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Sultry Moments (Luke) (Part 1)

by DALIL1NE MINION 3 years ago in fiction
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Hoodrat Chronicles (erotic edition). Luke finds himself in an awkward position when he stumbles on a hot girl at his local bar and wakes up in a sex dungeon with no idea how he got there.

AN ACTUAL SEX DUNGEON (no copy write intended)

He woke up with a headache and a bad taste in his mouth; he tasted a metallic metal on his tongue. He was still dazed and everything seemed foggy, his eyes could not focus; it must have been from all the liquor he was drinking last night. It was dark and drafty, and he felt his stomach pressed against some type of cushion. His shirt was off because he could feel the cushion press against his flesh. He tried to move his arms; he felt a cold shackle around his wrist and feet. He panicked. How on earth was he shackled and pressed to something? Why was it dark? He called out and no one answered. He must have been in this place since last night.

"Why can't I remember?" he said to himself trying to move his feet, but it seemed that they were bruised and cut. He winced from the pain, and when he yelled out, no one came. He began to get worried; how did he get here? Why is he tied up in this dark room? What was pressed against him? He waited what seemed like hours; he could hear something open above him like a doorknob jiggle. Did he even leave the bar? He could hear footsteps above. "I am in the basement, how in the world did I get like this?" he mumbled to himself.

He heard the door open and footsteps, someone in heels click-clacking their way down to him. He became very nervous. Why would anyone want him? He was average guy, nothing special. His body was okay, you could barely make out the six pack he had been working on for almost a year. "Is anyone here?" He felt his stomach turn, he was sick to think how he was at this person's mercy.

He could hear the click clack of the heels come down a few steps and stopping not far from him, the person spoke but barley over a whisper. He could make out a soft-spoken voice; it was sultry and calming. "Well well well, I see you have come to Luke, it was a wild ride having my way with you." He was shocked. He still could not focus and the place he was at was dim; very little light came through, so he could only make out a shapely figure. His head was pounding; he must have a hangover.

"What we had a wild night?" His vision still not focused but he could make out a red dress because all the other colors around him were dark and dull.

"Oh yes my dear, I had my way with you and you loved it, why you can't remember? I have a video of it if you would like to watch sometime, but right now you're my play toy Luke."

He shook his head slightly trying to get his focus back; he could see she was thick but not heavy, like she worked out a lot. Her thighs were very muscular and big, her skin was that of bronze. He looked her over. He could make out her curly hair and full lips, her tall thick frame, but still he could not focus, his vision still a blur. He heard the woman's click-clacking closer to him, her face was at the side of his left cheek. He could feel her light breath and the brush of her soft full lips. He tried to turn his head but her soft but firm hands grabbed his chin.

"Listen Luke, you're mine until your time is up." She grabbed his chin more tightly, and placed her free hand into his thick hair and pulled his head back roughly.

"What, wait, I paid for this?" his words were shaky and filled with uncertainty.

"Yes you did you paid for every little dirty thing I did and will do to you for the next 24 hours," she hissed through her slightly parted lips. He gritted his teeth thinking why for the life of him would he pay someone to do this to him, how drunk was he? He took a deep breath; his heart was racing, but his vision became clearer by the minute. He looked over from the corner of his eyes and he could see; her she was beautiful, her eyes were hazel, her hair was copper red with a touch of blond and sandy brown, and she had long loose curls that where past her shoulders. Her lips we full and luscious; no wonder he agreed. Her thighs were thick and toned, her ass was tight and well rounded. He looked up and saw her breasts were a nice size, more then just a handful to say the least. What man would not give her 24 hours to do as she pleased?

He could feel himself becoming turned on; his blood, once cold, now ran hot in the dimly lit basement he was in. His breathing became labored, mixed with sexual desire and excitement to be at her mercy. She took her index and middle finger and slid them over his lips and slowly inserted them into his mouth.

"Suck boy," she said sternly, but still at a whisper. He complied and slowly suckled her fingers as her grip on the back of his head was still tight. "Good boy, you like being my play toy don't you Luke, it seems even though you don't remember hardly anything from last night your body seems to." He groaned lowly, looking at the side of her face, catching a glimpse of her sharp but soft features and hazel eyes. He could hear her foot stepping on something because he heard a creak and the sound of a piston releasing air before a smack on his rear end hit him with enough force to make him yelp slightly. "Say yes Miss when I ask you a question boy."

He said in a quick reply, "Yes Miss." He gurgled as her fingers went in and out of his mouth.

Thank you for reading this story. If you find that you want this continued, your support would be awesome. Please follow me on my social media links below and tell me what you liked or disliked about any of my stories, or what you want more of, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I LOVE TO WRITE, I AM A PRODUCER AND HIP-HOP ARTIST (been producing since 15) follow me on FB, and Instagram dalil1neakaminion my twitter @dalil1ne_minion

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