The Country and the Flower

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A Breath of Heat

The Country and the Flower

She knew the minute their eyes met. They were the same. Outside, a bookish intellectual type who hides behind computer screens and masks. Inside, a ravenous and unquenchable thirst. At a lecture for the liberal arts center of Atlanta, discussing BDSM in literature and it's effect on women's empowerment, they all gathered. Some were genuinely interested in the topic, but Lily came for the sheer excitement of a discussion of her guiltiest pleasure so publicly.

Posters of book covers and depictions of men and women bound, gagged, and displayed were everywhere. Despite the prestige of the audience, it was quite racy. She watched the crowd, most averted their eyes bashfully, some stole occasional glances at the more demure art, but one stood unashamed and fixed on a particular of the darker pieces. Lily approached slowly, as there were not many people around this exhibit. He was an alluring presence. His hair was chestnut brown and closely cropped, as she drew closer from the side, she could see his handsomely bearded face, black pants and powder blue dress shirt that offset his gorgeous brownish blue bespectacled eyes. Those eyes were smoldering with a familiar fire. She turned her full attention to the picture as she drew closer. The black-haired beauty was curvy and voluptuous. Her large alabaster breasts were bound tightly and bulging under the restraints. Her glory was splayed open and obviously had been struck to make a beautiful pinkish on her thighs. As Lily studied the rest, she audibly gasped. Not in surprise but in the ecstasy of what she saw divided it from the others. The woman was bleeding. Scratches with trickles of blood ran down her neck into her hair and her inner thighs were filled with bite marks. Lily shivered. It was the gasp, the sweet sound she made, that drew his eyes to her. Once locked, she knew. They were the same.

Jordan moved slowly toward the woman next to him. A short and curvy brunette with hazel eyes and rose-colored lips was now staring at the picture he was memorizing. Her gasp was very obviously not of disgust and now she was biting her sexy lower lip while watching. A silent growl rose up in him. She turned as if she heard it. Their gaze now on each other. Her face flushed and she let out a small moan, his cock twitched violently. Still not looking away, he walked up to her and grabbed her hand. Surprisingly, she followed as he led her to a hallway. He tried all the doors with frantic want, not a word passed between them. Mercifully, one opened to a small office no bigger than a closet. As soon as the door closed behind them, the frenzy began.

Tearing at each other's clothes and bearing flesh, she dug her nails deep into his back. He erupted with such an inhuman sound she knew he was the beast she needed. He could feel the blood trailing down his back as he gripped and bruised her legs wrapping them around him. He entered her violently and bit at her breast. She screamed passionately and it drove him harder. As he plunged further and faster, she bit the nape of his neck deeply. He drove into her blindly now and when she pulled back to kiss him, with is blood on her lips he lost himself in her. She came with overwhelming force. They rest their heads against each other, breathing raggedly, shaken by what just passed between them. His gorgeous eyes pierced her then,

"I'm Jordan," he said

"I'm Lily," she replied.

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