The Door

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A story by Kate

The Door
The door

I stared at him.

At his long legs planted confidently on the shiny reception floor. At his shiny leather shoe, pointing directly towards me. His body at half profile. His head slightly bowed, listening to the man at his right. Nodding on occasions.

His piercing eyes stared straight at me, cold and hard, under his dark eyebrows.

My eyes felt watery and I realised I forgot to blink. I allowed my eyelids to slide down. Heart racing. Palms sliding nervously along my thighs while the voice inside my head screams... For crying out loud, look up Kate!

When the same shiny leather shoes appeared on the floor directly in front of mine... I was not surprised. I lifted my gaze, and looked at the calmly stretched arm, offering me his hand. I took it.

A slight tug saw me on my feet. We began walking. His hand was calm and slight at the small of my back. I know we took the elevator. Which floor I could not tell. My heart was racing as if I run a marathon. My body trembling from chills infused by nervousness and excitement, and I knew he could feel it on his fingertips. Yet my face felt flushed.

As we progressed closer and closer to our destination. I walked on air. I felt no shame, no regret. I imagined his hands to be soft and then hard. How hard it did not matter. He will not hurt or abuse my flesh, my mind, my pride.

I wanted to do everything. To be pliant and receptive. To let him pleasure me, and use me to pleasure him. I only hoped my stamina would last. Practical to the very end I thought to myself as a slight smile touched my lips. I knew my eyes twinkled.

The door.

We stopped and I placed my feet parallel to the edge. A soft dim light illuminated the gap above the carpet. His tall frame pressed against my back. I held my position, enjoying the pressure. His arms surrounded me, and his hands splayed just below my stomach. Imprisoning my frame. There they paused till the echo of my gasp subsided, and a few moments more.

Then I felt them move. Slow and sure. Perfectly synchronised, up my body till they covered my breasts. Climbing to my neck, up my face... into my hair. Then their direction changed. Down the path till they reached their original starting point, proceeding down, wrapping themselves around my core. Forcing me to bend forward from my waist and part my legs. I'm sure he could feel my pulsation, my swelling flesh and the moist heat of my arousal.

Was he going to open the door?

Again the practical vanilla mind.

I didn't care!

His left hand started traveling up my body again. Reaching my face, and comfortably parking across my lips. The thumb pushed itself into my mouth, and the rest of his hand sealed all gaps.

His right hand took ownership. Slowly but firmly circling my soft and smooth flesh. His frame holding me now against the door.

I saw myself in my inner mind. Caged, bonded, splayed, and exposed. Anybody could pass by. Any door could open.

I fell apart. Hard against his strong probing fingers. My teeth biting on his thumb. My scream muffled against his palm.

I shook and shook and shattered.

My moisture coating us at the point of contact.

Then, as he held me in that position, I went limp.

Without a moment's hesitation, he wrapped his arm around my waist as he threw the door open.

His head bowed towards my left ear.

Good girl. Now we can start.

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