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Taken by Lesbians

by Bam Kizbee 2 months ago in fiction
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An erotic story

Patsy gave Dora a big smooch on the lips and pushed her onto the couch.

“So what do you think, built-in bookshelves floor to ceiling? Steampunk style with wood and metal?”

Dora nodded. “Yes! Let’s do it. It’ll be the perfect birthday gift.” She’d been wanting a bookcase in the living room for a few years now but Patsy had always been too busy.

Patsy laughed. “Oh, I have something more exciting planned for your 35th.”

This interested Dora and she perked up. “You do?”

“I do. It involves lots of sex and pussy licking.”

“Oh, now I’m interested.”

Patsy plopped herself down on the couch and snuggled into Dora’s shoulder. “First, we need to get these shelves done. I’ve got three days off work and motivation. I say we take a little trip to the hardware store today and get all the materials.”

Dora opened her legs, reached down and rubbed herself a little. “But you got me all worked up, now.”

Patsy stood and took a tape measure off the coffee table. When she was ready to start a project she became intensely focused and determined. Not even sex would distract her. She measured the space on the wall where she intended to build the bookcase.

“For real though,” she asked, “what do you want for your birthday?”

“Besides a builtin bookcase and lots of sex? I can’t think of anything.”

Dora went to hold the other end of the tape measure.

“Do you want to do something new and exciting, sexually?” Patsy asked.

“Like what?”

Patsy scribbled measurements in a small notepad. She was always very prepared like that.

“Well,” said Dora, “I have really been enjoying the strap lately. Maybe some of that, real hard and dirty?” She rubbed herself again. All this talk was really getting her worked up. She didn’t want to have to wait three days before they got it on.

“I’m gonna need to hit the gym then,” Patsy laughed. “My stamina isn’t what it used to be. You might have to wait until after your actual birthday for that.”

“I can wait,” said Dora. She was disappointed, but after 7 years together she knew it was all about compromise.

“Or,” said Patsy, “we could get you some real dick.”

Dora laughed. She hadn’t been with a man in ages, since she was a teenager. And even then there were only 3 lucky boys she experimented with before admitting she preferred pussy and women. She did like the penetration, but the strap would suit her fine.

“I’m not switching teams just to get penetrated. Totally not worth it.”

Patsy shrugged. “We could ask Dana to join us. They have a penis.”

Dora thought about this. Dana was nice but unfortunately was also a good friend. She didn’t want to ruin any friendships. “Too complicated,” she told her girlfriend. “It needs to be a stranger. And I don’t want them touching on me or kissing me or telling me what they want.”

“You just want to be fucked.”

“I do.”

Patsy came over and held Dora’s hand. “So how about a sex club? I’m sure we could find a party online somewhere.”

They’d been to a few parties in the past, mostly to watch, which was Patsy’s kink. She loved porn, parties and any kind of voyeurism. But she also only loved women. She’d never been with a man or anyone with a penis and Dora was surprised to hear her mention this new idea.

“We’re not going to find a stranger that doesn’t want to touch or kiss or get their needs met. So not at a sex party.”

“Guess we’re just going to have to secretly capture someone with a cock for you, then.”

They laughed. But the more Dora thought about it, it didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Patsy led the way around the hardware store, filling up their cart with wood and plumbing fittings and black pipe. Normally, they would go to Home Depot where there were more options, but it was a longer trip than Patsy wanted to take. She was anxious to get started on the bookcase.

They examined the chain in aisle 14, wondering if adding silver metal was going to ruin the look. While comparing links, a young man with a short, spiky haircut approached them. He wore a store name badge and work boots.

“Hello, ladies.”

Dora smiled. Patsy nodded. Neither engaged.

“Looks like you’ve got quite the project going on there,” he said, pointing to the supplies in their carriage. “Do you need any help?

“Not today, thank you.” Patsy returned her attention to the chain. She had the project all laid out in her mind and didn't want anyone else’s input.

“OK then. If you do, my name is Kurt.”

“Thanks, Kurt,” said Dora, watching him walk away. There was something about his stride that intrigued her.

“I don’t think the chain is going to look right. We need to stick with wood and black metal.” Patsy took the cart and started pushing.

“I wonder if he has stamina,” Dora said, referring to the helpful worker.

“Wait, what? The guy that just talked to us? You’re thinking about him. You’re really stuck on this snatching-a-man thing, aren’t you?”

“If they consent it's not kidnapping.”

An older guy in a dirty uniform came down the aisle. “You could steal me away from here.”

Patsy rolled her eyes. “We only take people that don’t know we’re going to take them. Since you overheard our devious plan, it would be a threesome. And we’re lesbians so we’re not interested in that.”

Dora waited to see his reaction. Sometimes Patsy could be quite blunt.

“Well, if you change your mind,” the old man said, “I work at the Brickyard.”

“We won’t,” said Patsy. And she meant it.

When he turned the corner at the end of the aisle, Patsy pushed the cart forward. She stopped and looked at Dora. “You weren’t interested in that, right?”

“God, no. Remember, I don’t want anyone touching on me. He almost grabbed my ass just now.”

Patsy stepped closer to her girlfriend and whispered, “but maybe he had a nice, hard cock.”

“That’s a pass.”

They continued down the aisle, all their supplies gathered.

At the register, the man with the spiky hair checked them out. “Find everything you were looking for?”

Dora took out her wallet. “We did.”

As she was paying, Mr. Brickyard passed behind them and said, “Good luck building your dungeon, ladies.”

Kurt handed Dora the receipt and acted as if he hadn’t heard the comment.

Patsy put the bag of plumbing fittings back into their cart. She leaned over the counter and looked right into Kurt’s eyes and said, “Our safe word is ‘horticulture.’”

Dora playfully punched her girlfriend on the arm.

“Unless you’re gagged,” Patsy added. “Then just do this.” Patsy held up a fist with her thumb tucked under, then opened her hand and waved goodbye.

The bookcase was coming along nicely. They didn’t even have to go back to the hardware store for more supplies, Patsy was so prepared. Though Dora wouldn’t have minded going back. Ever since they’d left she’d been thinking about Kurt, the man that had helped him. His spiky haircut was almost identical to Patsy’s. And he was fit, but not overly muscular or masculine. There was only one major difference between them. He had a cock. One that she could ride for hours, that could probably fuck her hard and long like she wanted. She hadn’t said anything to Patsy yet because she wasn’t sure how serious she had been about the birthday surprise.

“You’re deep in thought,” Patsy said, coming up behind Dora and nibbling her neck. “Are you imagining the bookcase finished and filled with your sci-fi books?”

Dora turned and kissed her girlfriend hard. How could she be thinking about having sex with a man when she had the perfect partner right here with her? They kissed and Patsy stroked Dora's ass. She gave it a good squeeze and pressed herself into her. One hand came around the front and stroked the inside of her thighs. Dora moaned.

“Do you want the strap now?” Patsy asked.

“God, yes,” Dora replied. She felt the walls of her vagina pulsing, wanting to grip on something.

“Or do you want a hot, fleshy organ?”

Dora pulled away. “I’m not sure how I feel about that description.” She laughed. “But I wouldn’t mind if you kept kissing me while someone fucked me from behind.

“Then we need to talk about this plan some more.”

Patsy pulled away and put her hands on her hips. She was serious. She paced the living room, deep in thought. Dora was too excited to stop her. She would wait to see what she had to say. She always had good plans.

“What about Kurt, for real?” asked Patsy. “He was polite. Clean. Didn’t flinch when I mentioned safe-words.”

Dora’s heart raced. The thought had definitely crossed her mind. Maybe Patsy could really make this happen. “I would take Kurt’s cock. Yes, I would.”

More pacing. Thinking. Planning. Patsy took out her notebook.

“Here’s what we have to do. We have to find out his usual routine, make sure there are no partners or kids involved. See where he lives and learn a little more about him.”

All Dora could do was nod. She loved this idea.

“Let’s go to the hardware store,” Patsy said.

“Why? I thought you didn’t need any more supplies.”

“I don’t. Let’s go stalk your cock.”

In the parking lot at the hardware store Patsy made notes in her notebook. They’d been sitting there for 30 minutes, since the store closed. They were waiting for Kurt to get off shift so they could stalk him. Dora still couldn’t believe they were doing this. She loved her girlfriend for being open to anything. What an adventure.

Two employees came out of the back door just then and headed for the lot. They split and Kurt walked to his truck. Patsy jotted down the description of the vehicle in her notebook. She had already written the time and date like a detective.

“Follow him,” Patsy instructed.

Dora waited for him to start his vehicle and back out, then she started their minivan and pulled up behind him. There was no reason to worry that he would spot them. He wouldn’t suspect he was being followed. That would be crazy. And two women in their 30's weren’t exactly threatening to a young man.

They drove behind him for ten minutes, until he turned down a side street (which Patsy dutifully wrote down in her notebook). He pulled into the driveway of a small ranch and Dora kept driving by. They continued down the street and eventually she pulled over at a spot where there were no houses. They exited the vehicle and walked quickly down the road back up to his house. Dora wasn’t sure what they were going to do when they got there, but she trusted her girlfriend.

Patsy whispered, “Let’s sneak around back so no one can see us from the road.”

They cut through a neighbor’s yard and around the back of the house they’d seen Kurt go into. Dora hoped it was his house and that he wasn’t living with his parents or a wife. She wanted a cock, but didn’t want strings.

Around the back they were pleased to see two windows into the house that were lit up. One was a view into a living room and the other a bathroom. Neither had curtains or shades pulled so it was a voyeur’s dream. Inside, Kurt sat on the couch with the TV on. He typed on a laptop at the same time, multitasking. As they got closer to the window Dora could see that he was watching porn on the computer, with football on the TV. Obviously, if he was watching porn there was no one else home and she felt some relief. She strained to see what was on the small screen and to see what his body looked like, but the couch was in the way. She could tell by the way he rested his head back every few minutes and the motion of his upper arm that he was jerking off.

Patsy whispered in her ear. “Are you turned on?”

Dora shook her head. She wasn’t. But she was excited. What they were doing was probably illegal and they’d get in trouble if they got caught. And if for some reason he turned his head and saw their eyes in the window, who knows what would happen.

He got up from the couch then went into the other room. His erection popped underneath his boxers. He hadn’t come yet; he was just taking a break. To Dora, this was reassuring. He had some stamina and liked to draw it out.

When he returned to the couch they watched him for another 15 minutes before he came. It didn’t seem right to watch him clean up in the bathroom so they scurried back to the street then.

“So what do you think?” Patsy asked as they made their way back to their car.

“I think we should take him!” Dora joked. “He seems harmless and like he’d probably enjoy it.”

“Did you notice what he was watching on his computer?”

“My eyes aren’t that good,” Dora said. She should’ve brought her glasses but this was her first time stalking and it hadn’t occurred to her.

“Girl on girl.”

“Well, that’s a good sign, right?” Dora asked.

“It is,” Patsy said. “I don’t think he’ll put up much of a fight.”

Patsy had it all planned out. She’d gone to the hardware store and bought duct tape, zip ties and bungee cords. And she’d found out Kurt’s schedule from his boss while she was there. Now it was six o’clock and they were waiting next to Kurt’s truck in the parking lot, ready to execute their plan. They’d taken the minivan and removed the seats from the back. Patsy was in the driver’s seat and Dora sat beside her, checking the store’s back door in the mirror.

When Kurt came out, she straightened in her seat and fluffed her curly hair. She rolled down her window and waited.

Kurt went straight towards his truck and took out his keys. When he got close enough, Dora stuck her head out the window.

“Hey stranger,” she said. “Remember me?”

Startled, Kurt walked closer to her. “Oh, hi. Store’s closed now.”

Patsy had exited the van and walked around to the passenger side. She came up behind Kurt.

“We know,” she said. She opened the sliding door to the van.

“Do you have plans tonight, honey?” Dora asked.

Kurt looked around the parking lot. Dora hoped he wasn’t getting suspicious.

“Not yet.”

“Well you do now,” Patsy said.

And with that she pushed him into the van.

“What the…?” Kurt sat on the floor, confused. Patsy climbed in and grabbed a piece of duct tape that she had cut off and stuck to the seat in preparation. She straddled him and pressed the tape over his mouth. He attempted to push her off of him, but Patsy was strong and ready. When he leaned forward, she reached around behind him and put the zip ties on his hands. Then she got right in his face and placed a finger over her mouth.

“Shh. We’re not going to hurt you. You’ll like this.”

That seemed to quiet him down.

Before she left the back of the van she lifted her shirt up and flashed him her tits. Patsy had great tits with big, full nipples. She slammed the door shut and made her way to the driver’s seat.

Dora watched their victim. He wasn’t struggling, but seemed unsettled.

“Horticulture?” she asked, just in case.

Kurt shook his head.

Patsy sat and started the van.

“Let’s go,” Dora said, buckling herself in.

When they opened the sliding door he scooted himself to the edge and got out of the van without prodding. Still, Dora grabbed his shirt and led him into their place. He was hers for the night and she wanted him to know that.

Inside, they told him to sit on the couch. Still taped and tied, he did as he was told. Patsy undid his belt and pulled his jeans off. Dora watched and got a kick out of her girlfriend undressing a man. She left his boxers on.

Patsy kicked his pants out of the way then went over to Dora, embraced her and gave her a long, hard kiss. “Happy Birthday, baby.”

Dora put her hands under Patsy’s shirt. “Thanks, love.”

She slipped the shirt over her head and turned to see what Kurt thought of their show. Patsy rarely wore a bra and her breasts were on full display. Kurt’s eyes were wide and focused. Yes, he was enjoying himself.

Dora turned back to her girlfriend and kissed her again, letting her hands explore her breasts and play with her nipples. Every tug she gave them sent a pulse through her pussy. She couldn’t wait to have something inside her.

Patsy knew this and in between kisses bent down to pull Dora’s pants off. Dora stepped out of them. Patsy kissed her again and brushed her hand on the outside of her underwear. Dora ached to have her hand inside the fabric. When Patsy finally bent down to take Dora’s panties off, Dora let out a moan. She stepped out of her underwear and Patsy threw them at the couch. Neither looked to see if they’d landed on Kurt. Kurt didn’t really matter to them at that moment.

Patsy brought her fingers to Dora’s inner thighs and scratched lightly. This drove Dora nuts. She continued to scratch and lightly touch all the spots around Dora’s clit, until she knew it was ready. Then she began to circle it with the gentlest of strokes.

“Are you wet, baby?” Patsy asked.

Dora nodded her head. She couldn’t have spoken if she wanted to.

Patsy put one finger inside her girlfriend. “Oh yeah, you are.”

She moved her finger slowly in and out, spreading the wetness to her lips. Then she went back to circling Dora’s clit. The slick juices provided the perfect amount of friction and Dora began to swell. Patsy continued this way, dipping her finger in and out for wetness, then circling to bring pleasure to Dora, until Dora reached down and pressed her head into her pussy. She wanted her tongue. Patsy gladly obliged, stuck it out and gave one slow lick from Dora’s opening up to her clit. She kept her finger inside, moving, while she licked. Dora kept her hands on Patsy’s head to control the pressure and pace. All the time, her eyes were closed. She wanted to come and the best way to do that was to focus on the sensation. Patsy didn’t stop until she felt the walls of Dora’s pussy close in on her and felt the hands press against the back of her head. She stopped licking and let her face provide the pressure until Dora’s clit stopped pulsing. She didn’t dare remove her fingers, though.

Patsy looked up at Dora, who had opened her eyes and was staring at Kurt on the couch. Kurt’s cock was poking through his boxers, hard and ready. Patsy turned to see.

“Oh,” she said. “You’re wanting some fucking now, aren’t you?”

Dora nodded.

Patsy removed her wet fingers from her girlfriend and held her hand. She led her over to the couch. Dora climbed right onto Kurt’s lap and slipped his cock inside her. She threw her head back with pleasure. It felt so good. She held onto his shoulders and looked down at him. He returned her gaze but she couldn’t tell if he was smiling because of the duct tape. That was fine. She didn’t need to see him smile or hear him talk. All she cared about was that he was filling her up. And with his hands still tied behind his back, she was free to ride him any way she wanted.

Patsy came behind her and played with her breasts under her shirt. Kurt probably wanted them to remove the shirt so he could feel boobs against him, so he could see them bouncing. But Patsy didn’t want to share. Dora’s tits were hers and she was going to hold them while her girlfriend rode the man on their couch.

Dora was swollen and aroused and with Patsy holding her tits and nibbling her neck. She rode him for 20 minutes, varying her speed and intensity, bringing herself to the edge and then pulling away. Eventually, she was able to come again with the perfectly hard cock inside her. She shivered and clamped down on it when she came, then quickly got off.

“Don’t you come yet,” she told Kurt. “We’ve got more planned for you.”

Patsy helped Dora off his lap and they both stood in front of him.

“You’re going to come again?” Patsy asked. Two orgasms were usually Dora’s limit.

“No,” Dora said. “But you are.”

Dora kissed from Patsy’s neck down to her tits, hitting every inch of skin on the way. She continued to her stomach and licked the area above her pants.

“Take them off and show Kurt what he’s missing,” Dora said.

Patsy unzipped her pants and shimmied out of them. She stood naked in front of her girlfriend and the man on the couch. Dora kissed her hip bones and spun her around to kiss the cheeks of her ass. She held her hands on Patsy’s hips and squeezed tight. She couldn’t wait for her to experience what was coming next.

Dora stood and fingered her girlfriend with one hand, and played with her nipples with the other. She kissed her back as she did this and did not stop until she felt Patsy’s pussy getting wet. Patsy could come from penetration so Dora was anxious to get her on the cock.

“Lay down on the floor,” Dora told Kurt.

Kurt did his best to scoot from the couch to the floor. He laid flat on his back, with his erection on full display. Dora straddled his stomach with her ass towards his face, and motioned to her girlfriend.

“Come on down and get on this thing.”

Patsy straddled the body and kissed her girlfriend, who lowered her slowly onto the penis. Patsy moaned when she enveloped it. They sat facing each other and made out. Patsy began to move up and down, holding onto Dora for support. Dora held her close and moved her hands down to her ass to squeeze while she rode. When she felt Patsy building tension and getting close, she gripped her ass tighter and helped her move. Patsy inhaled deeply, held her breath, moved her hips and came. She rolled off and moved to the couch. Dora followed her and pressed her hand against Patsy’s pussy, helping her come down from the orgasm. They made out and held each other.

When the bliss had settled, Dora looked down at the floor. Kurt had rolled onto his side, but still had a nice hard-on. It seemed a pity to waste it.

“I think I can go again,” Dora said.

“Really?” Patsy asked. “You want me to lick you again?”

“No. I’m just going to have Kurt fuck me with that cock for a while.”

“OK,” said Patsy. “Let me watch.”

Dora got down off the couch and knelt on all fours. She displayed her ass, ready.

Kurt took the hint and got on his knees behind her. Dora guided him into her still wet pussy and pressed against him. Her pussy contracted, happy to have something inside it again.

Dora moved against him, determining the pace of their thrusting, and moaned loudly. All this turned Patsy on and she had to get on the floor to join them. She found the perfect place lying on her back with her legs spread so that Dora’s mouth could lick her. In between moans and thrusts, Dora’s tongue flicked on Patsy’s lips, teased her clit.

“We’re slowing down now,” she said, directed to Kurt. He slowed and basically just kept his cock inside Dora while she licked her girlfriend. Every once in a while Dora would press back and fill herself. But she focused on making Patsy come before she picked up the pace and bucked her ass against the cock inside her.

Kurt moaned and Dora quickly moved away, leaving him throbbing and without a pussy. She didn’t want him coming inside her. Instead, she took Patsy’s jackknife off the coffee table and undid the zip ties. Kurt immediately shook his hands free and stroked himself. It only took four strokes before he came into his hand, a loud moan coming from behind the tape. Dora and Patsy watched and laughed. They’d done that.

Patsy stood and helped her girlfriend up. She held her hand and they started to walk to the bathroom.

“You can let yourself out,” Patsy said.

Kurt nodded. With his hands now free, he picked up his clothes. He didn’t remove the tape.


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Bam Kizbee

I enjoy writing literary and erotic fiction, poetry, scripts and imaginary letters that explore power dynamics, BDSM, female superiority, FLR, feminism, peace, tolerance and politics. Subscribe and Follow.

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