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The Details of My Microscope Room Adventure

What do scientists get up to in the dark?

By Clementine LipsPublished 4 years ago 8 min read
Microscope Image by Michael Longmire via Unspash

I was having quite some trouble saving my images at the microscope. I had tried several times, but my files kept being saved in such a way that they were "unopenable" anywhere else. I had followed the steps I had been told and set it all up so that they would be automatically saved after the microscope finished taking all of them, but somewhere something was obviously going wrong, and I didn't know what. So, finally, I decided to ask for help. Since he was a senior PhD that had used that particular microscope for the whole three years he had been working on his project, he was the obvious person to ask. If I have to be honest, if it had been anyone else I probably would have asked the first time I didn't manage to save the files properly, but it was him. I was so into him that it made me nervous to even approach him, let alone talk to him. I'd had my eye on him since the start, but he didn't seem interested in anyone in that way, so I just left him alone.

But now there was no option to leave him alone, because I urgently needed these pictures. He said he had no problem helping me out, so we arranged to meet the next day at 11AM down in the microscope room. And when I say down, I mean down. The room was like a bunker, further down than the underground floor and at the end of several corridors, all dark and cold. Every time I went to the microscope I felt like a horror movie; my body tensed as I imagined a zombie rushing out of one of the gray doors that I had to pass by.

I prepared everything and waited for him to come. In contrast to the way there, it was surprisingly warm in the room, so I took off my jacket. I was wearing a t-shirt, through which you could clearly see my nipples, but I hadn't thought to put a bra on because I didn't think I would have to take the jacket off. Since it had to be dark in the room because of the samples, I hoped my nipples would go unnoticed.

A knock at the door announced his arrival, and he shyly popped his head through the doorway. We greeted each other a bit awkwardly, but he came in and sat down in a chair beside me.

He was asking me questions about my samples and what type of image I wanted to take, and although I was trying to pay attention, I couldn't stop thinking about how easy it would be to hook up in this room without anyone knowing. We had booked the room for the whole day, so no one would come down and interrupt. His lips kept moving while my eyes fixated on them. They were full lips for a guy, pink and delicious.

I was answering on automatic, but it seemed like what I said made sense because he started to click around on the programme, explaining as he went along. I moved closer to the screen to follow what he was saying and the light from the screen illuminated both of us. We were so close now... but he was clearly concentrated on what he was doing, only turning his eyes to me to check if I was following. I could only sense professionalism from him, an expected disappointment.

He finished explaining and then handed me the mouse so that I could try myself again. I stared directly at the screen to calm my nerves and not get distracted. That's why I missed the look he shot at me. Since I had moved closer to the screen, the light not only illuminated my face, but also my upper torso, i.e. my breasts, and with them my nipples. I was so concentrated on not making a fool of myself with the microscope that I had completely forgotten about that. I felt the tension between us increase, but I thought it was just me worrying about my files.

"No! If you click on that you'll save your files in a format you can't open on your computer. That's probably what you were doing before, you seemed pretty confident with the rest of the steps," he said, while he put his hand on mine to guide it to another place on the screen.

Was it just my imagination, or was there a suspense in our bodies that wasn't there before? He left his hand on mine a bit more than strictly necessary and when he finally took it away, he stroked my hand (unintendedly?). I looked at him through the corner of my eye. He was also looking at me. I quickly moved my gaze away. Oh shit, he'd seen me. He cleared his throat tensely.

The microscope took a while to take the pictures and save them, so everyone usually left the room and came back a few hours later. He got up and waited for me by the door, while I grabbed my jacket.

He opened it slightly and I prepared to cross the door while putting on my jacket when he grabbed my waist and whispered in my ear, "I hope I'm not being too forward with this, but I prefer you without your jacket on. Those nipples are calling for my attention."

His hand took the jacket off from my shoulder gently. It slipped down to the floor. I could feel his breathing on the back of my neck. He stood still. I knew he was waiting for a sign from me.

I grabbed the hand that had started to undress me and put it on my breast. It was like a dam had broken. He began to kiss my neck, then he started to bite and finally his lips marked me with what would become love bites a few moments later.

My body immediately responded. I pushed my butt against his nether regions and he pressed me harder into him with his spare hand. His grunting and my fast breathing mixed to make up a guttural song. The door, deprived of the hand that was holding it, shut with a loud bang. Suddenly, he turned me around and pushed me against it. He kissed me and searched for a gap between my lips to introduce his tongue. I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer. I moved my hands over his back, where I could feel his muscles tensing and relaxing as he fumbled his way under my t-shirt.

I could sense that this was going to be hot and fast, so I went directly to his zipper and undid his belt and pants. They both fell to the floor. Every sound in that isolated room seemed multiplied by a thousand. Meanwhile he had started to suck on my nipples through the fabric of my t-shirt and grabbed my ass underneath my skirt. It seemed like he couldn't get enough and I moaned at the thought.

We finally managed to get rid of the rest of the clothing, our underwear meeting his trousers and my skirt on the floor. But we both realized at the same time that there was a problem. We had no condoms down here. We looked each other in the eye. It seemed so funny that we had been so engrossed in devouring each other that it hadn't occurred to us before. He took my hand and led me to the center of the room. He lay on the floor and looked expectantly at me. I obliged and positioned myself in the opposite direction, my vagina looking down at his face. He saw me in all detail, just as if we were looking through the microscope.

He grabbed my ass and pulled towards him. His tongue started gently caressing my lips, but I was so turned on that the slight touch was getting me going already. I could see his penis waiting for me at the other end. I started to stroke it at the same rhythm of his tongue.

Apart from this illicit adventure, I'll share another secret with you: he really knew how to go down on someone. I was getting so wet I could feel my flow on my inner thighs and I could bet it was all over his face too. He was making me feel so good, I decided I wanted to give a bit back. Lick by lick, suckle by suckle, you know. So I put his dick in my mouth and followed the rhythm he had set, which had already accelerated since we had started. He moaned when I started to use my hands on him too. It seemed I wasn't so bad at this myself.

He put his fingers inside me and I gasped. I didn't have much to go now, so I started to suck hard, pulling at his skin with my mouth and touching his balls. The sounds he made reassured me that I was on the right track. He reached up to the front wall of my vagina. As he touched my G spot I came in his mouth, while screaming with pleasure. This was clearly a trigger for him, as he came after me without any time to warn me. His warm cum filled my mouth. Since there was no toilet near, I swallowed. Not that I would have done anything else if there had been a WC.

We got up and dressed again. A quiet beep told us the microscope had finished taking the pictures.

Note: this adventure is pure fiction. All similarities with other buildings or work relationships are pure coincidence.

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