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The Docile Pearl

An erotic story

By Lola SensePublished 7 days ago 3 min read
The Docile Pearl
Photo by Jayden Brand on Unsplash

Her breath on my face dissolved into a million particles, like twinkling lights exploding into another million sensations all across my body.

Time was standing still, and I felt deliciously paralyzed in her embrace. She fixed me with her green eyes. Her skin was pale and brilliant, exuding splendor, and her curly hair reminded me of summer, lemonade, and sunflowers. Even the music that had been playing before seemed to have stopped. Our universe enveloped just the two of us in the palpable attraction we felt, a silence that clichedly preceded the much-needed rain that followed.

Our small, two-body reality was pulsating and expanding, making us wonder whether we should rejoice or fear what was to come. Isn't that true for the best things in life?

Suddenly, I felt alive, vitality flowing through every artery, vein, and capillary of my body, delivering pleasure and sheer desire. With eyes closed, I saw and felt everything far more intensely—everything that I was, that I could be. I felt her hand moving across my face, gently stroking the side of my neck, cascading down my arm and my shoulder, and brushing the side of my breast like a whisper.

She awoke in me things I thought had gone dormant a long time ago, parts of my identity I thought I had let go. Her presence reminded me of what my luscious body could look and feel like. My favorite lingerie, cheeks exposed, the edges of my center discernible through the translucent fabric, burning and yearning for a touch. I felt beautiful and wanted. That part of me I thought had left was only sitting quietly, waiting for the right moment to come out and play. Her lips moved to my mouth, silently. I was awake and ready.

The air smelled like jasmine on this cool summer night. Life felt full of possibilities, free of worries and anxieties about the future—just simple, pure pleasure and desire. My body was being used for its true purpose. She began undoing my dress, discovering I wasn't wearing much underneath. With a sly smile, she pressed her soft, full lips against my skin with a blend of care and unspoken hunger. Every inch of my skin received her lips fully. Anticipation built, my body responding with wetness and shivers, goosebumps rising in the wake of her touch.

I could also feel her body, how it was commanding control. To surrender, I was more than willing, having been waiting for someone to take control. Someone who'd know what to do with me. Her gaze caressed the entirety of my body for the perfect amount of time. I could sense her ravenous hunger for me and everything my body had to offer.

She then maneuvered me skillfully onto my belly. I instinctively arched my back to expose my center, which she took into her mouth, her tongue intermingling with my folds. My face buried in the satin pillowcase, I moaned, sighed, exhaled loudly in the wildest pleasure I had felt for years. She opened me up and skillfully found my pearl, caressing it in a million ways, varying rhythm and direction. Her mouth and tongue explored me deeply. Her fingers soon followed... As if encouraging me to come, I soon obeyed.

She soon awarded me a sweet release, and when I came, it felt like I was showered by stars and rivers of golden light. Waves of bliss and sacred pleasure traveled through my body, enveloping me in a serene euphoria, impossible to ever forget.


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