Thanking My Hero

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Thank You Fireman Dan

Thanking My Hero
I’m here for that drink

I’m dreaming, in my dream I’m sitting next to a bon fire, I can hear it crackle and feel the heat, I can even smell the smoke. Suddenly, my subconscious recognizes that this is not a dream. I bolt up in bed, immediately coughing, the room is full of smoke and I realize my house is on fire.

Suddenly my bedroom door bursts open, I see the silhouette of a fireman. I collapse back on the bed, half in relief, half in exhaustion from the smoke. He puts one arm around my neck and slides the other between my legs to pick me up in a fireman’s hold.

Typically, I at least get a drink from a man before he gets between my legs... since you’re saving me, I’ll let you get away with it.” I say giggling before I pass out in your arms.

You carry me down the stairs and out of the house to the waiting ambulance.

The next morning, when I wake up in the hospital, I notice a bouquet of flowers next to my bed. They are beautiful, I grab the card and open it... the card reads...

I guess I owe you a drink. You can come collect at the fire station when you’ve recovered... Dan, your friendly neighborhood fireman.”

A smile spreads across my face and I giggle as I remember teasing you when you were saving me. I’m released from the hospital about 5:00, I head directly to the fire station.

Hi, I’m looking for Dan.” I say to the first person I see.

He’s in the back, sleeping quarters, maybe in the shower I think.” He replies.

Thank you.” I say as I head off down the hall.

How brazen am I going to be? I wonder as I walk past the sleeping quarters towards the bathroom; I can hear the shower running. Taking a deep breath I slowly turn the knob, step into the bathroom and shut the door quietly behind me. I silently take my clothes off, take a deep breath and step into the shower behind you.

You turn around in surprise and a smile spread across your face.

I’m here for that drink.”

Putting your hands on my cheeks, you smother my lips with a kiss. You run your hands down my body stopping at my hips, you yank me into you. The warm water washes over me. I feel your cock growing and pressing into my abdomen. I press into you in response, rubbing my breasts against your chest, my little pink nipples harden against you.

You bend your knee, forcing it between my legs, and press up against my pussy. I immediately begin to buck on your leg, rubbing my clit back and forth quickly on your thigh as I pull in closer to you. Wrapping my arms around you I ride your leg and lean in for a kiss. When your tongue darts into my mouth, I shudder as I begin to cum, body shaking, moaning loudly, my juices flow onto your thigh.

Grabbing my waist, you pick me up and push my back against the shower wall. I wrap my legs around your waist and you guide your cock into my throbbing pussy. The water falls between us, my head and upper back against the wall, you holding my hips, leaning back so you can watch as your cock slides in and out of me.

Pushing off your shoulders we quickly find a rhythm. Your cock hits deep inside of me, bottoming out you feel my cervix wiggling against your head. My legs are tight enough around you that you let go with one hand, using your thumb you rub circles on my clit as I bounce and you thrust in and out of me. I close my eyes, start rolling my head back and forth against the wall

I moan out loudly “Oh... God... please don’t stop, don’t stop.” You rub and fuck me to orgasm.

Before my body has a chance to recoup, you pull out, set me down, spin me around so I’m facing the water, and push my back down until I have a hand on each side of the tub... bent over in front of you, waiting, I push back into you. You grab my hips and plunge your cock into me. With every thrust I push back against you and moan.

Harder Dan, harder... yes please fuck me harder.”

You plow your cock into me over and over. Your groin slaps against my ass with a loud smack with each thrust. Between the moans and cries of pleasure, we hear a knock at the door...

You almost done in there man?”

To which you reply in a guttural moan, “Yes, yes... oh God... YES!!!!

You thrust into me one last time, shooting your seed deep inside me, your knees shake and almost give out, your body convulses, you throw your head back with a big “Aahhhh” and shake off the last of the quakes before you pull out.

We spend a few minutes in the shower helping each other get cleaned up. We turn off the water, I step out and you wrap me in a towel.

Thank you for your service, Dan. Thank you for saving me. Maybe next time we can get that drink and you can show me your fire truck.”

You stop drying off for a second, lean over, kiss me and say,

You’re very welcome. I’d be happy to show you my truck.”

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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