The Adult Perspective with Nathan Bronson

A look into the world of Adult World with the help of Nathan Bronson

The Adult Perspective with Nathan Bronson
We all know what we are talking about

If the gif, wasn't what you had in mind, you'll love what we have for you. Today is an important message for many of you people with a little too much extra time on your hands who need to take time to understand that performers in the adult industry are people too. Although the subjects seems very taboo, I have very much to discuss about the matter.

People today, whether you are twenty-six loathing off your ex and decide to order off of Adult Premium Channels or you are thirteen and decide to take your laptop/cellphone with you to the restroom. This message today is one I want to make clear to the people you are lusting over for a short time to release sexual tension and fantasy, those people in the movies and video clips are people too with everyday lives. The main reason I bring this up is because it seems there is no respect for those performers.

On Thanksgiving day 2019, I was graced at dinner with the opinions of pornography by a viewer who watches on weekly basis. This particular viewer has words that would make anyone upset when you are tearing down a profession. the words they used were exactly "I go in for about good hour do what i go to do and get out. When i see these people on Instagram I immediately want to scroll past them because I have no use for them outside my Secret Browser Mode. It is honestly sick to look at them". When I heard this, it got me really upset. I know I really don't endorse myself in the pornography, but I know that those people are hard working citizens like the rest of us. To my surprise I found out a lot of people have similar ideals as the Thanksgiving goer did, which is really bizarre.

So in order for me to understand this, I needed to find a point i wanted to make. that point is stars in that world are not just objects. People have no right to judge or label them because of their profession or even be harsh towards the profession itself. It is an honest paying job, and the people who work in the industry are well aware of the thin line between Love, Sex, and Work. When making love you are having to show to your love for each other in one sense. To have sex, you are relieving yourself of tension and urges, whether you would make that a beautiful connection with the one you love or it would be connection within yourself and the reward being that you are getting payed for doing what you love.

Thankfully for me I got the chance to talk with someone who works in the Industry and is well aware how most people view the work. This was with help of Shana who runs the Official Teal Fan page, she let allowed me to log in and get the chance to find our Artist, so let's get down to it.

Armando Cervantes: So let's start with a little intro of who you are and what your favorite parts of the day you have?

"Hey, I am Nathan Bronson, I am in the adult industry. The favorite parts of my day are when I can knock out multiple things in a day. For example: Hitting the gym at 6;30, go home to stretch and talk with fans while getting ready for work. Hopefully I get to work with a scene partner that's a lot of fun, so we can have a good time. Also at some point I will cook myself food for the rest of the day and upload movie/videos for all the Fans".

Q. What inspired you to join the industry?

"It was more of a challenge for me. I had a lot of ex-girlfriend's from when I was in high school saying very bad things about my performance. So it was always kind of a goal to prove to myself that I could do a job like this".

Q. What challenges to performers (Beginner or Veteran) face?

"The Constant thing for me is mental game, because this job I am in puts me in spots that any normal person would say they could do but when you're actually there with cameras on you a paycheck is is waiting for at the end. It is good idea to know you are only as good as your last scene, which brings on the nerves. So I'll be able to slow down the heart rate and knowing all the things to keep your brain in the game. This is something you learn after being the business for a bit. A very true thing someone once told me when i first got in was "Keep ya D*ck up high".

Q. What are some major misconceptions people have about the industry, performers, and the films/scenes themselves.

"(1.) I have not met person that is sex trafficked/trafficking (2.) This job is a lot more complicated and tougher for men than most people would believe (3.) Most guys I know in the business are more like athletes for what they're able to accomplish on set and for how long".

Q. What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

"For me the most fulfilling part is the opportunity the job has given me. I have traveled more places since I got the job than I ever had without it. It as made very financially stable than when i was living in my car and the girls are kind of perk as well".

Q. You can agree that is possible to have a healthy relationship among performer(s)?

"It's totally possible, i have seen people do it. It just takes a lot of communication".

Q. Why do you think people with a routine of viewing porn only see the performers as objects?

" I think when fans or viewers have in their heads a fantasy by only seeing a person working online, they begin to disassociate them because they are now and only the objects fantasy (lust). And when they become that object, is very hard to remember that this is a real person that not at all like your fantasies. That would be my guess I am not a doctor I've just played one in movies, hopefully that makes sense".

Q. Whether or not you could go into full detail, but when performing certain 'Acts' have you ever been nervous to perform them or had gain the courage to do so?

"It really depends on the day and the scene. I know some guys are better in certain scenes than others do. For me it really depends on the crew and people I work with, so particularly the girl you work with and your mental health for the day".

Q. Do you establish strong friendship industry whether it be between a scene partner, a director, or crew member?

"I have made a couple of solid friendships in this industry. But you always must remember this job is competitive so you need to watch who you keep close to you".

Q. This might sound corny, but are there any certain performers that you admire who are veterans or still working?

"Anyone who is able to stay in this job for a long time, I salute to them. Nina Hartley will always be one of my favorite people for the knowledge she has brought to the table with her performances. Cherie DeVille & Angela White blow me away every time we work together because they have a way of making you like you are the only person on this planet that matters to the, and as a person who works a lot that can be very hard to do. The list goes on and on, I could name people off all day".

Q. Do you feel that within the past twenty to ten years the industry has changed?

"I have only been here for about four years, but I have heard there have been many changes within the industry, starting with how much money we make due to all the tube sites".

Q. Can you tell us of any funny or hilarious things that have happened or anything making you want to laugh during, before, or after performing?

"Yeah there's a ton of things that almost made me die laughing on set, because we were trying to hold a serious face and someone says something very dumb that's in the dialogue it will make you piss yourself laughing".

From this interview my respect for Adult Film Stars is only higher than it could ever be. They are much like you and I, working citizens giving doing a job whether it is at it's best or beyond. Taking a check home and making sure they are well taken care. They have hopes and dreams, they should never be treated like pariahs. And in a way I do find them as role models that I myself, and even the youth beneath me can look up to. There are tons of aspects no one really think about, because they have a one judgement set in their minds. Theses performers are indeed artist, yes they job consist of bringing pleasure to world in a lustful way, but at the end of the day they are giving back. If you think about the people, young adults, or curious adolescents, how else would a person learn to do things that will bring a healthy private life in the bedroom between partners? In a way it gives people a chance to escape and grow from what they view, what they learn, and when talking with professionals you get a better understanding when it comes to your sexual health.

Nathan also agrees with me and had this to say; "I totally agree. There's certain levels of performances that we all have have to bring to the table, some more than others. I think that is what keeps making this job interesting for me. I get to play a role every day, pretending to be a different person and change each role different from the last making this job quite exciting". Good words coming from someone who loves his fans and his job, a person who gets to wake and go to work loving what they do.

Before Bronson finished the interview he wanted to leave on this note; "To all the fans out there if you meet a performer on the street, treat them with a dignity. We do this job not only because it is fun, but because we get to explore are own sexuality. So don't ever expect anything from us and remember a please and thank you goes a long. Remember what your mama taught you". These are some exceptional words from someone with a heart of gold. Not only was i thankful for Nathan giving me him his time, but it was an honor. I am not really one to watch adult films, but if i come across him on laptop one day when i am bored and single, you can bet i will be cheering him on and pray he wins the AVN's because he has been nominated, and I can say with his bedroom eyes he will win.

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