Summer Eve's Coffee

by Randy Kobelt about a month ago in fiction

Midnight coffee. 1

Summer Eve's Coffee

The coffee shop was part of the oldest part of town. Unlike other places, it was open 24/7. This made it the perfect spot to pick up men every night.

All heads turned as my 6'3" charming body walked through the door. Everyone loves a redhead with long legs and piercing blue eyes.

I quickly ordered my Irish cream coffee and took a seat at a table in the back so I could see everyone that entered the coffee shop. Tonight I needed something special to take home with me. Hopefully, a guy that could at least last half the night in bed. The last one I sucked dry in less than 2 hours, what a disappointment that was.

It was not easy these days feeding off humans. Maybe I would get lucky and find a nice vampire or shifter tonight. I so hate the nightclub scene these days, with everyone trying out this or that designer drug. Then there was all that pounding music to try and yell over.

MMMM, what do we have here? He is very sexy and looks well built. My guess is, he is around 5'11" and 175 pounds so should be very fit. Definitely a bad boy if I ever saw one. Long dirty blonde hair with blue eyes. Time for another coffee and to brush my perky 36c tits up against him.

"Another of the same, please. Also, put this gentleman's coffee on my bill if you do not mind," I say in a low sexy voice.

Perfect distance as he turned and brushed my full breasts looking straight into my cleavage being held up nicely in my tight t-shirt that reads "I like to wrap my hands around a big tall warm one and swallow." He must have read it as his dimples showed up with an amazing smile on his face.

"Thank you, sexy. You here with anyone tonight?" he asked in a deep baritone voice that sent shivers all the way down to my moistening pussy.

"Just you, hun, if you would like to talk for a bit over a coffee? By the way, my name is Donna," I say to him.

"Nice to meet you, Donna. I am Randy," he says as he takes both of our coffees and follows me to my table.

I slide into the booth and all the way over letting him know it is ok to sit beside me. I flash him a sexy smile as I reach out and grab my hot coffee from him. I am hoping he is as hot as my coffee under that leather jacket he is wearing.

He takes off his leather jacket tossing it onto the bench across from us, as he slides into the booth beside me. Damn, he is sexy with his tight biceps rippling and the black t-shirt skin tight against his strong chest.

I could not resist but to put my hand on his thigh, feeling his rock hard muscles through his tight black jeans as I did. He definitely worked out. I could not wait to get him home and into my bed.

I was a bit surprised when he returned the jester and put his hand on my thigh, smiling at me. Most men were not so forward these days. That or he just liked the feel of my leather skirt.

As he sipped his coffee I moved his hand under my skirt to let him know I had no panties on under it. He did not even seem shocked by this, as he slides his long finger gently over my swollen clit that had poked up between my clean-shaven lips.

I almost let out a groan of pleasure right there, as I pivoted my hips into his massaging fingers. I could tell then he was very experienced and tonight might be one of those nights I would never forget. My pussy was getting very wet with the attention he was giving it.

"So what do you do for work?" I ask him as I try hard not to let a groan escape my lips from the pleasure I was receiving from his nimble fingers.

"I just got into town actually. I do a number of freelance jobs for varies people. I was hoping to find a nice room after I had some coffee. It has been a long day driving here," he says as he takes another swallow of his coffee.

"If you would like you could stay at my place tonight. It is nothing special but I like to call it home," I tell him as a faint groan of pleasure escapes my lips, as his long finger enters my tight moist pussy immediately finding my pleasure spot and massaging it.

"That sounds like a plan to me," he says as he starts slowly moving his finger in and out of my slick wet box.

"I live just a few blocks away. We can walk unless you prefer to drive," I say as I tighten my wet pussy around his fingers encasing them in my dripping tunnel.

"My bike is just outside. I will drive you home as soon as we finish with our coffees," he says as he massages my aroused clit with his thumb while still pumping his fingers in and out of me.

The door to the coffee shop opens as one of the local vamps walks in. He immediately smells my arousal and his eyes flash quickly from there pale brown to red and back again. He slowly walks by our table sniffy once as he heads to the bathrooms.

Randy quickly finishes his coffee and excuses himself from the table to use the bathroom. This can not be good. My date is going to get eaten before he is able to go down on me, and eat me all night long.

The seconds pass by like long hours as I wait to see if he will be coming back out. Even with my enhanced hearing, I am not sure who it is getting beat in the bathroom, but there is definitely a small scuffle taking place.

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