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Tastes of Venus

by Zeddicus Zane 2 months ago in erotic
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How He Gave Her the Big "O" Orally

Tastes of Venus
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

He softly kisses her ruby red lips

Then kisses down to her hips

Spreading her legs wide apart

And causing skips in her heart

Her back arches as his head dips

He gently rubs her tender clit

As his tongue enters her slit

Moans of ecstasy ring out

Removing her fear and doubt

That he really knew his shit.

She thought him to brag and tout

But he gave her a thorough workout

Using only his mouth and fingers

To the edge, he did bring her

Then his fingers he did pull out

He puts his fingers inside her mouth

To taste the waters from down south

Her own juices make her more wet

As she enjoys the tastes she does get

And begs for more clit in his mouth

He rolls her over so her ass is up

Like whiskey shots, it's bottom up

His hands spreading her ass wide

So he can get his whole mouth inside

And begins to drink from her cup

As her louder moans escape

She revokes her "red tape"

With her inhibitions gone

She becomes his little pawn

And offers all her curved shape

To the edge again, but he brings her back

And gives her ass and really hard smack

He stops all the licking and sucking

As she begs for really hard fucking

So he flips her and puts her on her back

Her pulse racing and body hot

As his fingers go for her g-spot

He sucks on her swollen clit

Her g-spot he has finally hit

Around his head, her legs go taut

His free hand grabs her inner thigh

She lets out and very audible sigh

And releases her thick legs from him

As he sucks clit, fingers trace the rim

Then into her starfish, fat fingers pry

With two in the stink, her feet push

And raise up her, now penetrated, tush

His nails dig into her thighs and heave

Into a frenzy, her pussy he begins to reave

Devouring it to make up for the ass ambush

Again at the edge of the infamous big O

His mouth changes to the speed of slow

The he stops and puts her on her knees

His cock and balls... she reaches for these

And all the way down her mouth goes

As she sucks like vacuum that's clogged

Her dripping pussy has sheets waterlogged

One hand precedes her mouth in strokes

The other cupping and holding his yokes

In her pursuit to drain him, she was dogged

His hands in her hair to control her speed

He keeps her from sucking out his seed

As he gets close, he pulls her long hair

And brings her back up for fresh air

He prepares her for the orgasmic deed

Back on the bed he spreads her wide

And his mouth reenters her great divide

Her clit, tender, swollen, and throbbing

To his cadence, her head is now bobbing

And back in her pussy, his fingers slide

He pauses briefly to look up and growl

"Be a good girl, and cum for me now"

The thought of being his good girl

Triggers all the orgasms to unfurl

And she begins scream and howl

The orgasms come in soft but chained

But their moment was rapidly gained

Her hands squeezing the shit out of him

As she is shaking from every single limb

But the orgasms are still being sustained

Finally reaching the big "O", she releases

Leaving her broken, tired and speechless

He kisses her lips so she can taste

Her sweet juices on his lips were laced

She enjoys all of her Venus sweetness


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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