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Spying Step-Brother

by Jo. Schmidt 2 years ago in erotic
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Step-brother comes homes from university to a sexy surprise.

No one in the house knew that when Kaley took her best friend Eve up to her bedroom, the two 18 year old girls were doing more than just their school work or talking about boys.

It all started the day the two went shopping for new swimsuits for the upcoming summer months and they both suddenly found each other attractive in the skimpy bikinis they had chosen for themselves.

Eve, at first, was a little more reserved than Kaley was, having only lost her virginity a few months ago. But Kaley had no problem stripping down to nothing in front of her best friend and experimenting with Eve’s body. It didn’t take long for Eve to start loving all the feelings Kaley was giving her and soon it became almost a daily thing. Eve would come over to Kaley’s after school and the two would lock themselves up in Kaley’s room to “study.” Eve also came over almost every weekend to sleepover at Kaley’s and neither Kaley’s mother or her step father had any idea what the two were really doing.

They both knew they still liked men, often watching straight porn together, but at this moment in their lives, they also were both very much enjoying the way they made each other feel sexualy, and they both discovered their love for the taste of each other's pussies.

It was a warm June afternoon when Hunter pulled into the driveway of his parent’s home. He had been away at university since Christmas and was finally home for the summer. He grabbed the suitcase he had packed from the trunk of his truck and headed inside, excited to see his family for the first time in months.

Opening the door, he was surprised to hear not a single sound from inside the house.

“Dad?” he called out. “Mary?” he said, calling for his step-mom. No one responded. Figuring he was home alone, he brought his suitcase up to his old bedroom and began to unpack his belongings.Finishing up, he went over to the bedroom window to open it wanting to let some fresh air in the room.

When he got to his window, he was about to unlock it when something caught his eye. Looking down into the backyard, he saw his step-sister, Kaley and her friend Eve out in the pool. No wonder no one responded when he called out earlier. The house was huge and there was no way the girls would have heard him from out in the backyard. He didn’t see anyone else though so he was able to assume Kaley was home alone, just hanging out with Eve.

The two girls were sitting in the shallow end of the pool where they were able to sit on the floor of the pool and the water only went up to their stomachs. Both of them had a glass of soda in their hands and were sipping at the cool beverage.

He was about to unlock the window and call out to the girls that he was home from school and would be down in a minute to join them in the pool, when something stopped him again from unlocking and opening the window. He watched as Kaley put her drink on the side of the pool deck, got up on her knees and pressed Eve’s back against the edge of the pool and started kissing her deeply.

Hunter’s eyes widened as he stared in amazement as the girls began making out. He could tell from the way they kissed and held each other that this wasn’t their first time and the thought of that made his cock harden in his shorts. He had watched girl-on-girl porn like this many times over his teenage life, but he never imagined seeing something like it in the flesh. Let alone his super fucking hot step-sister and her even hotter best friend being the ones going at it.

Eve’s hands went into Kaley’s hair and Kaley grasped Eve’s breasts through her bikini top. She massaged Eve’s tits through the fabric while they continued kissing each other and after a few minutes, Kaley brought her hands to Eve’s neck and undid the tie of her bikini, releasing Eve’s tits.

Hunter felt like his feet had been glued to the floor as he stood paralizied staring at Eve’s naked chest. Their family lived in a rural area and had large fences surrounding the area as well as no neighbours for miles, so the girls had no worries about being seen by any peeping Toms in the community. However, they probably also weren’t expecting Hunter to come home a few days early from University.

Tossing Eve’s bikini top onto the pool deck, Kaley continued kissing Eve’s lips, but started pinching and twisting her nipples between her fingers. Where Kaley had larger breasts, usually wearing a 34D, Eve had slightly smaller tits, around a 32C, but Hunter wasn’t complaining either way, as they were both gorgeous and he was happy to see either of them, especially while they were getting fondled in such a sexy way. Eventually, Kaley let go of Eve’s lips and leaned into Eve’s chest and wrapped her lips around one of her hard nipples.

“Oh fuck,” Hunter said outloud, unable to contain himself. His cock was rock hard in his jean shorts now and it was getting harder to stand. He watched as Eve closed her eyes and leaned her head back as Kaley sucked and licked one of her nipples and pinched the other one.

When Eve pushed Kaley off her chest and had her sit up on the pool deck, then removed her bikini bottoms, exposing Kaley’s bare pussy, Hunter knew he wouldn’t be able to just stand here any longer. He undid the fly and zipper of his shorts and pulled his rock hard cock out from his boxer shorts and began stroking himself as he watched Eve spread his step-sister’s legs apart and bury her face in Kaley’s pussy.

He touched himself as he watched Kaley bite her lip and moan deeply as Eve spread her pussy lips apart and circled her tongue around Kaley’s clit. He didn’t know where to watch, Kaley’s face as she was given oral or Eve as she gave oral. It was all so fucking hot.

He spent a moment watching Eve as she began fingering Kaley as well as eating her out, and when he looked back at Kaley, he realized her eyes were open and she was staring straight up at him.

He stopped in his tracks realizing he had been caught, his hand was still holding his cock, but not pumping it any longer as the two step-siblings locked eyes. Hunter was terrified. What would Kaley do knowing her step-brother was watching her and Eve in the pool together?

But she did something he completely and totally did not expect. She smiled up, bit her lip and gestured for him to come down to the pool.

Pulling up his shorts, Hunter ran down the stairs of the house and out to the backyard faster than he had done anything else in his entire life.

Walking outside onto the pool deck, he walked towards Eve and Kaley. Eve still had her face in Kaley’s pussy, but they were both completely out of the pool now, having laid out some towels to lay on. Eve’s ass was high in the air as she ate and fingered Kaley.

Kaley stared at Hunter as he approached the girls. He took off his shirt, undid his pants and slipped out of his boxer shorts, letting his super hard cock out.

Kaley didn’t speak to him, as he got closer, but she gestured for him to Eve’s ass, still concealed in her bikini bottoms. Did Kaley want him to fuck Eve? He wasn’t about to ask permission as he got behind Eve and started taking off her bottoms.

Eve’s head popped up as she felt her clothes being removed from her body and she turned her head to see what was going on.

“Oh?” she said, surprised to see Hunter. “Hey Hunter,” she said, smiling sweetly. Her entire mouth was covered in Kaley’s pussy juices and it was the hottest thing Hunter had ever seen.

“You don’t mind if I join in, do you?” he asked, continuing to pull the bottoms down her legs, exposing her pussy to him.

Eve smiled. “Not at all,” then she went back to Kaley’s snatch.

Hunter took her bikini bottoms completely off, leaving Eve totally naked and lined himself up. He could see wetness forming from her lips so he knew she was already wet and ready. Touching his cock to her entrance, he stared at the sight in front of him for a moment. One super hot girl giving oral sex to another super hot girl. It was the sexist thing he had ever seen and he was about to be a part of it all. With that thought in his mind, he rammed himself into Eve’s pussy, making her groan into Kaley’s cunt.

Grabbing onto her hips, Hunter worked his cock in and out of her. Her pussy was so tight yet so wet, it felt so fucking good being inside her. She was so tight, it was almost like she was still a virgin. Her cunt sucked his dick inside of it and wouldn’t let him go.

“You like that?” Kaley asked him. “You like fucking my friend?”

“Take off that fucking top,” Hunter ordered Kaley, who was still in her bikini top.

“You want to see your step-sister's titties?” she asked him, teasing him.

Hunter had wanted to see Kaley’s titties since the day she turned 17.

“I want to see them, lick them, fuck them,” he told her. “Everything.”

Eve’s head came up and she giggled. “Someone is hot for their baby sister.” Hunter spanked Eve’s ass lightly, getting more giggles from her.

Hunter continued ramming his cock in and out of Eve as Kaley undid the tie of her bikini top and let her gorgeous tits free. Hunter bit his lip as he stared at them. They were even better than he imagined. They were big yet perky, her pink nipples hard as rocks as they stuck straight up.

Teasing him further, Kaley pinched each of her own nipples, staring straight into Hunter’s eyes the entire time. She bit her lip and moaned loudly as Eve continued finger and tongue fucking her.

“Jesus,” Hunter moaned as he stared at Kaley and fucked Eve from behind. “You girls are so fucking hot.”

Eve began to sit up, pulling herself off of Hunter cock. She grabbed Kaley’s arms and pulled her up so all three of them were on their knees. She began kissing Kaley’s lips again, spreading Kaley’s pussy juices all over both of their faces. They kissed for a minute before Eve turned, grabbed Hunter’s head and started kissing him. Plunging her tongue into his mouth, Hunter could taste Kaley on her lips. It wasn’t long before Kaley joined in and the three of them were in a three way make out session, tongues, salvia and juices going into each of their mouths. None of them could be sure at which second who they were kissing or who was kissing them. Hunter reached out and started playing with one of the girl’s nipples, Kaley was rubbing Eve’s pussy and Eve was stroking Hunter’s cock. There was so much going on, it was the hottest porno any of them had ever seen, only they were all a part of it and not just watching it.

Pushing Hunter down onto the towel, Kaley stared down at him. “How many girls have you fucked at that college of yours?” she asked him.

“A few,” he answered.

“Any of them as hot as us?” she asked referring to herself and Eve.

“Not in the slightest.”

“Well, I guess you better fuck us as much as you can before you go back,” she said, as she began climbing onto his lap.

It was about to happen. Hunter was about to fuck his step-sister. The girl he had had a hard-on for over a year now. The girl who was almost forbidden to him. Fucking Eve had been incredible as well. Her being Kaley’s best friend, it was almost like she was forbidden too.

As Kaley began to lower herself down onto his rock hard cock, Eve’s pussy slowly came down on his face. He stuck out his tongue in anticipation for her and soon he tasted her salty sweetness on his tongue and lips as she started rocking herself into his face. As she did that, Kaley began riding his cock like it was a bucking bronco, going up and then slamming back down onto it.

Both girls moaned and screamed out as they were fucked in their different holes. Eve tasted so good and Hunter grabbed onto her legs, spreading them wider to suck and lick her deeper. She screamed loudly as he sucked her clit, right before Kaley grabbed her head and started making out with her.

Kaley rode Hunter as hard and as fast as her tight pussy would allow. Eve pinched Kaley’s nipple as they kissed on top of both riding Hunter. Eve kissed down Kaley’s neck and pulled her nipple into her mouth, sucking on it hard.

“Oh Fuck!” Kaley cried out as so many sensations went through her body. Hunter’s huge cock inside her, and Eve’s mouth sucking her sensitive nipple. She knew she was close, just a few more jumps on Hunter and she came all over him, throwing her head back and screaming loudly.

Recovering almost instantly, Kaley jumped off of Hunter and put his cock, still wet from her own juices into her mouth. Eve joined her, and the two of them pulled Hunter up and got him standing in front of them while they remained on their knees. Both of them took turns sucking and licking his cock, while their hands rubbed each other's pussies.

After fucking both Eve and Kaley and now having both of them giving him a simutatinous blow job, Hunter was unable to hold back much longer. He bit his lip and tried to hold it in as long as possible, but within minutes, he was shooting his hot cum all over Kaley and Eve’s faces and into their mouths.

Hunter stood there for a minute, trying to get his heart beat back to normal. His cum started dripping down Eve’s mouth, so Kaley leaned in and licked it off, licking Eve’s lips in the process, which caused the girls to start making out again, Hunter’s cum dripping down their faces as they kissed.

After a minute, he was able to think straight again and he looked down at the two hottest girls in the world that he had just fucked at the same time.

“Welcome home to me, then,” he said laughing.

The girls looked up and him, smiling.

“What do you think of the three of us hopping in the shower to wash all this off ourselves?” he asked them.


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