The Dance

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An Intimate Dance

The Dance

Annie tucked her red locks into a messy bun. He would be here soon. She was ready for him though; prepped, primed, and ready to go. Smirking, she let her bare feet guide her to the kitchen. Reaching for the wine, she heard a solid knock at her door. Excited eyes slid to the clock on the oven.

He was early. She liked that.

Setting the bottle down next to the long stems, she padded her way to the door. Sniffing, she opened it to reveal James, the delicious delivery boy. Well, a delivery man was more appropriate.

Oh yes, she had allowed him to make deliveries to her house a few times already. Since the man was good enough to eat, why not have him deliver himself? And any package that came with him. And, he didn't disappoint with his package. He'd brought it over two times last week. It was definitely some good packaging.

It was something that had happened a few times between the two. It was like a dance; A special one, just between them.

James was looking every bit of bad boy. The ones that your mother warned you about. One that would take you down "the wrong path," and Annie was willing to follow. She could never put her finger on it, but James had this way about him. He simply commanded your attention. Your eyes and mind, your focus and energy.

Not to mention the way he made you do things.

Or the way he did things to you.

It was enough to make any girl breathless. Annie was no exception. For all of her tough talk and smarts, she liked when a man knew what to do and how to do it. A man with a backbone. A man who knew how to take control, in just the right way. She was a strong girl and needed someone just as strong, so it was fun. And James did that. And more. A shared physical experience; a push and pull.

His dark eyes stole her attention. He kept her gaze as he sidestepped her, letting himself in.

No words were exchanged. Annie guessed they didn't need them. Once inside, James was a breath away, back against the door, breathing Annie in. He raised his hand to graze her cheekbone. Annie leaned into it.

She knew human behavior, and he was clear. He was asking without words if she missed him. A smirk curled his beautiful face at her response to his touch. He dragged his fingers down her face to her bottom lip before he was pressing his lips to hers.

They were soft, Annie thought, exhaling. So damn soft.

He pressed into the kiss, intensifying it, taking more of Annie's breath with it. He used his inked arms to press her to him so she could feel his hard body. So she could feel how hard he was for her. He was in good shape for a delivery boy, she thought, bathing in the closeness as he pressed her closer to him making her pussy felt warm and tingle.


Felt good.

Before Annie could really get lost in the kiss, he pulled away. His palm went to the back of her neck with his fingers gripping her hair, keeping her close. He wanted her to stay close. He brought his other hand up and motioned for her to follow him.

Yes, please.

Anywhere, she thought, as her steps fell behind his on the way to the couch. Her window blinds were open, displaying a view of DC, all city lights, and navy sky. They were high up, so no one should be able to see them...but if they did, it only made it hotter to Annie.

After he made himself comfortable on her couch, his voice finally broke the silence between them,

"Let me see you, baby girl."

Annie unconsciously dissected his tone; although gentle, she knew it wasn't a request.

Annie began to shed the few clothes she had on. She had planned accordingly.

She had on a silk black robe, what she assumed was his favorite color, as he was always wearing it. It was certainly her favorite color to see him in—besides no clothes at all.

Slowly, Annie used her fingers to undo the knot, slid her fingers up the opening of the robe before shrug it off her shoulders, down her arms, to the floor. Annie was left standing in a black lace lingerie bustier, compliments of uncle Victor Secret.

James took her in from hair to toes. Every curve and freckle. Without speaking, he tilted his head, as if he was having a hard time seeing something. Annie, behavior extraordinaire, caught on. With care not to trip, Annie turned in place, swaying, giving a full view of her ensemble. To this, James brought his face center and, focus clear in his eyes, he began his excursion of her skin in reverse, taking in her pedicure, to her garter belt, the dip of her waist, to the bloom of her cleavage, and finally, her bitten rouge lips. His brown eyes carried unconcealed lust, accentuated by a perfectly arched eyebrow.

She was confident, but not cocky about her choice of attire. But with the eyebrow raise, she let out a sigh of relief and began a slow catwalk to the large, dark, and simply devilish good-looking man on her couch.

Once within arm's reach, his hands shot out like a snake grabbing her, bringing her closer. Before she could ready herself, James brought his left hand down to her barely covered ass with a smack. Annie the Unsuspecting let out what was supposed to be a cry, but moaned instead. She didn't see that coming. That's why she enjoyed her time with James so much. Sometimes she caught him and sometimes he caught her... completely off guard. It thrilled her, this little dance of theirs.

She loved the way his large, rough hand felt on her ass as he rubbed away any discomfort. With a jolt, James picked Annie up, bringing her to straddling him, snatching a kiss in the motion, wanting to taste her mouth. So he let his left hand fall on her ass again, allowing him to stick his tongue in her mouth.

Annie pushed back on his tongue, not being one to surrender, only to have him slip his hand between them, underneath her, to pinch her warmed clit.

Taken aback, Annie let out a gasp and moan as he touched her through her lingerie, allowing him to go deeper in her mouth.

James pressed deeper into her folds and kissed her harder until he slowed down to eventually stop, to Annie's disappointment. Before she could say anything, Annie felt herself being lifted off his lap, turned around and propped up on her couch. James adjusted both of his arms and hands under the back of Annie's thighs, proper her in front of his face. Instinctively, Annie reached back to grab the back of the couch for support. Her toes pointed on his thighs as she attempted to balance, thanking all the gods for yoga.

James brought his face down to her pussy, using his hand to move her panties aside before he stormed her pussy with his mouth. Going straight for her protruding clit, he gave her a deep lick. Annie's mouth dropped open as she struggled to balance and take his assault. Her legs wide and flexed at an angle, taking his strong tongues expertise. Dragging up and slow, never lifting to tip off her clit, James manipulated Annie's clit. Annie cried out a moan when he started flicking his tongue, making her jump. Annie attempted to lift away from his assault, only to feel the sting of his hand on her ass again, warning her to remain still.

"She would take all of what he gave her," Annie recalled what he said last week when she tried to avoid parts of hurricane James's last dance session.

After her attempted escape, James slid his tongue down through Annie's folds to her opening. Without hesitation, James pushed his tongue inside Annie's warm opening, wanting to taste it. Annie's head dropped back as she let out a whine. James brought his hands under Annie's butt to support more of her weight and closer to his face. Keeping her there, he pushed his tongue deeper into her sex. Annie nearly wept at the invasion, simply letting her mouth hang open as she groaned. With no sense of prudence, James wiggled and moved his tongue inside Annie, eating her like his last meal, in and out rubbing the top of her opening, deeper, swirling and moving his tongue in circles within her womanhood. Reaching around, James pinched before rubbing the tip of Annie's sex with quick circles, adding to her stimulation.

Annie gasped before she began to spasm and convulse, cumming hard on his tongue. Annie bucked against his mouth, unable to control the spasm. James simply added pressure to her tip, rubbing out small, quick circles, keeping her in place on his tongue as she came on it.

Slightly heaving, Annie struggled to clear her head. Moving faster than Annie could think, James lowered her to her couch cushions and stood in front of her. After kissing her on the forehead, he gathered her into his arms to turn her around and reposition her on the couch. Now facing backward, she caught her breath. Resting her chest against the back the couch, Annie glancing back, catching sight of James taking off his shirt. The ink decorated the skin caught Annie's eyes, leaving her mesmerized as he unzipped his pants. James watched her with hawk eyes as if she were his prey.

James stalked toward her with a predatory gait, ready to pounce.

It was time to intensify their little dance.

With surprising gentility, Annie watched James take off her soaking panties from over her left shoulder. When their eyes met again, he lurched forward with coiled tension, planting a kiss. He stamped solid and wet kisses all over Annie's face, in her hair and her ear, before going to her neck. His kisses became more primal. He sucked and bit at her neck, running his always busy hands up and down her body. He stopped them at her breast, using his fingers to pull back the material, bringing out her nipples. James sucked hard on Annie's shoulder as he pinched both of her nipples, causing Annie to jolt with pleasure. Moaning her appreciation, he twisted both nipples into points before rolling them with his fingertips, admiring his work, making Annie squirm.

Before she knew what she was doing, in a heap of other sounds, Annie whispered,


"Please what?" He hissed in her ear, once again bringing his hand down on her ass hard, then rubbing the spot.

"Please, fuck me. Fuck me good. Please fuck me hard."

Smirking, James replied, "Well since you asked so nicely..."

James brought his hard erection to Annie's warm pussy and sank into it. Annie let out a loud "oooooh" as he bottomed out. He grabbed her ginger bun, making a fist, and leaned in whispering, "You like when I'm deep inside you, Annie? That twitch of your body on my dick? When I'm as deep as I can go?"

Feeling incredible, she felt his words through her body. She attempted to nod her head, but couldn't with his fingers laced tight.

"Use your words, baby girl."

"Yes," Annie spoke, knowing it to be absolutely true.

James kissed her in her hair before he built a quick build of speed, pumping in and out of her. He kept her hair tight around his fingers as he gained momentum. Annie sang and moaned out praises as he relentlessly pounded her. It clouded her mind, further overwhelming her with the fullness. He reached around to pinch her hyper-sensitive clit, causing Annie to yelp. Trying to gain some control of the pleasure and to stop the assault on her poor pussy. She attempted to crawl away, only to press herself deeper into the back of the couch, trapping her.

The constant pounding deep in her pussy didn't allow for clear thought.

James also adjusted closer. Noticing her movements, James spoke, breathy:

"Nice try, baby girl, but you're gonna take all of me tonight."

With that, James grabbed the back of the couch with both hands and began to plow and punish her sex. The smacking of skin and Annie's outcries and moans filled the air. James gained support from the couch and used it to drive deeper and harder, digging deeper into Annie, each time, with each thrust; letting go of the couch, getting another grip on the exhausted redhead's hair before almost withdrawing.

"You ready to cum for me, baby girl?"

Unable to form words, Annie simply nodded against his hold.

Accepting this, James thrust himself deep into Annie in an instant and began to piston into her with power. He reached around with his free hand and grabbed a nipple. He twisted it as he pushed himself into her hard, pushing Annie over the edge, screaming out as she came again. James twisted and pounded her as she writhed beneath him. He lived and revealed in the feeling of her contractions, pulling him toward his own fulfillment. He released her hair as he pulled out and came in his hand, with some spilling on Annie's ass. His own body jerked as he signed in relief.

Both were left tired and breathing heavy. James sat down next to Annie and pulled her on his lap. She laid complacent and limp. If he had not fucked all the thoughts from her mind, she would have thought their body language would imply a deeply close relationship—probably something long term.

They laid together breathless in a heap of themselves, enjoying their endorphins and afterglow when James kissed Annie's temple and said, "I love our little dance, baby girl."

Annie signed in agreement.

Silence and the smell of sex occupied the air in the room the rest of the night. They slept in each other's arms, dreaming of life, each other, and their dance.

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