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The Cities Mafia Queen. PT 8

Reverse Harem Story

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 2 months ago 31 min read
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Emmi: Gifts

I watch Dante storm out the room, knocking things out of the way as he does. I shouldn’t have touched him. I know I shouldn’t have. He’s going to take longer to get over things. I know he will, and he will take longer to open up to me.

“So, today, little kitten, we go shopping.”

I look towards Bear and laugh. “Shopping? Why?” I have the basics.

“Why shopping? So, you can get some new things. Go get ready. Me and Gunner will take you. Zane has things to sort.” Bear looks at Zane, watching as he nods and walks off. I do the same, and go through to my room. I pick out a dress and heels. Then, after getting myself ready, I walk back out.

As I reach the room, I watch as Gunner and Bear turn to me, their eyes roaming across my body as their cocks harden. This is a win for me. The weird thing is, Bear seemed to want me, the way he was in that place, the way he calls me little lamb, but he hasn’t even tried yet.

“Let’s leave.” Bear gets up and walks out, holding the elevator for us. Stepping in, I find myself wedged between them both, and it just makes me smile. The day is spent, as they said, shopping. Walking around the bookstore, I pick up books and read the back of them.

I need a new book; I’ve read the others already.

“Interesting read, little kitten?” I hear Gunner behind me. Turning, I smile at him.

“I don’t know. I haven’t read it yet,” I mutter, my eyes glancing down, but his hand grips my chin and stops me.

“Bend over, little kitten.”

I stare at him, shocked.

“Turn around, and bend over.”

Part of me wants to argue, but another part wants to agree. I want to see Bear’s face when he walks around and finds us. So, I do as he says, turning and leaning over the table.

“Now read. If you stop, I stop.” I moan, feeling his fingers push into me. “Read, little kitten, don’t make me ask again.”

I try to concentrate on the page. “Avalyn has a good life. A good husband. Things are normal, and she’s perfectly content with her every day, happy life. That is until it all blows up in her face.” I grip the book and moan, my hips pushing back against his fingers.

“Read, or I stop!” His words only add fuel to the pleasure. Whimpering, I nod.

“When Avalyn discovers that her husband is having an affair.” I moan, pushing back against him, feeling his other hand palming my ass. “Her immediate thought is that she has to save her marriage. And so, she begins to try and pique her husband’s interest. She invites him out and ends up waiting and waiting on a man who doesn’t show.” I moan.

Fighting to read, but the closer I get to that orgasm, the less I can concentrate.

“Time to stop.” I cry slightly, feeling his fingers retreat.

“No!” I focus on the page again. “But all the while, there’s another man watching her. Another man who does show.” I move, grinding my hips, pushing his fingers deeper.

“Good little kitten, push back more.”

I do, and I continue to read. “His name is Jasper, and he’s a welcome distraction from the failure of Avalyn’s marriage. And so, they begin a torrid love affair, full of sexual experiences that are utterly different to Avalyn. Different, but so good.” My moans take over as the orgasm flows through me. My hands grasping the book tighter as his fingers begin to slow down.

“Finish, little kitten.”

Panting, I nod. “But it turns out that Avalyn’s husband isn’t ready to let her go. And he isn’t the man she thought he was. He has terrible secrets brewing beneath the surface…secrets that shock Avalyn to her very core.” My body falls forward.

“Mmmm, what do you think, little kitten?” He takes the book from me and looks. “Does ‘Tainted Heat’ make the cut?”

I nod. It does. Because of him touching me, honestly, I want him to do it again while I try to read the whole thing. We pay and leave, my new book in hand.

Only I take the opportunity to go into an adult shop next, mainly because it’s full of lingerie, and I watch as each time I pick up a set, their eyes take it in, and I can see that in their minds they’re imagining me naked in it.

Maybe hot lingerie will help me? If I make them give in to me, maybe they will be more open about their business and their weaknesses? Maybe, it will make them give me the freedom to escape? I consider the options as I select the lingerie I like, the basques, and other items also getting put in the basket. I smile and hand it to Gunner.

“Wait here.” Gunner smiles and winks, walking off. I stand by the door, watching him talking to Bear, both laughing. I am too far away to hear what they’re saying. I lose sight of them, but I stay stood by the door, knowing I shouldn’t move.

Five minutes later, they reappear, and Gunner, well, he looks pleased, really damn pleased. “What?” I ask.

“Nothing, Bear got a message, that’s all. Let’s get home, we’ve spent hours in these shops. If there is anything else you think you might need or want, let us know.” Gunner smiles and walks out with the bags, and I follow silently. Something is going on, and they are not saying. I don’t know what, but something.

Deciding not to battle them on it, I let them keep their joke to themselves and sit in the car quietly. When we get back, Dante is sitting there with Zane.

“Got your message, that’s fine. First, though, little lamb is going to try these on and come out and show us all.” I turn and look at Gunner, shocked. Is he fucking joking?

“Gunner!” Dante looks at him like it’s the worst idea in the world. Hell, I was going to refuse, but maybe walking out here in just lingerie, over and over, will make him touch me, even slightly.

“Fine.” I hold out my hand and Gunner places a bag in it, still keeping two by his side. I walk through to my bedroom to strip and redress in a lingerie set. Walking back out, I stand and face Gunner.

“Do you approve?” I look at only Gunner, who nods, smiling. Crazy fucking bastard. Everyone else is staring at me, shocked I did it. Except, again, for Gunner, who is grinning and clapping.

“Next one, little kitten.” He winks at me, his eyes going to Dante. Is he doing it to piss his brother off? I ignore the question to myself and walk back through. Once again, getting changed, this time a corset, then back out. I stand and watch them stare. Dante closes his eyes, and I watch as he adjusts his jeans.

Ten minutes later and I have tried every item on, and Dante looks ready to kill someone. Mainly Gunner for getting me to do this.

“This bag next little kitten.” He holds out the bag, and I take it. As I turn, he stops me. “All of it, and bring out the accessory. I want to use it.” I stare at him, confused. As I turn and walk through, I hear Bear and Gunner laugh. Shutting the door, I pull out the lingerie, peepholes, fucking peepholes! I stare in the bag, pulling out the box, my eyes taking it in.

A vibrating egg? Is he joking? I now get why they were laughing; I glance down at it as I get changed. My mind goes to Dante, hell, call me crazy, but I want to see if this will make him react. I open the box, my heart pounding in my chest as I hold it in my hand, the remote on the bed. I try to steady my breathing as I push the egg inside me. Then, sorting out my lingerie, I pick up the remote and walk out.

I watch as Dante’s eyes widen seeing me. Yeah, peepholes bitch, what do you think? I smile slightly, watching his breathing become faster.

“Did you bring it?” Gunner looks at me. Hell, if I give it to him, he’s going to do something. I know he will with them all standing here. “Now, little kitten, give it to me.” He holds out his hand, and I drop the remote into it.

“What was that?” Dante looks at Gunner, confused.

“Oh, you will see.” Gunner taunts as vibrations flood through me, causing me to moan. Dante’s eyes shoot up to my face.

“I’m working.” I watch as he runs out. Well, it had an effect on him, even if he wanted to act like I’m the devil. The vibrations have stopped. I watch as Bear stands and walks out laughing. Was this just a game to taunt Dante? I feel like it was.

“I need to get some work done too.” Zane stands and walks out, leaving me here with no one other than Gunner, his smile widening.

“Now you?” I look at him, waiting for him to run.

“Come here, little kitten.” He beckons me with his finger. Walking to him, I feel the heat flood my body as his hand reaches out and pulls me to straddle him. “I have something for you, little kitten.” His hand reaches next to the chair. I watch as he picks up another bag.

“More lingerie?” I laugh slightly.

“Open it and look,” he prompts me.

Nodding, I do, and my eyes widen. What the hell? I look up at him.

“For you to play with. No cameras in your room, which is such a shame, since I would love to watch you scream and cum around them.” He’s taunting me. “I expect you to use them, little kitten. There’s a few. Choose the ones you’re comfortable using. Explore your own body but use them.” He looks at me, waiting for me to agree.

“I’ll take them to my room.” Standing, I go to turn but he reaches out, stopping me.

“Not yet. Soon, but not yet.” His eyes are set on mine. I feel myself nodding in agreement when I hear the knocking.

“Here.” Gunner wraps a throw around me as he walks to the door and answers.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He sounds annoyed. “And Dante said here? You’re fucking sure?” Gunner stands. I watch as he moves out of the way, the woman walking in. “Fourth door on the right.” He shuts the door, and I watch as she walks off.

So, he wants me but won’t have me, and instead is clearly going to fuck someone else?

“He’ll come around, little kitten. You just scare him.” Gunner pulls me closer, his hand holding the remote again. “Now, how about you have your first orgasm with a sex toy.” I moan, feeling the vibrations run across my body.

He moves, his body towering over me as the vibrations continue, his mouth teasing my neck. My hands grasp into his hair, pulling him closer.

“Not yet. Soon. Right now, just enjoy the feeling.” His words are soft as he continues to tease against my neck. Hell, I want to beg. For some reason, it’s so slow. The vibrations are so soft it has me moaning. My hips push up to him as I feel his cock harden more.

“Please.” I am weak, but I need this, and now.

“Soon, then when I agree and let you, it will be epic.” My hands fight against his trousers, hearing him chuckle as the vibrations build slightly, once again teasing me. It must have been ten minutes, ten minutes of being ready to orgasm but needing that small bit more. My tears of frustration are threatening to run over.

“Okay, little kitten, you ready?” I nod to his words, the vibrations suddenly becoming faster and more intense, my body unable to stop it as the orgasm floods through me, causing a scream to escape my mouth as I call out Gunner’s name. I’m gripping him, holding him against me as the vibrations stop.

“Shit.” I groan slightly. I’m going to need extra sleep to keep up with these guys.

“Mmmm, now imagine that but even better, little kitten. Those toys, some are even better.” His mouth presses against my neck as he slips the control back into my hand. Sitting up, he pulls me up with him. “You should hate us.” His words make me laugh.

“I know I should, but how can I?” I am finally getting pleasure, and God, all four are hot, even Zane with his scars.

“I said, get the fuck out!” I hear Dante shout, my eyes looking at Gunner as he rolls his eyes. My eyes watch as the woman rushes out.

“Get cleaned up, put your toys away. It’s getting late.” Gunner smiles and walks off. I walk down the hall, my eyes on that fourth door. Walking to it, I enter and shut the door behind me, stepping towards Dante, whose back is to me.

Dante: Taunted

I watch every painful catwalk she does in the lingerie, each piece just begging to be ripped off her. Gunner and Bear are laughing. I stare at them. Emmi appears a moment later and my eyes widen as I see her breasts being hugged by the bra, yet her nipples are exposed and begging for attention.

“Did you bring it?” Gunner looks at Emmi. I try to ignore him, taking out my phone to send a message. I am breaking the rules, but I have to. Filling in the message and a code, I hit send. “Now, little kitten, give it to me.” I watch as Gunner holds out his hand, Emmi placing something into it.

“What was that?” I look at Gunner.

“Oh, you will see.” Gunner grins. I hear Emmi moan and the sound of vibrations, my head shooting around to look at her. Shit. I need to run.

“I’m working.” Getting up, I rush out. Zane’s words have taunted me all day. Him talking about giving her freedom to fuck someone else. The lingerie, everything. I don’t want to give in. But, giving in to her is getting attached, so I will remove the need another way. A few moments pass, and I hear the sound of heels clicking against the floor. Turning, I look at her.

“I came straight away.” She smiles at me and kneels, her hands unfastening my trousers.

“Don’t talk.” I don’t want to hear her. Hell, if I couldn’t see her, that would be a bonus. I watch as her head lowers, her mouth wrapping around my cock. I watch her, yet all my mind seems to want to do is tell me how much better this would be if it was Emmi on her knees before me. I grasp her hair, my hips moving as I try to relieve some of the pressure. Her head moves back as she tries to get my attention.


I glare at her. “Don’t fucking call me that!” No one calls me that who hasn’t been given the right to. I pull her back to me, my hips moving faster. Closing my eyes, I picture Emmi, her there kneeling and fuck, it feels amazing. I groan, my grasp on her hair getting harder as I hear her gagging and choking. I don’t care. My phone rings, and the ringing has me thrusting harder and faster to try to finish.

Grabbing the phone, I answer. “What?!” Shouting, I hold her against me as I keep fucking her mouth.

“Dante, I got the things you asked for, the results.”

“Email them over to me. Anything else?” I can’t. This phone call just killed everything. I push her back as I open my eyes. Her face is covered in tears and mascara.

“I’ve heard of another plan, another plan to take down you and your brothers from the Solace Queen.” His words shock me. I feel her grasp my cock. I push her back again and watch her fall to the floor.

“Get the fuck out!” Throwing money at her, I turn.

“Send me everything.” Hanging up, I fasten my trousers. Watching and waiting for the email. I hear the heels again, my body tensing.

“I said-”

She cuts me off. “Get the fuck out, I know. I heard. So, what, you’re going to fuck a woman instead of admitting you want me?” It’s not her. It’s Emmi. I focus on the screen.

“I don’t want you, Emmi. Fucking her was for me, not you. Actually, I didn’t even fuck her.” I sit waiting for the email. I see her legs first, bare, and perfect. Shit, my cock hardens instantly as I see her bud peeking out from the peephole lingerie.

“You fucked her mouth, so why her and not me?” She moves in front of me. My eyes are on her breasts. Shit.

“You don’t want me to, believe me.” I stare at her, feeling the war raging within me.

“You want too, though, so do it. Fuck me.” She looks at me, determined.

“I don’t want to. I could fuck any woman right now, and I would fuck your mouth and leave you wanting more and give you nothing.” The image of her on her knees is burning through my mind. Her hand runs along my body, mine stopping hers as she reaches my cock, but her eyes are begging me.

“You really want it, don’t you?” I look at her and she nods, her teeth scraping against her lip. I stand, my hand wrapping around her hair as I drag her to her knees. I unfasten my trousers, and I move to force her mouth open, but she opens it willingly. My hips move as I push my cock inside her perfect mouth. I groan, my head falling back as I feel the precum escape. She feels so much better. My hands grasp her tighter as my hips begin moving, pushing deeper and faster as I hear her choking.

Her hands grasp my thighs and I keep going. Then I step back for a moment. I grab my tie, ensuring her hands are tied behind her, then to her legs, before I continue. Each thrust feels damn impressive. Every part of her mouth is amazing. It feels like it was made for me, made for sucking my cock. I grasp her harder as I keep going, hearing her gag and whimper. The tingling starts at the base of my back as I feel my balls draw up. The cum explodes into her throat, and moving back, my hand pumps over my cock, ensuring every last bit ends up on her face.

I look down at her, the need to fuck her far worse than before. I wait, but she doesn’t even look like she cares. That is fucked up.

“Now stay the fuck away from me. You’re nothing more than a whore like the rest.” I walk out and go to my room. If I stayed, I would have fucked her. Hell, I can still see it now, her bent over my desk, screaming my name. She needs to stay away from me, far away. Standing in the shower, I let the water rush over my body, my eyes on my cock, her lipstick, that perfect shade of red. Closing my eyes, I try to ignore the images. I should never have fucked her mouth. That was my mistake, I thought I could do it and feel nothing, but I was wrong.

Walking out, my brothers are sat together. Now time to cause some shit.

“No one touches her.”

I watch all their heads turn in my direction. I begin talking again before they can start an argument. “She needs to get used to living here, to this house, to us. Without the fog of orgasms, so no one fucks her, in any way, with anything.” Turning, I walk out. If no one is touching her, she will go back to that fighter she was. We need that. We need her as a fighter.

“What happened?” I turn and look at Bear as he stands by my door.

“Go look at her in my office, and you will know. She changed, and right now, she isn’t the fighter she was. All that today, do you really think she would catwalk in fucking lingerie? She’s become weak, so no one touches her until she remembers to fucking fight. Go free her.” I don’t say anything else and watch him walk out. I know he will find her tied up on the floor, and he will realise what I mean. She has become weak. The Emmi who first came would have refused to do that without getting something back.

Emmi: Rejected

I stay kneeling on the floor, wondering if he is going to come back and free me. My mouth and jaw hurt so much. I can’t complain though, I asked for it. I wiggle, trying to free my hands in any way I can. I just need one free. One hand, then I can get myself free and go to my room.

The idea of been tied here all night isn’t good. Neither is the idea of one of the others finding me like this. Maybe that was his plan? Try to humiliate me so I’m scared away from him? If it is, it won’t work. I’ll make sure of it. I groan slightly, the rope rubbing against my wrists as I continue to fight to get free. Fucking assholes, all of them.

I hear his laugh first, refusing to turn my head to look at him because my face feels awful. I know it must look awful too. I know my lips are puffy and so are my eyes, not to mention the fact I can still feel his release on my skin as well.

“I guess I will free you.” His words are chuckled as I hear him walking to me. Kneeling behind me, his hands release the rope from me. I feel his shirt wrapping around my body. Standing, I turn and face him. Where is the Bear from that first night?

“What changed?” I ask.

“Don’t know what you mean.” He shrugs and turns.

“You do! When you first saw me, you grabbed me. You were hard. You were speaking to me like you wanted to fuck me. Since then, you don’t even try to look at me.” I hear him laugh at my words, his eyes scanning my body in disgust.

“You’re just like every other woman, Emmi. At first, I thought you were different, but you’re really not.” With that, he turns and walks out. What the hell did that mean? I walk through to my room, showering instantly. I go to bed. I know I need sleep; I don’t seem to be sleeping here.

When I wake, I look around the room, my eyes falling on the chair. Getting up, I walk to it, my hand picking up the note.

Wear These

I glance around. Are they taking the piss? I look down at the dress and pick it up. Underneath is underwear. They even picked that? Groaning, I decide not to fight it. I can’t be bothered today; Bear’s words are still in my head. I’m just like every other woman? What changed from that night he found me to now?

Once ready, I walk out, them all glancing at me briefly. Sitting between Bear and Gunner, I watch as Zane pushes a plate of food to me. I sit in silence as I eat, listening to them talking. Today they aren’t avoiding business with me sat here. I finish eating and turn, smiling at Gunner, my hand stroking along his leg. I watch as his hand grasps mine and removes it. Seriously? I look up at him, his eyes ignoring me.

Okay, so even Gunner is now pretending like I’m nothing. I sit, trying to work out what the hell is going on, but nothing. Turning my attention to Dante, I get ready for his backlash.

“So, you’re just going to sit there and act like nothing happened last night? Like you didn’t fuck my mouth?” I watch as his eyes turn from Zane to me.

“It was nothing. You’re delusional to think it was anything.” He turns his gaze back to Zane, and I can see something on Zane’s face, but he quickly wipes the expression away. I feel like there’s more going on, but no one is telling me. I feel the tears brimming in my eyes.

Standing, I push away from the table. “Fuck you all.” Turning, I go to walk to my room, but Bear’s outstretched hand stops me.

“You’re coming with us today. Sit.” He looks at me, waiting. Nodding, I sit down, my eyes avoiding them all. Fuck, this hurts. I don’t get what the hell is going on. I don’t speak. My head stays lowered as they discuss work today. Work which apparently, they are taking me to as well. I don’t bother even talking.

We get to a business. I walk through and sit down. Dante shakes his head.

“I have a meeting. Make five coffees and bring them through, along with water and glasses.” He points to where to make it before walking through to a meeting room. I walk over and make the drinks. Carrying them through, I place them onto the desk. I turn to leave, but he stops me.

“Empty the trash, then I need you to greet them and take their coats.”

I look at him, shocked.

“Now, Emmi. Do it.” Turning, I walk out and do what he says. I spend the day with them, Dante ordering me around like I’m a slave. Jobs which I shouldn’t be doing, like emptying his damn trash! Making him drinks, holding the damn paper down on his desk because he is too fucking hot and insists on using a fan, everything. I do it, though, all the while trying to figure out what changed.

Two days pass by the same way, and each new hour leaves me feeling more and more depleted. More and more like I am nothing more than a burden, just someone they can use. I sit quietly and eat, once again them all talking about business. I know their weakness. Their weakness is me. I heard enough to know if that plan went ahead, they would have fought my mother and brother for not protecting me. The issue is, I don’t want to be their weakness or have people know I am. So, I listen to everything.

If my mum wants info, she will get it. It’s clear been here won’t be any better than at home.

“Clean up, Emmi.” I watch as Dante walks off with the others following behind him. I have cleaned up after every damn meal these past two days. Before, they all did it, but now, it seems to be on me. I clear the table and begin washing everything. Once I finish, I walk to my room and climb in bed, falling asleep with tears flowing down my cheeks. Just to watch a week pass the same, and I know now, the start was just them lying, making it look like they cared, and I would have a choice. I haven’t. A whole week has passed, and I have not chosen any clothes for myself. They have, even what I wear to bed. I can’t even fight it as they have fucking locked the cupboard to my clothes. So, it was a plan, be nice, do all that at the start to make me feel like I would be part of their family when in reality, I’m nothing more than a slave. I’m glad now that I didn’t fuck any of them.

“You have a visitor.” Turning, I look at Zane. Why would I have a visitor? Walking through, I see my mum. Reluctantly, I sit down and face her.

“We will give you space.” I watch as they walk out.

“How is it going, Emmi?” she asks.

“It started good, I felt welcomed here, but the last week I have become nothing more than a slave. They don’t want my mum, they don’t want to marry me, they just want to use me.” They do. I see that now.

“Did you find out anything, anything that can help?”

“They only have each other as a weakness. I know that together they are strong, but each one is a weakness. If anything happened to one, they would all fall.” I know that much. They survive because they even each other out.

“Anything else? That’s pretty useless.” She looks at me, annoyed.

“No. What is the plan, anyway? You get information, take over, then what? What happens with me, Mum? What if I say no? What if I refuse to give you any information?” She hasn’t told me.

“Then you’re useless, and you’re not part of our family. Everyone has their way, Emmi, and your way to be part of the family and contribute is this! After this works, then you come home,” she says, But I know there is more to it.

“Why this? You and dad set this up. Then you changed the plan, so if I don’t, what? I no longer have a family? You could have given me anything to do. Why this?” I don’t get why she wants to take them down.

“Emmi, if you don’t help, me and Jamie will be dead. They have more power than us. They will soon use it to overtake us. Do you want our deaths on you for not helping?” She looks at me, but I can’t meet her gaze, my head falling. I don’t know, I really don’t know anymore.

“If I do this, I come home?”

She nods. “Back home, where you’re safe.”

Safe. She says that like she already has a plan to keep me locked up again. “If I do it, I want to be free. I want out of both cities to do anything and go anywhere.” These guys are not giving me any freedom. They are using me as a slave, and so is she. At least she might give me the freedom after.

“Do what you want after, Emmi, as long as you’re not in our cities.”

“Fine, I will pay more attention and try to find out something else useful. So, I do this, and you let me leave. Had you tried a week ago, I would have told you to fuck off. Apparently, they are just like everyone else and act nice, then once I feel like I could live with them, they flip and show their true colours. So, right now, I’ll agree.”

She nods in agreement. “I will call around sometime. See you later, Emmi.” With that, she walks out. Maybe this is wrong. A week ago, I was so sure it was wrong. They had given me more freedom than my family. But that changed. Now I have no freedom, none at all. I will get out of these two cities and be free of these two families for good.

Bear: Breaking Her

I watch her all week, and I see Zane is craving to cuddle her, but he can’t. Dante is right. She went from that fiery woman to just anyone. She needs to remember that fire, keep it there to survive, as right now, if one of us were to kill a guy in front of her, I’m sure it would break her.

She was so fierce that day, a real fighter, but she got comfortable too quickly. The pleasure seemed to mask that fire, and we all know it’s false. She isn’t her. Sure, she wants to explore, she wants sex, she wants that freedom. It was clear, though, after Dante and her willingly letting him do that, she wasn’t herself.

“How much longer?” Zane looks at Dante.

“Until she fights,” he says.

“And if she doesn’t? Come on, Dante, I get it, but maybe this is going too far? Using her as a slave, and you can shout, but that look in her eyes is like Adelia’s that weekend.” I turn and look at Zane, shocked.

“Which means she will soon scream and find herself again. She is a weakness. Right now, she is weak. Before, she wasn’t weak,” Dante explains.

“Yeah, but breaking someone? A woman who has done nothing to hurt us, Dante, that is fucking cruel,” Zane points out. I glance at Gunner; he has been quiet all week. It is strange to see, he doesn’t seem too bothered about his toys anymore. Seeing her like this is changing us all, which isn’t good, and it does need fixing.

“We will see. Give it a few more days. Her mum is coming,” Dante says.

“Here?” Gunner glares at him. We all know, we know she was in on the plan with Emmi, to get her hurt and make us react. We know she has a plan to get information, and while I don’t want to, I have to admit, I think that plan involves Emmi.

“So, we sit through there and listen.” I think that is the best thing right now. Find out what is said.

“You guys really think Emmi would do that?” Zane looks at us like we’re crazy.

“No, but who knows what her mum is saying? Who knows what her mum is using that will make her agree? So, if we listen, we have ensured nothing bad has been said in front of Emmi. This is our way to find out if we can trust her,” Dante explains.

“And if we can’t trust her?” Zane asks.

“We wait. We give her time. Make her think her plan is working. We give false information around her, let her use it. Candice will fail, and when she does, we’ll just take her city as well,” Dante explains, as if Emmi using us for information, isn’t an issue.

Zane looks up from his phone. “She’s here.”

“Okay, Zane, you go get Emmi. Gunner let her in, don’t touch her.” Dante looks at him and he nods. Zane disappears to get Emmi and Gunner opens the door, welcoming Candice. She walks through and sits. We all welcome her and watch as Emmi comes through.

I watch Candice, Emmi looks broken right now, but she doesn’t seem to care. We all stand and walk out, and go to the room to sit, watch, and listen. This visit tells us what we needed to know and what we suspected. She is going to give the information to her mum.

“Guys, don’t,” Zane warns.

“She agreed!” Gunner says.

“Because she is a mess! She wasn’t going to, that was the plan from the start, yes, but you heard her! A week ago, she wasn’t going to. What we have done this week has made her feel like she has no future here. You can’t kill her for that!” Zane looks at us. “Please, Dante,” Zane implores. He got attached.

“This week, sure, it was us. Emmi came here intending to get information to bring us down that can’t be ignored!” Dante looks at Zane.

“For her family! You would do the same for us, Dante. You could find another way to fight, but you would do it for us! She did it because she wanted her family’s approval. She wants to show she can be useful. Don’t kill her, Dante.”

“I didn’t say I was killing her! Leave her for now. See what she does. If she comes back the woman she was, then we explain why we were how we have been this week. If we tell her now, she will act it, it won’t be true. It won’t be her. So, we wait. Give her time to wake the hell up, and then we tell her. Then we see if she chooses a side.” Dante finishes his statement by standing up and sorting out his suit.

“We have business to sort. Zane, you can go fight, you as well, Bear. We will sort business there first.” Dante walks out, and we all follow. Emmi looks up at us. She looks deflated.

“You’re coming with us. They have a fight tonight, and we have business to sort.” Dante walks to the door, Emmi following once again.

In the car now, no one talks. We walk into the club, Dante pushing Emmi into a seat. We can’t afford for her to go with him and Gunner, so she will sit out here and wait.

“Stay there. Don’t move until one of us call for you because we need you.” He turns and walks off with Gunner following. I know Dante’s plan. Zane is ready to fall to his knees and tell Emmi everything. He needs a release, and fighting will be that release.

“You first.” I point to the ring and watch as Zane walks off. Then I turn and look at Emmi. I need to find someone. “Stay here, Princess. Don’t move.” I turn away again, seeing pain flicker in her eyes. She will come back. That woman she was before will come back. I walk around, talking to people. Trying to get information. But my eyes are constantly on Emmi as I do. I watch as Zane fights, and before long, I find myself in the ring, with Zane watching Emmi from a distance.


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Author Billiejo Priestley

Indie author of hot fiction, and taboo subjects. You can find my on all social medias and my books on Amazon.

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