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The 10 O'clock Knock

by Zeddicus Zane 5 months ago in erotic
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An Unexpected Bi-curious Adventure

The 10 O'clock Knock
Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

It’s 10 0’clock, and there’s a knock

He checks and its Jessica and her flock

But there’s something terribly wrong

This one here has a massive dong

“Jessica, What did you drag me in to?

One dick was good, but now we have two?”

He supposes its not really gay in a 3-way

So He guesses they can still fuck and play

3 girls and 2 guys, man what a surprise

But he does have really pretty eyes

Fuck. He looked into his eyes and got Princed

He hopes this doesn’t become a gay instance

So as he tries to figure all this shit out,

He begins pouring everyone some stout

Then He gets right to the good good.

He grabs Sky’s hand where she stood

And began to lead them to the room

They soon realize that he is Dr. Doom

AJ (the other dick) stops and rapidly freaks

So he conveys that pleasure is what he seeks

Standing behind Sky with his hands low

He presses his lips on her neck and blows

As chills go down her back to her toes

He bites into her shoulder, and she knows

The alpha male is marking his territory

Lustful thoughts make her feel whorey,

“Just let it happen”, weirdly soothes her

He turns to see that Nicole’s already giving head

He thinks that's weird. She usually prefers the bed

To each their own he guesses, but whatever

Then it happens. He got Princed AGAIN.

Aj is lustfully eyeing him… and it begins.

Knowing that shit is about to get very real

He decides to strike a manhood saving deal

Letting him slip in Sky’s back door is the way

Because then its not gay if its in a 3-way

While Sky’s holes are getting a good beating

He catches Nicole’s pussy, Jessica is now eating

With Sky recovering, he pulls out whips and chains

Jessica and Nicole are about to feel some pains

With the girls chained and Cuffed

He prepares them to get double stuffed

He lies down for Jessica to get on top

AJ walks up there is this stabbing pop

What. The. Fuck. Just happened here

Did AJ just do the thing he fucking fears?

The pain shoots to his neck and toes

He already knows how this shit goes

As Aj begins to slide out his magic stick

He grunt, "Wait! I kinda like that fat dick"

This drives Jessica crazy as she rides

But now Aj is taking huge strides

He never knew that it hurt so good

Its not bad being fucked by a dude

Sky comes over to steal a kiss,

But the jealous Jessica forces a miss

So she gives Jessica some tongue instead

While he pulls her hair to tilt her little head

This puts Nicole in an awkward position

But the Girl needs some body friction

So she goes behind Aj to get her some

Nicole’s proximity causes Jessica to cum

This causes him to release his load

Which also makes AJ forcefully explode

This not how he saw this all going

But he admits, its not totally blowing

He grins as he gracefully pulls a sneaky trick

But she eagerly urges him for the dick

So being quick on his feet, he makes her roll

He push her head down as he readies his pole

As he pushes his dick in her soaked slit

he wets his thumb with some of his spit

Together, he slide them in, to her surprise

And her ass begins to slowly rise

He alternates thumb and dick pushes

As her moans grow there are no shushes

With his free hand he gives her a smack

But then returns it to her arched back

He pushes down as he goes in balls deep

Her back is now curved really steep

He knows she is getting really close

So He speeds up the dickly dose

She screams out “Fuuuuck meeee”

As she hits an orgasm spree

When she falls to the bed,

He pulls out and his jiz is spread

Covering her back with his seed

She gives thanks to the noble steed


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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