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The Dumbwaiter

by Brandi Payne 2 years ago in erotic
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What the eyes will see.

Brenda came home the other day and while she sat around, she began thinking about her marriage to her husband Greg. She realized how boring it was and that even their intimacy was getting a bit boring being that it was the same way almost every time. They had a little foreplay, he became erect, and then the penetration which once he was inside, he never lasted long enough for her to have an orgasm. It was pitiful.

She never thought of leaving her husband because she did love him and was in love with him, but she had to think of a way to make their sex life a bit more interesting. Brenda was a bit of a drama queen and loved acting out parts and thought of a way to make that work for her sex life. As she sat on the couch watching television, she began to think of ways to make it happen.

A certain thought hit her, and she knew that her husband would not go for having someone in the room while they had sex or even for a third party to be involved in the sex part. He was such a conservative it was not funny. She wanted to be an actress, but needed an audience to act for, but how. She got up and walked into her bedroom and looked around the room searching for a way to get someone else in the room without her husband knowing it.

She looked at the closets, the windows, and even their master bathroom, but she knew that her husband would want to go take a shower right after them having sex. The window was too high off the ground for anyone to stand outside, and the closets were not big enough for anyone to fit in.

As she walked around the room of their old Victorian home, she came across something behind her dresser. It looked like a hidden door. Brenda used all her strength to move her dresser and exposed a small hidden door. She opened it and found that it used to be an old dumbwaiter that led down to the kitchen. She wondered why it was never spoken of when they bought the house.

She checked it out and found that it was sturdy enough to hold someone sitting in it. She climbed inside and sat down and moved it down to her kitchen making sure that a human could fit in it and that it would be safe enough. Once she reached the kitchen, she found that the door to it in the kitchen had been hidden by paint and caulking, so she kicked the door open allowing her to climb out and be inside her kitchen.

Brenda quickly thought that this would be the way for someone to get in and go up to their bedroom and be able to watch them have sex without being know by her husband. She quickly fixed the door in the kitchen so that her husband would not notice and then went back upstairs to see how things would work there. Once back in her bedroom, she had to move furniture around to make it easy for someone to watch without being seen.

She rearranged her entire bedroom making the bed the center focal point from the dumbwaiter door where someone hiding inside could see everything that happened on their bed. Now the only problem she foreseen was that she needed someone willing to watch them while she made her acting debut. She thought long and hard about who would want to watch her have sex with her husband. There was no one coming to mind.

Brenda knew that she had to find someone for her to act in front of and thought about downtown where there was an adult bookstore where the perverts hung out. She had to find someone, so she got dressed ad ran out to her car to go find someone. She climbed into her car and then drove down to the adult store to find a pervert of her very own.

Once she arrived and parked the car, she headed inside. She knew that there were video watchers in the back of the store and headed that way. As she walked into the back room, she could hear different men moaning as they were in their own cubicle watching porn movies and probably masturbating. She walked around back there and saw a few men just hanging out and waiting their turn for a cubicle.

She noticed in the back that there was a man watching through a cracked door and peeking in on the man inside who was masturbating to his video. Brenda could tell he was getting aroused because he kept rubbing on his penis through his pants. It was almost arousing for Brenda who was sexually starved for her own orgasm. She stood there and watched for a moment until hearing the man inside the cubicle have an orgasm and it sounded like a strong one by his loud moaning.

She noticed that the man standing outside quickly moved away from his door before the man inside came walking out zipping his pants back up. At that moment, Brenda knew that she had found her pervert for her own sexual exploration and had to find the way to approach him without scaring him off. She walked up to him and pulled him inside the empty cubicle and closed the door.

The man was a bit startled by her actions, but she began explaining her dilemma and wanted him to come watch her have sex with her husband without him knowing he is there. The man was intrigued at this moment and wanted to know more. Brenda told him of the dumbwaiter that she found in her house and that would be the way in their bedroom but that she fixed the furniture to where he could see everything that happened on their bed.

The man agreed to her plea for excitement and they set up the time and day for him to come over. He would have to arrive at their house while her husband was busy in his home office. Brenda needed to get him inside the dumbwaiter before going up to her bedroom and surprising her husband with her sexual desires. They agreed on a time to meet at her house and then Brenda was on her way back home.

A few days later after not having sex with her husband, it was the day for her visitor and her acting career to begin. It was almost as if she would be involved in a porn movie of her own just without it being recorded. The time was approaching for her visitor to arrive and her husband had just gotten home from work and went into his office to finish up some contracts.

There came a knock at the door and Brenda walked over to answer it. It was her pervert that had come to watch his live sex act. Brenda took him quickly into the kitchen and got him into the dumbwaiter and sent upstairs. She made sure he was comfortable before sending him up. Then, she went into her husband’s office and got his attention by flirting with him and rubbing her hands over his body. It soon began to arouse him where they met each other with a kiss.

Greg knew that his wife was aroused and that she was making him more aroused, so he stopped working to caress his beautiful wife. His hands ran over her body as his lips met hers. She asked him to go up to the bedroom with her because she wanted to try some new things with him which intrigued him, so she led him by the hand upstairs to their bedroom where they had a visitor waiting and watching.

They walked into the room and she again met her husband with a kiss. While having his attention, she looked out the corner of her eye and noticed that the dumbwaiter door was cracked a bit and knew she was being watched and the show must start. Brenda began slowly taking her husband’s shirt off who was in great shape and had such a sexy body. She threw his shirt across the room and began to show a little tongue going into her husband’s mouth as she kissed him. Greg became aroused enough to begin taking her blouse off and dropping it to the floor which left her wearing a black lacy bra.

He reached around her and unzipped her skirt that showed off her curvy hips. Once the skirt fell to the floor, their visitor could see that she was wearing a pair of black lacy bikini panties that matched with the bra. Greg reached around one more time and unsnapped her bra letting it fall between them. For the moment, Greg’s body covered the view of her plump full breasts which the visitor was waiting to see since their meeting at the adult store.

Then, as they embraced, Greg’s hands were all over her body and while passionately kissing his wife, his hands slid up the back of her neck and cupped the back of her head. The hidden visitor watched through the door crack as the couple stood by their marital bed in an embrace. After the kissing had slowed down for a moment as Greg stepped back from Brenda allowing the visitor to finally see her full plum breasts with dark rose-colored nipples. He could see that her nipples were at least an inch long and very plump as well.

It was all a turn on to the hidden man in the dumbwaiter as he began to take out his penis and gently stroke it. He watched as the couple climbed up on the bed together and Brenda laid in a position that would allow their visitor to get a good view of everything. Greg climbed up over the top of his wife and took his tongue and licked around her plump nipples taking them gently into his mouth and sucking on them.

The visitor watched as Greg began kissing his wife’s body beginning from her neck and kissing his way down and around her breasts. His tongue swirling around those rose-colored nipples and then down the center of her abdomen. The hidden visitor still gently masturbated his penis until it was throbbing erect. He was extremely excited by this point and wanted to see more.

His eyes peered through the door crack as his hand firmly masturbated his penis. Greg was finally reaching Brenda’s sweet spot as she opened her legs wide and was accepting to him. Her vaginal lips pink and swollen wanting more attention. Her vagina was neatly trimmed but still bushy. Greg took his tongue and began licking between her vaginal lips and tasting how sweet she was. This was all arousing to Brenda knowing that someone else was hidden and watching them.

This was the first time in a long time that her husband took the time to satisfy her entire body and that was enough to make her wet and inviting to him. Greg took his mouth and gently pulled on each one of her lips before smothering his face deep inside her vaginal region. The man in the dumbwaiter could see just how wet she was because the sides of Greg’s face were glistening with her juices. He licked and sucked on her vagina while she gripped the sheets and arched her back.

Her moans were somewhat loud and enough for the visitor to hear which made him more aroused as his hand moved a little faster up the shaft of his penis. He would stroke his penis from the bottom to the top giving the head a little squeeze each time. Brenda was in orgasm mode as her husband licked her clitoris while it became swollen with arousal.

Greg took his hands and wrapped them around her thighs pulling them tighter to his face. Brenda’s grip on the sheets became tighter and her back arched more as she came to orgasm all over her husbands’ face. The visitor could hear Greg moan louder with his face buried inside her vagina. Then, he came out of her vagina licking his lips tasting his wife’s juices.

He stood up on his knees and unzipped his pants pulling his bigger than average penis out and then rubbing it against her vagina wetting the mushroom-shaped head with Brenda’s juices. He reached down and grabbed each one of her legs and placed them over his shoulders and pushed his large penis inside her vagina where Brenda let out a loud moan of arousal.

Greg reached down and cupped her butt cheeks in his hands and lifted her up and down onto his penis. He penetrated her deeply causing her moans to get louder. The visitor watched as Greg penetrated his wife and then he was close to having his own orgasm. He knew that he had to be quiet when he exploded and hoped that he would not be known, so he remained quiet sitting in the dumbwaiter.

Greg began pumping his wife faster and harder until she squirted all over his penis which then caused his swollen penis to ejaculate deep inside her vagina. While they were having their orgasms, the hidden visitor began to ejaculate in his hand where he then pulled a handkerchief out of his pocked and wiped off. He was very satisfied with his orgasm and sat quietly still watching through the door crack as they cleaned themselves up and put their clothing back on.

Instead of getting dressed, Greg walked into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. While he was bathing, the hidden visitor took the dumbwaiter back down to the kitchen where Brenda was waiting for him. She helped him out and then thanked him for watching. The visitor thanked her and left her with his number in case she ever decided to do this again. She then walked him to the front door and let him out thanking him again for being a part of her fun. Brenda then went back to her bedroom and kissed her husband passionately.


About the author

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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