Straight Girls

by Dan StrawberryHall 7 months ago in lgbtq

A Lesbian Erotic Short Story

Straight Girls

Alison likes doing it to me even more than she likes me doing it to her. I know it. Even if she is straight. But then straight girls so often make the best lesbians. They deny and deny, but when they break, well, they really fucking break.

It always happens the same way with Alison. She’s not seen her boyfriend for a few weeks, the one that goes to university in a different city. She pretends she’s lonely, but really she’s horny. Maybe it’s a mix of the two. She crosses the corridor of our student hall and she knocks on my door.

Alison usually has an excuse, usually something to do with studying. Her go-to is that she needs help with the latest statistics assignment. I’m good at stats, she claims she’s not, so it sounds innocent enough.

She stands in my doorway and she asks if we can study together. I try not to grin as she says it. I act as if that’s what she really wants to do. I invite her in and crack the books out.

We actually study for a bit, usually, but not for too long. We sit close as we work and the smell of her skin and her perfume distracts me. I can feel the warmth of her body, and I wonder if it’s the same for her. I’m sure it is.

We grow bored and fidgety. I suggest a break, and Alison usually confesses she’s brought some weed. She asks if I want some, if she should roll a joint for us to share. I nod. I say I’ve got a bottle of wine in the fridge. I ask if she wants to share it too. She nods, all casual like.

I turn the lights down as we drink and smoke and forget all about the studying. I put on a film so we’ve got an excuse to get onto my bed together to pretend to watch it. Maybe I’ll put on a few candles too.

Alison moves closer to me. I always let her start it. She does it as she passes me the joint, so it feels natural. She leans her shoulder into mine, she presses her thigh against my leg. I can feel the shape and the heat of her through the thin, cotton pyjama bottoms she just happens to be wearing.

Then Alison usually starts complaining. It’s always a confused mix of grievances; she tells me how much she misses her boyfriend, how hard it is to have him so far away, how she doesn’t get enough sex. Then she switches gear and she talks about how much easier it would be if she was single, if she could just go out and sleep with whoever she wants, like I can. She veers back and forth from missing him, to wanting to be free, and I stop listening.

She cuddles closer to me as we make our way through the weed and the wine and the film. She tells me how good it feels to get all this off her chest, what a great listener I am, how I’m the only one that really gets her. I nod occasionally so she thinks I’m following what she’s saying.

I grow impatient after a while. The feel of her against me, the smell of her hair, the knowledge of what’s going to happen, the weed and wine, it gets me hotter with each passing minute. I get so horny I realise I’m rubbing my thighs together. She’s pressed so close to me I’m sure she feels the same, but she just keeps talking and talking.

So I make it easier for her. I shift position, I lean my head on her shoulder. I turn to look up at Alison and she turns to look down at me. Our faces are inches apart now. She’s so close her features blur. I mutter something vague about her being special to me.

Alison grins. She shifts against me. She moves even closer. My heart rate skyrockets. My hands start to tremble.

Alison stops talking and that delicious, agonising moment happens. We stare at each other, I can feel her breath on my face, and we both want it so badly, I can see it in her eyes, but there’s something between us still, something holding us apart.

It’d be so easy to look away in this moment, to break the spell, but Alison doesn’t and neither do I. She swallows audibly then she closes her eyes.

God, my pussy’s on fire, I’m hot and wet and throbbing. Alison moves closer, but then time slows. She inches forwards, but so slowly, it’s taking forever, fuck, I’m desperate, our lips are almost touching. Alison holds still for a heartbeat, but then she crosses the Rubicon. She takes the plunge and she presses her lips against mine.

We kiss softly, tenderly, at first, even though I’m so horny now I feel like I’m melting. I don’t want to scare her off before we’ve even begun.

I put a hand against Alison’s cheek, I hold her face with a delicate touch, and she sighs in that way that makes my cunt tighten and it sets me off. Raw, urgent need pounds through me, I can’t hold back. I open my lips and she opens hers. I slip my tongue into her mouth, and hers meets mine. We kiss harder, with growing urgency.

Alison sighs again and she presses her body into me. I can feel her breasts against mine. She sighs again, and I sigh back, and everything else is forgotten now. It’s just the two of us on my bed, the outside world doesn’t exist anymore. We can do whatever we desire, even if Alison is straight, and all I want right now is to get my straight friend naked, and to get my hands and my mouth on her.

Alison makes a soft, low, moaning sound that makes me pulsate down there. I can hear the need in her, I can feel it, her hips are moving already. We wrap our arms around each other, our legs intertwine. We’re as close as we can be with our clothes still on.

I slide a hand down Alison’s back, my fingertips skate over a gap between her t-shirt and her trousers and she moans again as my fingertips touch her skin. I keep going, I slip my hand down to her pyjama bottoms and I hold her perfect little arse through the thin material, and it’s me that moans that time.

I explore her, I cup and squeeze, and god she’s got the most wonderful behind. She’s petite, she’s slim, but she’s got a delightfully chubby bottom. The smooth, full, rounded curves of it make me dizzy.

We kiss and we kiss, we pant, we moan and we gasp for breath. I keep fondling Alison’s glorious arse and I can feel how hot and wet it’s getting me down there. Alison’s writhing against me, she’s well along now too.

As Alison’s inhibitions fall away, she runs her hands over my body. She grasps my arse through my jeans, she rubs my breasts roughly through my top. I get a hand between her thighs to stroke her pussy through her clothes, and I groan and melt into her as she does the same to me.

I slide a hand up Alison’s top, I skate my fingertips over that sensitive spot I know she has just below her bellybutton, and she whimpers and shudders against me. I keep going, I trace my fingers up her body, over her warm skin. I push my hand under her bra and I find her nipple, and she groans loud and presses her crotch against me.

I want more of that. I want more groans, I want to make Alison lose control, and I want her naked, now. I pull at her top, and she raises her arms to help me drag it off her. I unhook her bra, I tear it away from her chest and I see those gorgeous, round, pert little breasts of hers as I dive in and get my lips around one of her nipples.

Alison bucks as I suck her, she moans so loud I should probably turn the sound of the film up, but there’s no time for that now. I keep my mouth on her breast, I dance my tongue over the tip of her nipple as I suck on it, and she whimpers and wriggles in pleasure.

I ease Alison’s trousers down over her hips as suck and lick, but she pulls her chest away from my mouth and I know I’ve ruined it, I’ve pushed her too far too quickly, fuck, what an idiot, what was I thinking?

But then Alison grabs hold of my jeans and I see the look on her flushed face, her eyes wide and wild, and I know there’s no stopping her now. She pops the buttons down the front of my jeans, she tries to push them down with scrabbling hands.

We pull and tug at each other’s trousers at the same time, and it goes about as well as you’d expect for two teenage girls so turned on they look feverish. We giggle, we laugh, we try and lift our bottoms up together, we get our trousers and knickers tangled around our knees.

I have to push Alison down, knock her hands away from me, so I can get her pyjama bottoms and underwear off first. As soon as they slip over her feet, she bounces up and she knocks me over. I roll onto my back, I lift my legs in the air and she tugs my jeans and knickers down like she’s angry with them.

We come back together, we try and kiss as she pulls at my top, but then it’s off, my bra too, and we’re naked together at last. We kiss and touch and squeeze, we press ourselves together, we moan and groan, we’re two hot, frantic, girls lost to our lust.

The feel of her body makes my heart pound and my chest tighten. She’s so smooth and slender and toned, but soft to the touch. The smell of her, the taste of her skin, her soft hair falling against my face, it makes my clit throb.

Alison’s hand is between my thighs already, and dear god she’s pressing her fingers against my cunt, rubbing me, making me moan, she’s spreading my lips to feel how wet I am between. I get a hand on her and I do the same.

We kiss frantically, we moan loud, she slides a finger into me, and I push one into her. She fucks me quickly; I return the favour. She works a second finger into me as I push a second into her. Alison’s so tight I feel my fingers stretching her, but she’s so wet she can take it. I curl them insider her to rub her g-spot and she bucks against my hand.

I lick and suck Alison’s breasts as I finger her. I get a second hand on her pussy, I find her clit, and she moans so loud as I stroke a wet fingertip over the tip of it I think she’s coming already. She does the same to me, and we kiss and finger and stroke and judder as we press our bodies together.

I’m so worked up I’m close already, and Alison sounds like she’s right on the edge too. But as good as this feels, I know Alison wants more. She’d never ask for it, naturally, she’s straight, but I know what really turns her on.

I slide my fingers out of Alison, she’s groans in displeasure, but I ease her onto her back and I get on top of her. I straddle her hips, but I’m not staying there. I walk my way up her body on my knees.

I ask Alison if it’s OK, and she just nods, she doesn’t say anything, but she’s not even looking at my face. Her eyes are locked on my cunt as I shuffle up her body and hold it over her face.

Alison doesn’t even wait for me to lower myself down, she leans up and kisses me with a big, wet press of her lips.

She kisses me again, then she opens her mouth and runs her tongue the length of my wet slit, and we moan together as she does it. She presses herself into me, she spreads me with her face, she licks at me hungrily like I’m dripping sweet mana onto her lips and tongue, that wonderful straight girl.

Alison flicks her tongue back and forth over my clit that way she knows I need, and she moans and writhes just as much as I am. She loves licking my cunt. She adores it. She can lick me for hours, the confused little angel, although she’ll never initiate it. She’ll never go down on me, I always have to make her. I have to push her head down or sit on her face, I guess because she’s straight.

But hell, for a straight girl, she knows what she’s doing. She slides her tongue back and forth over me perfectly with just the right speed, just the right pressure. It’s her enthusiasm that really gets me though. It’s the way she moans as she does it, the way her hips buck even though I’m not touching her. It’s like she’s doing something that’s usually forbidden, so now she has her chance she’s going to go for it 100%. No one licks quite like she does.

Each pass of Alison’s tongue pushes my pleasure higher, and as much as I grind against her, as much as she whines and wriggles, she keeps up a perfect rhythm and she gets me there quick. My cunt and chest contract; my thighs go tense. The pleasure tightens inside me, it tightens and tightens, and then I moan loud and shudder as it releases and surges through me.

I come hard. I mash myself into Alison’s tongue and lips, I’m rough with her, but I know how much she loves that. She sucks on my clit as I orgasm to keep me going for as long as I can take it. I make lots of noise, I want her to know how good she is.

I take my time on Alison’s face. I let her lick and suck me; I rub myself all over her. When I’m finally done, I lift one of my legs and I spin around. I keep my cunt over her delicious mouth, but I drop down onto my hands and then my elbows between her legs.

Alison’s thighs are spread wide, she’s not shy, she’s waiting for it. Her hips are still moving, she’s so fired up. Her little cunt is flushed and slick and engorged, and oh so pretty. She moans as I spread her gently with my fingers to see more of her. I take a moment to relish the sight, the deep colour of her inner lips, her clit pushing out from under its hood, everything glistening with her wetness, and then I dive in.

I don’t kiss, I don’t start slow or tease, I don’t explore Alison’s cunt, I just run my tongue over her clit, and I do it again and again. She squirms beneath me, she lifts her hips to push herself into my face, and then she’s coming too, almost as soon as I touched her.

She shakes with each wave of her orgasm, she does that glorious yelping sound she makes each time she climaxes, and she buries her face in my cunt again. She licks me frantically as she yelps and comes. She can’t help herself, bless her, she can’t get enough of me.

We lick each other like it’s the last time this is ever going to happen, although I’m confident it’s not. We go to town on each other. We press our faces into our cunts, we lap, we suck, we grind ourselves against each other’s mouths. We writhe around on my bed like slippery eels.

We push our fingers into each other’s cunts as we lick. We fuck each other with them, we rub our g-spots, we keep licking and licking, and we come together a second time. I get there first, but I set Alison off and we keep licking and finger-fucking as we writhe and shudder against each other.

We’ve built up a routine over the months. We’ve learnt how we each react, how we can keep each other coming over and over. We finger and lick, and each time one of us climaxes, it sets the other off too. We get rougher with each other, more frenzied, more desperate for the next orgasm.

Alison slides a wet finger into my arsehole, the dirty little angel. She knows how much I love that, and I know how much she loves doing it to me. I slide a finger into her bottom too, because who doesn’t come harder with a finger in the bum?

We come again and again, each one stronger than the last. We roll onto our sides, she rolls on top of me, we roll over again, switching places as we pleasure ourselves. We slide more fingers into each other, stretching and filling both places, and we keep licking and licking. Our faces are drenched, our bodies grow slick and slippery with sweat.

Our sex is hotter, more addictive, more frenzied, more animal than any I’ve had with out-and-out lesbians. This straight girl is dynamite in bed, sexual cocaine, as good as it gets. I guess because she denies this part of herself, because she keeps it pent up inside, and when she does release it with me, it’s the only time she really lets herself go wild.

We keep it up until we can’t take any more. Eventually we roll apart and we lie gasping together. I’m spent, I’m exhausted, my body tingling all over, orgasm-aftershocks make me jerk and giggle. We cuddle, and my eyes full shut and I’m gone.

I wake to see Alison slipping out of my room fully dressed. She’ll avoid me now, at least for the next few days. I’m sure she freaks out each time, that she tells herself it was a moment of madness, that it’ll never happen again. I bet she tells herself she’s straight over and over.

I know better though. The proof of it is still on my fingers and on my face.

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