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The Deal

by Grace Linn 2 years ago in erotic
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My Submission to Adrian

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"This way, let's discuss this further", he said calmly. He then outstretched his arm and led me up these stairs that curled like some of the roads from my hometown. Once we arrived at the top, I could see this beautiful private bar nestled in the corner. Adrian looked at me with a devilish yet playful smile, as he was pouring us each a glass of whiskey. The iridescence of the stars and the moon were all that illuminated the room. It would no doubt be a difficult decision for me, but I had to protect my childhood home. "What is in it for me if I quench your thirst?" I asked him.

"My thirst?" Adrian laughed ever so cunningly. "You are in a predicament, my dear. I have the funds that you require so your family doesn't lose their home. And then I will also fulfill a primal need of mine. It really would be a win-win for both of us."

"I'm not sure, I've never considered doing something like this before," I replied, with a nervous gulp. "But I can't let my family lose their home. It means everything to them. That house has been around for over 100 years, it would be devastating to see it sold to the sleaziest, highest bidder."

"Do we have a deal then?" he asked.

Nervously and awkwardly, I nodded. "Good," he said. Now first thing's first." He then briskly walked towards me, led me to the bar, and bent me over the granite ledge. It was just enough to where my black lace panties were creeping out of the bottom of my dress. "First is that you will call me Sir, and only call me such when we are addressing these needs. Second, we use the following safe words: yellow to slow down and red to stop. I will not force you to do something you don’t want to, but I will open your body and mind to experiences you would've otherwise merely dreamed of." He then gave my ass a hearty smack that echoed through the acoustics of the space we were in. I moaned very slightly. It smarted but felt otherwise riveting.

He smacked repeatedly, alternating from one cheek to the other. He concluded it with a gentle massage. I could just hardly see from my angle that he was crouched down. What is this feverish feeling coming over me? Planting soft kisses on the backs of my legs, he slowly travelled upward. When he reached my ass he quickly yanked down my panties and then planted his face right in my crotch. He swirled his tongue around every crevice so as to stimulate every nerve on my clitoris and in my vagina. I moaned loudly, biting my lip. Standing back up, he spun me around and passionately kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I could taste my own genitals. Grabbing my neck with one hand, he used his other to skillfully undo my dress and toss it over the bar ledge. I could feel the chill of the space as my nipples hardened. Adrian laughed coyly.

"My my" he said. "We ought to fix that, shouldn't we?" He slapped my breasts, each one, rather roughly. After the onslaught of breast slaps he immediately inserted two of his fingers into my vagina and began vigorously jostling them around. It felt so damn good, I was close to reaching climax.

"Thank you Sir," I said in between moans.

"Come for me, baby," he said. "Come right fucking now," he growled. I then felt myself tip over the edge, coming. When I felt myself finally come back down to earth, Adrian threw me over his shoulder and walked to his canopy bed. I could see a red velvet headboard with black wood. There appeared to be some type of restraint system set up. Throwing me onto the bed, without hesitation he made sure to restrain my ankles and wrists very tightly, so I was spread-eagle for him to see. After removing his shirt and letting me briefly enjoy his toned chest, I saw him reach into a dresser drawer. I heard a jingling noise that sounded like keys, and then I saw what I thought were...oh no. I'd heard of those before. They were nipple clamps.

"Hehe," he chuckled with a sexy laugh. He put on the clamps making sure they were as tight as could be. Standing up once more, he undid his belt, removed his pants, and slowly slid his briefs off. Oh my, oh my. He was certainly well-endowed. He kneeled on the bed, putting it on my face. "Open your mouth baby," he said. I complied, and he shoved his member in. I sucked it, making sure to gently caress it with my tongue. I let it fill my throat, as far as it could go. "Impressive, you’re suppressing your gag reflex," he commented. Adrian moaned softly, repeatedly. "Fuck baby, you're such a good girl."

He withdrew his member from my mouth. He gave me a passionate kiss, softly nibbling my lip. Then he planted soft kisses on my neck, traveling downward. He stopped at my breasts, placing his lips around each nipple and gently tugging each one with his teeth. It was most pleasurable. Downward Adrian went until reaching just past my abdomen. Positioning his member, he slowly inserted himself inside me, filling me. Fuck that feels good, I thought. After my insides were acclimated to his size, Adrian increased the pace, pushing harder with each thrust. He kept kissing me intermittently and feeling my breasts.

"Oh baby, you have no idea what lies in store for you," he teased. He thrust himself just a few more times before letting out a huge groan. "Fuck baby, here it comes."

I could feel Adrian quiver along with me, as we achieved orgasm at precisely the same time. We didn't say much to each other after that, but he at least made sure to have a hot shower waiting for me. As I cleansed myself, I could feel memories of my parents' house creeping in. The things I do for the people I love, I thought. But at what cost? To fulfill a man's carnal wishes and to become a slave to his sexual dominance? He had also alluded to there being more. What could this mean? I shook my head. It didn't matter. All that mattered to me at the end of the day, was my family's home was under their ownership. And for my family, I would sacrifice anything. Including myself.


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