The Awakening

by Yae Yae 6 months ago in erotic

A one night stand that changes your life.

The Awakening

Jamie felt like she was being watched. This was her first assignment at the iron ore mine, and Jamie had an uneasy feeling since she pulled up. An intense need to be on guard came over her pulling up. She should have never stopped and listened to the idiots in the break room at the table talk about this place. She knew they had done it on purpose. She acted like she wasn't fazed by their tells of creepy things and shadow people at the mine. She couldn't help but sit and listen. She listened to one guy give detail about how, when he was there, he would see someone standing next to the shack one second. Then a minute later, they would be on the road in the distance. He went on, and on about every time he was there, he felt like he wasn't welcome. Several of the men at the table shook their heads in agreement.

The longer she sat in her truck, the more her mind raced back to the thoughts of what the guys had said. She felt like someone was out there in the distance, watching her. And swore she saw shadows halfway through the night in the shape of human and big ass dog. The first time she saw it, she was stuck. Her heart started to beat out of her chest. She shook it off and just figured the weed she was smoking, and her hyperactive imagination was messing with her.

For hours she sat staring into the distance, trying to adjust her eyes to see in the dark. The more she tried, the more she felt like she could see the outline of a person. She has always been able to see silhouettes of people in the dark since she was little. The Nuns at the orphanage would always shrug her off. But she knew she saw things; for a while, Jamie thought she was physic and could see dead people but quickly realized that was not the case when she tried to contact her deceased parents, and nothing happened.

Jamie sat there in her truck, staring at the top of a mountain, thinking she was seeing someone staring back. She got out of her car and tried to get a better look when the uneasy feeling was no longer there. She paused for a second to assess the situation and her feelings. Not just two seconds ago, she had an impression like something terrible was going to happen. Now, as she stood in the cold air watching the condensation from her breath appear, then dissipate, she felt comfortable and relaxed. Jamie stood there and looked toward the top of the mountain across from her. She knew someone was there, she could feel it.

She turned from the mountain so she can do her the first check of the night, quickly made her rounds. Jamie couldn't help but feel like eyes were on her. She would stop look around and shine her little flashlight that did nothing in the vast darkness that surrounded her. Though Jamie felt like she was being watched, the creepy feeling was gone. She stood still when she got to the wooden shack and smelled vanilla chai and hickory. Her head began to swim, and suddenly felt aroused. She couldn't believe it, of all the feelings she could have that wasn't the one she expected. She laughed to herself and made her way back to her car. The ten-minute walk back to her car was more refreshing than she thought it would be. The silence at first made her uneasy, but now she felt comfortable. She took a couple of deep breathes and let the fresh air fill her lungs.

When she got back to her car, the smell of vanilla chai and hickory was there. She looked back at the shack, which was in eye view, wondering how she did not smell this on the way back to her car. She looked around again to see if she saw anyone, but no one was there. She looked toward the mountain and could still see the outline of a person and a big ass dog.

Jamie rested in her grey Chevy pick-up at the Iron Ore mine, staring into the darkness, wondering why she chose to work instead of going to the party she had an invitation to. When her boss asked her to cover tonight, Jamie said yes without thinking. She wished she asked where before she agreed to the extra hours. Her shift was from eight pm until twelve am when Carl would take over. When she parked, she arranged herself so that as much of the road was in view as possible. She borrowed a large spotlight from one of her friends, that would be able to illuminate her area when turned on. The light was powerful enough to light up the side of a small mountain, and it gave Jamie some comfort to have.

The Silver Lake Iron Ore Mine was not a place most of the guards desired to be in the day time. It was fun to explore sometimes. Finding old cars from the 50s, brown with tones of white from rust and shot up from the locals that came to use them as target practice, even though it was beautiful to see the orange and reddish-brown mountains. The expansive desert in its greatness, the quiet nothingness seemed to creep people out. The silence, combined with being alone without cell service, was more than enough to stop people from wanting to be there during the day.

At night the uneasy feelings were magnified. Some people said they would get the feeling they were being watched. Others wouldn't get out of their cars to do the rounds because they felt like evil things would happen. Jamie knew this was by far the most disturbing site she had been to. Still had she known or thought to ask, she wouldn't be there now, staring into emptiness questioning if she was being watched. Jamie felt like eyes were on her, but didn't know if it was her feelings or her coworkers feeling projected onto her. She decided not to let other people's feelings stop her from doing her rounds.

Jamie took the L.E.D. flashlight and went for a night stroll. She sat there with her hand on the door, taking deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves. Jamie ignored the hairs on the back of her neck and shoved the door open. A blast of cold air smacked her hard when she opened the door to the truck. Jamie jumped back in the truck and closed the door quickly. The thermals she wore under her clothes did nothing for her. She felt thoroughly disrespected by the wind and grabbed her thick black jacket out the back, and put it on.

She wandered around, flashing her light over everything. Being at the mine by herself made Jamie more uncomfortable than anything. She decided now would be a good time to put in her earbuds and listen to the erotic audio book from her favorite author. She got thoroughly lost in the book every time. She no longer felt the uneasiness she felt before. She felt calm, cold, and horny. She knew that she would be a little turned on. But full out I-need-to-be-touched horniest was not what she wanted at that moment. She felt as if the air suddenly became electrified. She beamed the light over the pit of the mine and the mountains behind it. Once she believed it was all clear, she walked back to her truck. She felt that some pressing issues needed to be taken care of.

When Jamie got back, she hurried to get into the Chevy. The longer it took her to get to the truck hornier she became. The urge for a release made her body vibrate. Jamie looked around and laughed to herself before she laid her seat back and began to explore. She unbuckled her work pants, slid her slim hand into her panties, and was greeted by wet curly hair. Her hand ventured further down and felt the plumpness of her clit. She let out a soft moan at the thrilling sensation that rushed through her body at her touch.

Jamie played with her wetness, astonished at how aroused she was. She listened to this book well over ten times and hadn't been this excited since the first time she heard it. Jamie started rubbing her clit in slow circles, with the right amount of pressure that would send her into an orgasmic splendor. She rocked her hips in time with the movement of her hand, moaning breathlessly. Working herself into a frenzy coming loud as she dipped two fingers into her dripping wetness. Riding her fingers until her orgasm subsided.


Jamie snatched her finger out her pussy and stared in horror at the smile on the Black girl's face. When did she show up? And how long had she been there watching?

"Can I help you?" Jamie asked, clearing her throat.

"What type of help are you offering," the cinnamon brown skin woman smiled prettiest white teeth Jamie had ever seen, "Hopefully, its the help you just gave yourself." Jamie stared at the woman for a second, scanning her up and down. Focusing her eyes on the woman and took her in. She stood there in a white thermal shirt that hugged every part of her torso, showing off the well-defined lumps on her chest and flat stomach. Her hazel eyes that look back at Jamie mesmerized her. And the short black curls on her head made she want to run her fingers through them to feel the softness. She felt her pulse rise again. This time not from being scared. The attraction she had for this stud standing in front of her.

"Oh, umm, well. I'm not offering that type of help but are you lost?" Jamie answered finally.

"Well damn then," the woman looked as if she was disappointed, "My car is about two miles down the road. I was out there stargazing and left the power on, and now I need a jump."

Jamie glanced toward the way she pointed. And saw nothing, it was pitch black. She looked the woman up and down again. She didn't look out of breath after walking so far. It was dark and cold as hell, and she didn't have a jacket or a flashlight.

Jamie opened and closed her mouth several times before she asked, "You're by yourself? In this place."

"Aren't you here by yourself?" The woman shot back with a sexy smirk.

"Well yeah. It's my job," Jamie started, "where's your flashlight and your jacket?"

She watched as the woman pull her phone out her pocket and waved it around, "So security, it's your job to help too. Right?"

"Nope. My job is to sit here for another two hours and shine my light on shit. Not help." Jamie joked with the woman.

"Can I get in the truck with you? It's getting kind of cold out here." The woman begged.

Before Jamie could finish answering, the woman was sitting in the front seat, grinning at her. Jamie didn't understand why, but she was drawn to her. She didn't mind her being there. The first warning bells faded just as quickly as they sounded. When she sat down, Jamie inhaled deeply. Her guest smelled like vanilla chai with hints hickory. She stared at the woman next to her who intruded her space, wondering why she felt ready to erupt in giggles when she smiled. And why she felt familiar. She found her superbly handsome and didn't understand how she could feel such an intense attraction to someone who appeared out of nowhere.

Jamie looked her over again and noticed the nice size bulge running down the inside of her right thigh. Jamie couldn't take her eyes off it. Her heart race a bit when she suddenly pictured herself bent over in the bed of her truck, taking every inch. That's when the woman decided to adjust herself by slightly trusted her hips up. Jamie looked up, and the woman was staring at her with that intoxicating smile and knowing eyes.

"I'm Decca." She announced as she held out her hand.

When Jamie shook her hand, it felt like a small shock-wave went through her body. Causing her to tremble and gasp a little outwardly. She felt her face get warm, and her skin turned beet red. She had never in her short 25 years on this earth, felt an instant attraction to someone. She felt a primal sexual attraction to this woman. Jamie's eyes darted back and forth from Decca's face. To the well-defined muscles in her arm and the bulge in her pants. She could feel the wetness start to pool in her panties.

"That damn book," Jamie thought to herself, "I shouldn't have listened to it. Now I'm lusting after this woman. Not just any type of woman, a beautiful black woman. My personal kryptonite."

"Ahem," Decca cleared her throat, smiling at the surprised look on Jamie's face, "And your name is?"

"Jamie," she choked out, "Do you always wear?"

Jamie stopped talking before she could finish her statement. She couldn't believe she let the first couple of words escape from her mouth. Being forward was not like her. She usually kept all her thoughts to herself. Especially when it came to sex. Jamie admitted to herself a long time ago that she was a bit uptight. She had only been with two people. And both women had called her sex boring and plain. She could honestly say in a combined four and a half years neither of those women came close to making her body feel like she did in the fifteen minutes of meeting Decca.

"Do I always wear what?" Decca licked her lips, slowly making a show of it and smiled.

"Nothing. I'm sorry." Jamie blushed again.

"Don't be, just say it. You know you want to." Decca teased.

"How about I drive down to your car and give you a jump. Then you can be on your way," Jamie said as she started her truck. She drove off before Decca could protest.

"Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable." Decca asked.

Jamie just shook her head no. Mortified that she brought up a subject she was not proficient in. Had the conversation been about a video game, she would be golden, but not sex. What possessed her even to start to ask? Why did she feel so compelled to know?

"You didn't seem uncomfortable twenty minutes ago when you were fingering yourself to glory. I could hear the moans coming from the car when I got to it." Decca said in a seductive tone.

"You watched me?" Jamie said, voice trembling with embarrassment. Tears started to form in the eyes. She felt when her face got hot and red.

"Yes, and it was wonderful to watch the faces you made. To watch the pleasure wash over you in waves. Then I heard how good it felt to you," Decca said in a voice that exudes seduction. Her voice was soft and low, "I almost didn't knock on the window, just to see you lost in pleasure again."

Jamie felt Decca staring at her. She could feel the desire coming from her. How is that possible? How could she feel that this woman wanted her? She glanced out the corner of her eye and saw Decca licking her lips, and she shivered. Decca looked as if she wanted to devour her, and Jamie wanted her to. Wanting to have sex with some woman she just met isn't normal for her. It usually took three or four dates before sex would be considered. She was losing all logical brain function. All she could do was feel. No amount of ignoring what she felt would help because her body burned. Ever since Decca got into the truck, Jamie's body vibrated. From the tip of her toes to the tip of her ears. Every part of her responded to Decca in a way it never did for anyone.

Even during sex with her exes, her body never felt the way it did now. Her skin was practically on fire. She was sitting next to her living and breathing wet dream, and it left her body in a frenzy. She couldn't explain why, but every part of her vibrated more when Decca got in the car. She didn't understand, and part of her didn't care, she wanted to say fuck it and let Decca have her. She was intoxicated by this woman.

"There." Decca pointed into the darkness at a small white ford car, that was in the middle of the desert. Jamie felt a bit more relaxed now that she had seen that this wasn't some kind of murder plot. There wasn't anything out there but her car. No tall rocks formations or ditches. Just straight dessert for miles.

"And there's is your problem. You have a fix or repair daily." Jamie joked.

"Fix or repair daily?" Decca looked at Jamie and smiled.

"Yeah, F.O.R.D. Fix or repair daily its an acronym," Jamie kept laughing, not caring that Decca hadn't, "I mean your car is currently broke and needs service. That's why this is funny."

Jamie turned on the high beams to her truck and drove close to the lonely car. She turned and looked at Decca to find her still staring at her. Decca's eyes seemed to burn through her. She felt as if Decca was trying to uncover an unknown secret. She smiled at her, and Jamie felt her insides melt again. She was trapped in this woman's gaze, unable to move if she wanted to. Jamie ran her eyes over Decca's body. Undressing and mentally devouring her as she did. Jamie wanted to run her tongue across Decca's full lips, to feel how soft they were. She closed her eyes for a second, and she could feel the softness on her. She moaned a little to herself, and her eyes flew open mortified to see that Decca was smiling at her.

"How about you stay right here, and I hook up my car to your battery. Can you sit and wait for a while until it is charged?" Decca asked.

Jamie could only shake her head in agreement. She watched as Decca got out of the truck. Decca stretched, pulling the fabric across her chest, bring attention to her breast. She stood up straight and adjusted herself. Jamie's eyes were glued to the extra appendage that seemed to be more visible than before.

"Where are the cables," Decca question as she ran her hand up the length of her dick. Smiling as she saw that Jamie was trapped in her thoughts, "the cables?"

"The truck bed." Jamie croaked out hoarsely.

Jamie tried to control her breathing as she listened to Decca rummage around in the back of her truck. She wished that she had her blow-up mattress in the back of her truck. She usually kept it there when it was warmer. Jamie shook her head hard. Trying to eject the thought from her head. What was she thinking? For the last thirty minutes, her thoughts had run wild. Sex with this woman was the only thing on her mind.

When she heard the knock on the window, she jumped. Decca was signaling for her to come in the back of the truck bed with her.

"Dear God," Jamie thought, "Why, Lord? Why must you torment me with this Black girl magic."

Jamie got out the truck to see that not only did Decca already have the car hooked up, but she had made what look like a comfortable pallet out of blankets in the truck bed. Jamie's mouth dropped. When did she? How did she? Jamie thought she had only been in her thoughts for a minute or two. This would have taken some time.

"Come on," Decca held out her hand, "You said you can hang around. Why not be comfortable."

"It's too cold out here to be comfortable." Jamie said as wrapped her arms around herself.

"I'll keep you warm," Decca said with a devilish grin, "I promise."

Jamie took her hand and jumped into the back. When she sat next to her, she could feel the warmth coming from her. She felt Decca wrap her arm around her and pulled her in closer. Jamie never felt so comfortable in her life. She didn't feel cold at all. There was a warm air around them, and she felt like she could melt into Decca. Jamie inhaled deeply and was once again lost in the smell. Her head swam with delight. She looked up, and Decca was smiling down at her. Jamie could no longer resist and stretched up and kissed.

The connection sent a shock wave of pleasure threw Jamie. She felt as if she had been lifted off the bed of the truck. Decca pulled Jamie closer and kissed her deeply. Jamie moaned as Decca's tongue made its way into her mouth. Decca ran her hand threw Jamie's bone straight red hair. Jamie threw her head back, let Decca run her tongue up the side of her neck to the pulsating pressure point. When she bit down and sucked, Jamie moaned load as the pleasure surge through every part of her. She no longer knew which way was up or down, and she didn't care.

Jamie pulled off her jacket and then pulled her shirt over her head. Sucking in the air as the coolness of the night touched her heated skin making her shiver. Decca fumbled with the buckle on Jamie's pants as she kissed her way down her body. Making Jamie squirm and giggle with delight. She slipped her hands into Jamie's panties and was greeted with warm wetness.

Jamie couldn't believe what was happening. She was giving herself to someone she just met. This was far out of her comfort zone but didn't care. All she cared about was how she felt at that exact moment. She felt like she was floating in space. Jamie was lost in this moment and felt like she never wanted to be found.

Decca left a trail of kisses down Jamie's body, only stopping to linger at the most sensitive areas. Taking Jamie's erect nipple in her mouth, sucking and nibbling on them. Jamie let out a whimper in pleasure from the small bit of pain from Decca biting and sucking on her nipple. She grabbed a hand full of Decca's hair and tugged to signal she wanted her mouth on hers again. Decca obeyed the unspoken command and gave Jamie a kiss that sent her world into orbit again. She left Jamie's head spinning and made her way back down Jamie's body.

Decca moaned as she smelled the flavors of Jamie. She licked her lips in anticipation of what Jamie would taste like. At the same time, Jamie held her breath in anticipation of the warm wet tip of Decca's tongue. Jamie knew it was coming, but Decca teased her, left kisses on the inside of her thigh. Licking and kissing along her panty line. Jamie shook and shivered with every kiss. Lightly pushing her hip towards Decca's mouth, trying to encourage her to kiss the most sensitive part of her. She could feel Decca giggle every time. When she finally felt the lite tip of Decca's tongue on her, she let out a low throaty moan, she grabbed a handful of Decca's hair and rode her face.

Decca's body shook as Jaime fucked her tongue. She rolled it around in the smooth, tangy wetness that was flowing from Jaime like a river and shuddered again. Jamie was coming in her mouth after a few skillful swipes of her tongue. She wrapped her arms around Jamie's thighs and pull her closer; she could stick her tongue in deeper. Pulling it out and started to light suck and kiss the now swollen nub that was in front of her.

"Oh fuck," Jamie screamed as she came hard into Decca's mouth one more time. Jamie had never had her pussy eaten so well in her life. She opened her eye and looked to the heavens and thanked God for making a woman with such talent. She couldn't believe it. She had come three times within a couple of minutes. And was well on her way to coming again. It would usually take some time before she would come from someone eating her pussy, but now she could feel the telling sensations that signaled yet another release. The warm tingling behind her ears started, and her face began to flush. She tossed her head back a came with a loud roar. She held Decca in place as she came.

"I," Jamie said groggily, "I need you in me." There was no modesty left in Jamie's body. She wanted Decca to fuck her with the strap. She had been eyeing all night. She wanted to feel Decca's body on top of her. She wanted to feel Decca's skin on hers.

"You need what in you?" Decca said in between kissing and licking Jamie's clit.

"I want," Jamie started to say but was interrupted by Decca's lips wrap around her clit, "I want your dick." Decca chuckled low, and it sent shivers through Jamie's body. The chuckle seemed to be mixed with delight and danger. Jamie looked into Decca's eyes, and she could see the hunger in them. How much Decca wanted to have her. And Jamie was more than willing to be hers.

Decca kissed up Jamie's body and while playing with the nectar that continued to flow from her. Jamie spread her legs further apart to give Decca access to all of her. Jamie watched the smile that spread across Decca's face as she saw Jamie's pussy lip glisten with evidence of her hard work. Jamie's eyes grew large at the somewhat large appendage that hung from Decca. She had expected something big but not as big as what Decca had.

"I see you're pretty self-confident." she looked up at the smirk across Decca's face.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Decca's said as she slowly introduced it to Jamie's pussy. Jamie closed her eyes and sucked air in through her teeth as Decca filled the space between her legs, "too much?"

Jamie opened her eyes to see Decca staring down at her with concern. She lifted a hand and caressed Decca's face and shook her head. Decca bent down and kissed her as she slowly began her steady stroke. Jamie kissed her neck as she held her close, digging her nail into Decca's back. She could feel Decca shudder from the sensation of every kiss. Moaned as Jamie nibbled on her ear. Jamie smiled at the sounded of Decca's melodic alto moans. She was happy she wasn't the only one feeling this good.

"Oh my God," Jamie said through her breathless moans, "I'm... I'm." She was beginning to have a hard time formulating words. An electric sensation that started in her toes and rushed through her body like a wildfire. She felt her body get tense as a wave of uncontrollable pleasure took her over. This was the fifth time in 20 minutes that she had an orgasm. She had never had this many in one session. Hell, she wasn't sure that if anyone had ever given her one. If this was what an orgasm was supposed to feel like, then she was pretty sure she had never had one.

"I want you to bend over." Decca said as she kissed Jamie.

Jamie didn't hesitate. She immediately got up and assumed the position, looking back at Decca to see her admiring her ass, looking very happy with Jamie's willingness to please. Jamie no longer felt the cold air she did before. It was like the truck bed was covered. She could fill the sweat forming on her body. Jamie felt Decca's hand on her hips, pulling her back towards her, slowly reintroducing the dildo to Jamie again inch by inch.

Decca began to pick up speed as her orgasm threatened to take hold of her. Jamie could feel that Decca was close and began to roll her hips in time. Catching every thrust and giving it right back to her. She felt primal. All she could think about was making Decca feel just as good as she did. She felt Decca's grip get tighter on her hips, pulling her back a little harder than before. When Decca moans became more guttural, Jamie smiled to herself.

"You coming, baby?" Jamie asked, looking over her shoulder "hmm? This pussy feels good to you."

Jamie watched as a wave of pleasure wash over Decca's face. Her eye rolled back, and her face contorted a little as she threw her head back and let out a loud howl. Thrusting harder and harder into Jamie. Within second, Jamie was climaxing again. Never had she felt so much pleasure in one night. The entire mine could be burning down around them, and Jamie couldn't give two shit about it. The only thing that matter was their pleasure.

"You are amazing. I want you forever. Can I have you?" Jamie heard Decca say as she came down from her orgasmic splendor.

"Yes." Jamie said as she drifted off to sleep.


Jamie startled awake in the front seat of her pick up as she looked around. It was Carl instead. She scanned the area looking for Decca's car. She then realized she was dressed. Had she just dreamt the whole encounter? Jamie didn't know what to make of anything. She stared at Carl, blinking lost in her thoughts.

"Hey," He said, concerned, "Are you Ok?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Did you see a ford car on your way up?"

"No, should I have?" Carl said with concern in his eyes.

"Yes, a woman name Decca was stranded with her car, and I gave her a ride and gave her a jump."

"Did you say Decca," Carl laughed, making Jamie scowl at him.

"Yes! Why?"

"Decca Thunder? Princess or whatever of the Thunder wolf pack. She is not real. Urban legend around here. She is said to prey on the helpless woman that get lost over here."

"Preys?" Jamie heart jumped into her throat.

"Yup, seduces them and has her way with them." he laughed.

Carl picked up his phone and showed Jamie a picture. It was Decca standing with an older dark-haired woman with cocoa brown skin and the same hazel eyes as Decca. The older man was fair skin but had the same smile as Decca. Behind them was a pack of wolves that seemed to be fake. Jamie's eyes grew wide as she scanned the picture, which looked like it was 30 years old. She had seen this picture a month before right after she got the job. Some of the guards would say the mine was haunted by her. She would stop and listen for a second. She didn't pay any of them any mind, people always told tells to scare new people. Maybe she was dreaming. She had just been listening to that book.

He chuckled at her as he walked away to his car, "Go home, you look spent."

She watched him walk back to his car. She didn't know what to think; everything felt so real. Was it a dream?


Jamie sat in the hottest water her body could stand. She didn't know what to make of what happened. Was it a dream? If it was, it had been a damn good one. She knew that it wasn't a dream. It was way too real. She could still feel Decca's kisses and tongue on her. What she felt was real. But she could help but wonder who this woman was. If Carl was right, then Decca’s isn't a real person. Just an old legend from around town about a family who owned wolves.

She closed her eyes and let the hot water relax her. She ran her hands up her body and the back of her neck. Jamie’s eye flew open when she felt marks on the base of her neck. She hopped out the bath and grabbed a hand mirror, and angled it to stare at herself in the mirror. There were teeth marks. Jamie stumbled back and was mesmerized. Proof that the night she had was genuine. She was hit with several emotions and thoughts all at once. She didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or be scared out of damn mind. What did this mean? Had she willing giving herself to Decca Thunder, or was it just a woman pretending? She suddenly was overcome with dread. That is what she gets for fucking someone she didn’t know. She was scared, what did this bite mean? All type of horrible thoughts was running through her mind now. Was she infected with something? Was she dying? Jamie quickly got dressed. The hospital was her only thought now. She didn’t know exactly how she would explain the mark, but she needed to get it checked.

She sat in the hospital lounge waited for her name to be called. The cold room and hard plastic chairs made this situation even more uncomfortable. She was tired and scared, but this mark on her neck and the fact she doesn't know who she was with made this an emergency. Waiting until she had slept, crossed her mind. But the fear of having contracted something was powerful, she couldn’t ignore it. She closed her eyes, trying to calm herself. How could she be so stupid? She suddenly felt embarrassed, but her eyelids played back the night's events like a movie screen. No matter how hard she tried to let go of the memory of Decca in her, it wasn't budging.

“Ms. Cowdry?” the nurse asked, “The doctor will see you.”

Jamie stood and slowly followed the woman. As she walked, she noticed that some people watched her. They followed her with their eyes down the hallway. One woman scoffed. What was this about? Why were they staring at her? When they reached the door to the room, the nurse turned to her and smile.

“You have no need to worry. You are in good hands.”

Jamie stood there, confused as hell. How did this woman know she was worried? Was the look of dread so prominent on her face that everyone knew why she was there? And who’s hand she was being left in? When an older woman walked into the room. Jamie’s heart dropped.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Thunderwolf,”

In front of Jamie was the woman from the picture. A tall older black woman with cocoa brown skin and salt and pepper hair. She was a gorgeous woman, but the hazel eyes that stared back at her were unmistakable. This was Decca’s mother. What in the hell was going on?

“I see you have had a run-in with…” the Doctor started.

“I’m not quite sure anymore.” Jamie said hanging her head.

Dr. Thunderwolf smiled for a second until she got closer. If Jamie was right, the woman slight sniffed the air. Then she caught her in a dead stare. A stare that sent shivers down her spine. She walked over to Jamie and pulled a little forcefully at the collar of Jamie's shirt and groaned low. It almost sounded as if the doctor growled.

“Be honest with me,” Dr. thunder started rubbing her temples. “Where were you when this happened?"

“Silver lake iron ore mine.”

“Of course. You smell like her. And an ancient pack.” The Doctor rub her temples again.

“What? I smell like who? And what,” Jamie asked.

“My daughter. She has marked you as hers,” Dr. Thunderwolf said, “you’re the new guard at that mine, aren’t you?”

Jamie stared at the woman. Why would she know that? Why would she have asked that? Jamie didn’t know what to make of this situation. Her head started to spin, and she got light-headed. Jamie opened her mouth to speak but couldn't find the words. What type of shit had she just reached into? Marked, and what was the ancient pack blood?

“When you were,” the doctor paused as if she was trying to find the right words, “with my daughter. What did she say or ask you?”

“I don’t think that is really any of your business. What was and wasn't said between your daughter and me.” Jamie snapped.

“I don't think you understand what going on here.” Doctor Thunder said low.

“You are absolutely right," Jamie started, "I haven't the foggiest idea as to what the hell is going on right now. But what I do know is that what was said and done is quite frankly none of your business.”

Dr. Thunderwolf stared daggers at Jamie. The warmness of her eyes went steel cold, the softness of her face was hard and angular, and her smile went away just long enough to scare Jamie for a split second. But she wasn't going to be intimidated. It was clear that Dr. Thunderwolf was trying to do precisely that. Jamie gained her composure and tried to outwardly project the confidence she was trying to build. She needed to know what was going on and what does being marked as Decca's meant. She had an idea, but she needed to understand why.

“Ms. Cowdry, if you won't tell me, there isn't anything I can do to help you.” Dr. Thunder wolf said through her teeth.

“Help me with what exactly?” Jamie raised a defiant eyebrow.

“I see why she likes you. You smell like untapped energy. Especially when you‘re upset. You have no idea who you are,” Dr. Thunderwolf stepped closer to Jamie and flashed a quick smile, “I think we are done here. I’ve seen what I need to.”

“What the hell what about this bite on my neck. What am I supposed to do about this?” She reached up to feel the base of her neck, and the mark was barely there. Jamie jumped up, ran to the mirror in the office. There were no teeth marks, just a scar of a crescent moon. She stared at it for a while until the doctor walked up next to her.

“Like I said, you have no idea who you are.” Dr. Thunder wolf said as she left the room.

Jamie walked out of the clinic and was greeted by the nurse. She stood there in her athletic frame with golden hair and cream skin and deep blue eyes, smiling.

“My name is Nia, and I was told to make sure you got home without any complications.”


“You’ve been marked by the heir,” she said, like Jamie should know what that means. Jamie stood there looking at the woman, baffled, until she spoke again, “Decca wants you to rule with her. And there are a lot of men and women upset with you and may try to challenge that. You having ancient blood makes things a little more complicated.”

“Whoa whoa whoa. Back all the way up. What are you talking about rule with her? And ancient blood?” Jamie exploded, and she saw Nia step back.

“You really don’t know. Maybe we should go to this coffee house I know.” Nia said as she ushered Jamie through the office door.

With-in minutes there were outside the coffee house. The coffee shop was dark and Smokey. It smelled of sandalwood and jasmine. Jamie glanced around the room, surprised that there was even a shop open at one-thirty in the morning. Nia walked in first, and Jamie followed. She could feel all eyes on her. A couple of women glared at her, and others mouths just hung. She didn’t understand why she was getting so much attention. They walked in silence to the corner of the room and sat a spot that said reserve.

“Please tell me what the hell is going on.” Jamie begged.

“What do you know about your family?" Nia asked.

“Not a damn thing. I was left at a church when I was 3.” Jamie said.

Nia's eyes spoke volumes. Jamie could see that she empathized with her. She had seen that look her entire life and had grown accustomed to it. Her whole life, people took pity on her because she grew up in an orphanage. But there was more sadness in Nia’s eyes. Nia reached over and patted Jamie's hand.

“Well,” Nia started, “Guess I should let you know then. You smell of Direwolf blood. It’s an ancient pack that hasn't been seen in over 30 years. They went underground after their alpha and all heirs were killed. No one has seen a dire or smelled dire blood since. The community thought the entire pack was annihilated. You are the first we have heard of. Decca said she could smell you were different at the top of the mountain. This was two months ago. No one believed her.”

“So, you're saying I’m a werewolf? If that so, how come I haven’t changed?”

“Your parents were Dire. It a good thing the left you, or you would be dead. There were talks of one heir who escaped with a child and had their blood hidden by powerful magic. It was told to us that the heir would awaken from a bite of a mate” Nia’s voice was soft as she spoke to Jamie, “It is said the then the heir would take their rightful place among the pack leaders.”

Jamie sat there and stared at Nia without speaking. She could believe what she was hearing. 33 years of trying to find out anything about herself, and it took having fantastic sex with a stranger to find out anything. Did Nia really expect her to believe that she may be a werewolf? Why wouldn't she believe anything after the night she had?

“You don’t believe me. The mark on your neck—it’s in the shape of a Crescent moon, correct? The mark of the Dire.” Nia moved her collar and showed a semicircle with a black spot on her shoulder, “I am of the Thunder wolf pack. The Dire, Thunder, and Timber were the original three packs until some of the Thunder and Timberwolf pack ran off and formed the Maned. Most believe that they are the ones who took out your pack.”

Jamie didn't know what to make of any of this. All she knew was that she felt upset and didn’t understand why, but she sat there listening to her. What was she supposed to think? A sudden urge to make sure Nia was ok overcame her. She looked around and saw a very tall woman stalking over towards them both. Her eyes were deep and wild. Jamie immediately got up and put herself between the towering woman and Nia. The woman stopped in front of her and glared at her and Nia.

“How dare you bring a human here,” she said, spitting the word out.

“I think you might want to make a better assessment,” Jamie said immediately before Nia could speak. She had no idea where this growing confidence came from, but it was intense. Jamie saw the woman's eye grow large. She looked around her to Nia.

“Yes, she is,” Nia said from behind Jamie, “And she has been…”

“Fucking Decca,” the tall woman said, shaking her head after she stepped closer, “did she know about her?”

“Yoo! I’m right here. Why is she talking about me like I'm not here?” Jamie was getting upset how dare this woman act like she wasn't there. She felt herself get increasingly angry and felt disrespected by this woman. The entire room stopped. It seemed like everyone stopped to pay attention to her. She heard a few low growls. Coming for around the room. Some stared at her in defiance, others started with worry. The energy that flowed through her right now was palatable. It felt like every part of her vibrated from it. She was drunk with it for a second. The woman seemed to reluctantly back down. Nia touched her arm lightly.

“Maybe we should leave and get you home. Your energy is strong, but I don't think you're physically strong enough yet to stop an attack.” Nia said almost in a pleading tone.

Jamie looked around and became aware of several people making their way toward her. Men and women both had their eyes trained on her. Nia gestured towards the door, but Jamie stood her ground. She didn’t want to leave. Jamie felt ready. She shot a glance over her shoulder and saw a pleading looking in Nia's eyes. Jamie stared down the tall woman in front of her. Slowly turned toward the door and walked toward it. She never once felt like she should feel afraid. She didn't know where this new-found confidence came from, but it wasn't forced. It seemed to come naturally. As she moved through the crowd of women and men, some stared her down, and others seemed to shy away. The room was electric. She could feel the intensity of everyone once she tuned into it. Waves of different feelings hit her at once. Jamie began to feel overwhelmed.

When they were outside, Jamie braced herself against the wall, trying to keep balance after the overwhelming feeling of everyone else energy made her dizzy. She shielded her eyes, waiting for them to adjust to the brightness. Jamie looked around and realized her apartment was a block away. She stared at the sign above the door, and it read VCR/DVD repair. Jamie rolled her eyes and chuckled. She passed this place almost every day with the same thought. Who would still have a VCR? It screamed fake storefront.

She turned and walked toward her apartment without saying anything to Nia. She didn’t know what else to say. She just found out that she is part of a race of werewolves. She has been marked by the heir of the Thunder wolf pack as a potential mate. She had prepared her whole life for news about her parents, but nothing prepared her for this. Nothing she could have done could have prepared her to find out that one or both of her parents were werewolves. As the thought passed through her mind, she couldn’t believe it.

Before she knew it, they were outside her apartment. She looked at Nia, and she was staring up at her window.


“It seems that your apartment has been covered.” Nia smiled.

“Do I even want to know?” Jamie smiled back and waved as she entered the apartment complex.

When Jamie walked into the apartment, she could tell she wasn't alone. She could feel she wasn't alone. Jamie stood still looking around in the dim light of the living room. She slowly scanned the place from where she stood watching for shadow. Then it hit her the strong smell of vanilla chai and hickory. She closed her eyes, inhaled deeply, and turned her head towards the bedroom door.

“I know you're here,” she said, walking toward her bedroom door. Anger rising with every step. She stilled herself and took a deep breath when she saw Decca sitting at her desk.

To be continued.....

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