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Strip Club Etiquette - Part 4

The Art of The Private Lap Dance

By Johnny VPublished 3 years ago 7 min read

There is an art to the private lap dance, whether you agree or not, the private lap dance is an artistic performance. And in the world of strip clubs it is the primary reason why you should go to a strip club. Not only is the attractiveness of the girls that perform on stage is a determining factor, but receiving a private lap dance is one of the highlights that tells you whether you return to the strip club is well worth it.

What is a lap dance? The act of a lap dance itself is to create the fantasy of sex as if it were real. It's the relationship that exists between the exhibitiontist and the voyeur. What it boils down to is not about how hot or attractive the girl was, how many times you received a lap dance or how much money you spent. The lap dance is about the moment. It's that one moment in time when the fantasy aligns with the blurred lines of reality. The objective of a lap dance is not just to make you feel good for a few songs, but it’s all about the grind and using one’s own imagination. It's how you (as the customer) enjoy the moment using your imagination.


When it comes to the cost of a lap dance, every club across the U.S. has a different pricing structure according to their corporate policies. Some clubs may charge $25-40 dollars per song. This is a business decision. But, depending on which club you are at, there is a difference when it comes to the actual price. Some clubs may be more expensive than others. If you go to Las Vegas then the price may be much more higher as compared to what you would pay in Portland.

Many clubs usually have a pricing rate when it comes to a stripper giving private lap dances or multiple dances. It's always song based. The industry standard song length is to play a song for three minutes. When a dancer is dancing on stage, she is dancing for three minutes and the same rule applies to a dancer giving a lap dance whether it's on the floor or in a VIP Private Room. Every song that is played is always around three minutes, no matter what the actual song length is. Using this standard, some clubs will usually have a deal where the client receives dances for $20-25 a song, 3 songs for $75 or 5 songs for $100. Then there is the time structured type of a deal in which the rates will vary and are based on time. For example, a 15 minute time in the VIP private room could be $150 or a 30 minutes could be $300. Clubs will usually have an hourly price in the private room for just under $500 but can even go as high as $1000 to $2000 depending on the location of the club such as Las Vegas or Tampa. In the end, it depends which city you are in because the cost varies from club to club and city to city.

Pick the right girl

Every dancer/ stripper is different.

Whether its their looks, body type, personality, number of tattoos or their pole dance routine, every stripper is different. The girls in the strip club are similar to a Baskin-Robbins - there are more than 31 flavors. There will be times when you see someone you may be interested in and she may approach you, sit down and have a conversation. As the conversation moves forward, she may ask you if you want to get any private dances. She may try to convince you to get a private dance in one of the private VIP rooms. Depending on your taste of women, some that you are attracted to may not even give you a great lap dance but there may be some that may or vice-vers. It depends on you how define what a great lap dance is. What it boils down to is this: "What makes you happy" and what makes you feel good. Once you pick the right girl(s) you have an attraction to whether it's physically or mentally then the lap dance will be more enjoyable every time. In the end, choose as you please, choose based on who you are attracted to and what you want. Therefore, choose wisely.

Performance skills

The ability to dance is a key factor in whether or not a lap dance is worth the money spent. A girl with rhythm is key component in their routine. If the girl has no rhythm then that is usually an indication that they are not good. There are different kinds of dances a stripper can do. There is the ‘Air’ dance. The air dance is when she barely sits and grinds on you. Usually, she will just dance in front of you with a few moves and then just barely touch your lap when they try to grind on your lap. The ‘Air’ dance requires minimal effort from the stripper. Its light and non-sexual, its boring and no good. Another type of dance is the ‘Deep and Sexual’ dance. A ‘Deep and Sexual’ dance is when the dancer grinds on you with much anticipation and effort as if she is having sex with you. It is very sexual. During her dance she may whisper or moan into your ear as she dances onto you. There is that feeling of sexuality that surrounds the entire dance. Don't be afraid to whisper something sexual into her ear, flirt with her or look her straight into her eyes. Use your imagination. Remember, it's all about the motion and the rhythm. The last type of dance is a ‘Naughty’ dance. A ‘naughty’ dance is a deep, sexual and naughty dance all at once. It depends on a girl whether or not she is naughty. In describing naughty, the dancer will not only be deep in her dances but she will be very flirtatious and will allow you to engaged in some kind of act with her. Someone once advised me to not to be afraid to ask the girl with this simple question: “How naughty are you?” Or “Are there any ‘extras?' ”, because you never know what kind of an answer you will hear and what kind of lap dance you will receive. Another friend said to me, "Always remember there will be a window of opportunity and that window of opportunity becomes smaller as time moves on."

Scoping and Testing

Scoping and testing requires a lot of patience. Its not a bad idea to scope out the talent and to test whether or not they are worth the VIP private room experience. A one or two song lap dance is a good test but it may not be as remembered and meaningful as a private lap dance in a VIP room. Sometimes you may mot even have to test, you could always gather information from people (regular customers or people that you know that have had a private lap dance from a particular stripper). But don't take their word for it. Remember, each stripper dances differently with each customer. It's not always the same and will never be. Always remember that a lap dance you get from the same girl your friend may have gotten a few minutes earlier may not be the same type of a dance that you will reveive. In other words he may have had a deep and sexual lap dance than you. There is a reason to this: she may like your friend more than she likes you. In other words, go for a test drive if you feel like it and then decide.

Have a good time and enjoy

When you get a lap dance in the VIP private room the overall goal is to enjoy the experience and to remember the moment. When you walk out of the VIP private room, you should always end up with a smile on your face. Have a good time and enjoy. Don’t worry about how much it cost. As long as you enjoyed the experience then you know it was well worth it.

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