the pleasure of a zealous kiss,

Or the pleasure of creating love,

except for the easy pleasure of a glowing Kiss – 2 bodies be part ofed in concert in associate innocent gesture of love.

within the essence of a Kiss holds our promise to at least one day become one in the religious sense,

As our bodies join physically and our hearts and souls emotionally.

For in my Kiss I conceive to you for eternity.

I hope you enjoyed "The Essence of a Kiss." I appreciate your time. causing love and hopes of everything smart and healing to you.

its look of the kiss. Unfortunately, the art of kissing seems to have lost its touch in marriages. The partners indulged in numerous kisses during the dates; but once the knot is tied, this simple exercise begins to diminish. Women very often avoid kissing because they think it will lead to another level of sexual activity that they are not ready for. As a result, kissing becomes a forbidden domain for them. In reality, when couples stop kissing, sexual desire is lost.

For most couples, kissing can be exciting and enjoyable, while for others it can be awkward because they've lost touch with the art of kissing. Kissing in the real word can be classified as a French kiss or a pleasure kiss. Research has shown that kissing can be a source of pleasure because it excites the lips, tongue and mouth.


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