Sunday Footie

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Early kit off

Sunday Footie

I played Sunday football for a women’s league and I have been told I am one of the best in our league. I had been playing in the first half on this Sunday, but I had been injured just before half-time. The coach had checked me over and decided I shouldn’t continue in the second half as we had a cup match the following weekend and he wanted me fit for that game. This meant an early bath for me. I returned to the changing room and got in the shower. I was busy washing my hair when I heard movement behind me. As I turned, my blood boiled, the bitch who had injured me with a rough sliding tackle was standing behind me. I kept my cool and resumed washing my long hair. Next thing I knew she was stood in the next shower along. I turned my back to her, not wanting another confrontation with her as my coach would be pissed if I did. Suddenly, I was slammed into the wall. I tried to push back to get her off, but my hands were soapy and had no grip. She pushed her full weight into me, and I was unable to shake her. She told me to settle down and listen to her. I calmed myself and went quiet. I could feel her hands on my back and naked crotch level with my butt. I was uncomfortable with the situation but thought if I didn’t fight back, she would leave me alone. She leant into me and spoke quietly into my ear. She told me that she was glad that she hadn’t hurt me to much but that the coach would want to keep me fit for the next weekend and send me back to the changing rooms. This is why she had got herself sent off so she could join me here and know we would have time before the rest of the teams showed up.

I was confused until she gently kissed my neck, I did not know how to respond. Nothing like this had ever happened, not even when I had been out drinking at the weekends. I sort of froze on the spot, and she took this as a sign to continue. She moved my long hair over to one side and nibbled my ear. She allowed the water to cascade down my body and rinse the shampoo out. Her hands went to my head as she started to massage my scalp and get all the suds out. She then told me that she had fancied me for years but had never been able to get me alone. The feeling of her washing my hair, relaxed me so much that I gently pushed my butt out towards her. I don’t know if I meant to do it or if it was subconsciously, but it seemed to make her ease off me. I tried to turn around, but she stopped me. Her hands left my hair and slid down my shoulders and arms then over my round behind. She cupped my cheeks and lifted slightly, then let go and watched my bum bounce back into place. An appreciative sound escaped her, and I was startled when I felt her hand between my legs. She rubbed between there and my arse cheeks for a minute or two before slipping a finger inside me. I clenched as she did so as it was so unexpected. She paused until I had relaxed again then began to work her finger into me. My legs parted slightly allowing her more access and her other hand snaked round my waist and up to my breast. She held it in her hand for a few seconds before gently running her palm over my nipple. It hardened immediately and she pinched it. She then did the same to the other one. At this point she added another finger to my pussy and had started to slowly piston them into me.

She nibbled down the back of my neck and began planting light kisses over my shoulders. The water was still pouring over us and soon all the shampoo had cleared my body. She removed her fingers and bent to pick up a bottle of shower gel, squirting a large dollop onto her hand. She moved in circular motions across my shoulders and back to my breasts. The bubbles were forming quickly, and it got very slippery. For what she had planned, this worked well in her favour. She soaped up my back and chest before working her way back down to my bum and pussy. She found my clit and used the soap as a lube. She rubbed the little button gently and I could feel the warmth flood my pussy. My hands arose to try and get a grip on a surface but everything I touched was covered in bubbles. She played with my clit until my first orgasm washed over me. She detached the head of the shower and rinsed my back clear of the soap, then bent down to part my cheeks further. Her head was between my legs in seconds and I felt her mouth latch on over my clit. I could feel her tongue moving back and forth over my bud then it was between the folds of my sex. She darted her tongue in and out of my tight little hole and slid a finger into my arse whilst she was there. She started fingering my bum, slowly gaining speed as she sucked on my clit. It was more than I could stand, and I pushed back from the wall knocking her over. As she laid exposed on the floor, I dived down and took a handful of breast in one hand and a mouthful in the other. My leg was between hers, and she began rubbing herself on it. I released her breast from my mouth and leant down to kiss her. Her lips parted as I kissed her deeply and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I swirled it around and was met by similar actions from hers. She grabbed my arse and pulled me into her so the pressure on her own clit was harder. I couldn’t get enough of her and I pulled away from the kiss and slid down her body until my head was between her legs. I delved into the folds of her sex with fervour and was met by a flood of juice. I lapped at her cunt, drinking as much of her nectar as possible.

Outside we heard the final whistle and jumped up not wanting to get caught by the others. She told me to finish my shower and I should follow her home. I quickly washed myself and then got dried and dressed as the others came in. My team were cheering as we had won and despite my thrill of winning the match I could not seem to focus. I kept catching glimpses of her through the crowd and I wanted the room to empty again so we could continue. The coach came over and told me how well I had played and that I should rest up the ankle for the week to ensure I would be fit for the following week. I nodded but didn’t really hear what she said. Once I had dressed, I walked out to my car and waited for her to come out. It was only a few minutes when I saw her leave the changing rooms and head to her car. I followed her out of the car park and drove a few miles away to her home. The whole journey, I was thinking of what was about to happen, and I was so turned on by the time we had arrived. She welcomed me into her home and we immediately pounced on each other. We both went straight for the mouth and began kissing wildly again. We tangoed to the bedroom, stripping our clothes off as we went. As we got to the bed, I shoved her down and jumped on top of her. My hands went to her hair and I stroked it whilst her hands went straight for my bum. We rolled around for what seemed like ages before she rolled me onto my back and stood up. I the drawer under her bed she had a collection of toys. The first thing was a funny looking object that looked like a small clamp. This she placed around the hood of my clit and turned on the switch. Small but powerful vibrations pulsed through my clit and I nearly came right then. I allowed her to bite me, which took the edge off a little but only for a very short time.

Very soon I was near to coming and she must have sensed this as she backed off. She picked up a bullet and slid it inside my pussy then she started to rim my bum with her tongue. I had never felt anything like it. I was so horny that I came hard. My nectar flowed out and down between my cheeks and she lapped at it like a little puppy. It was my turn now and I rolled her over and she laid with her legs bent and wide apart. I rummaged around in the drawer and found something I was eager to play with. A double ended dildo was just what I needed, and I inserted one end into her cunt. I slowly pumped the large plastic cock in and out of her making her squeal. I nibbled her clit at the same time, and I felt her buck beneath me. She smelt amazing and I just wanted to eat her. I pulled it out slowly then slid it into her back passage. I saw her tense as she took the mammoth into her. I was then able to lick her plump pussy lips and slip my tongue inside her too. She frantically rocked back and forth against me and she came all over my chin. I moved up her body and allowed her to lick the sticky liquid from my face. During this I did not stop pumping the cock in her arsehole. She grabbed at me and made me straddle her. She reached round and placed the other end of the dildo at my entrance and I slid down onto it. I started to move, slowly gyrating my hips. I rode the dildo whilst pinching her nipples. She reached up and did the same to mine. We fucked each other hard and fast and we came together in a shattering crescendo. Breathless we lay beside one another. I looked over to her and laughed. She frowned at me with a look of confusion on her face and I said that if she had wanted me this badly, that she could have just asked. She apologised for it all and both lay there laughing at ourselves.

I hope you have liked this reading this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to share some feedback and show your appreciation. XXXX

Lucy Lilithian Brown
Lucy Lilithian Brown
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