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Squirming About the Word Sexy

Why women over 30 get squirmy about the word Sexy

It’s in there, we just suppress it

Women over the age of 30 are either feeling really sexual, or suppressing it. And I’m talking to the ones that suppress it. What’s wrong with the word sexy anyway?

Is the word sexy representative of something prohibited? Were you raised as a Christian? Were you raise being told that sex was a sin? Were you conditioned to believe that sexiness is inappropriate for a classy women? Do you judge other women who say they feel sexy?

Natalie is our upbringing in play here, but it’s also what we see now, and what we have access to from the palms of our hands. Such contrast from what we may have been told or taught.

We stand in a really weird position. Do we throw away our old thinking about sex? Do we re-define our identity, being that sex is so much a part of it? Or do we now have to accept what is sexy to other, even though it’s based on perception?

As we continue this era of technology and social media connections, women are continuously allowing social media to dictate what is sexy and what is not. We may not consciously think about it, but we definitely allow all these pictures and captions to influence us. A lot of it is unconscious. We don’t even think about it. Before you know it, we’re looking at ourselves in the mirror wondering what went wrong, what we need to improve, and what can surgery take care of.

I’ve gotten a chance to talk to many women throughout the years about their body image. Most women do not like what they see in the mirror and admire what they see on social media. They compare themselves to the women in the images they see on a daily basis. And think that they two must look like them.

What’s more, single women feel they will have a hard time finding a partner if they don’t look like the women that they see on social media. This is a very sad truth.

This is even the case with smooth skin with fit bodies!

It just seems like the common belief is that they are never enough. Not for a boudoir picture, not for a relationship, not for a job, or friends.

So I began something called quest for sexy. A way for women over the age of 30 to find the sexiness in themselves, for themselves, despite themselves.

And it just seems that every time I talk to a group of women, someone in the room is uncomfortable with the word sexy. Or even the idea of them categorizing themselves as being sexy.

Fortunately, most women are at the point of their lives where they want to feel young and sexy again.

And one of the first things I work on is the word sexy. I encourage them To be open minded and to fuck everything they know about being sexy. Throw it out the window! Fuck what other people have to say about what is sexy! We as women get to define our own way of being sexy.

I tell you how to get started in my Quest for Sexy Online Guide launching Sept 7th & 8th. Sign up here:

Quest for Sexy Vlog
Quest for Sexy Vlog
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