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Yes, THAT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is really him.

This isn’t very smart. I’m going to a stranger’s place for the first time that we’re meeting. He could be a catfish, he could be a murderer, he may let me in and I may never come out.

All the scenarios played in my head, but I didn’t care. I was too mentally and emotionally numb to care. The night before had been the worst birthday celebration and it had brought me to my knees. All I wanted was to be held.

That’s what I had asked of him. I had texted to see if I could come cuddle because my night had been a disaster.

We had connected on a dating app, flirted through messaging, and sent a few voice recordings to one another. Apparently, that was sufficient enough for me to feel comfortable to head to a stranger’s home and use him as a massive body pillow.

Not that this, particular, stranger would be very squishy. His photos were of a male stripper. (No, really. His Instagram had pictures of him wearing nothing but suspenders, wrist cuffs, and a bow tie. And damn he looked good.) When I had matched with him, my jaw dropped open with a “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!”

So what if he’s a catfish? I’ve enjoyed talking with him.

I approached his apartment and knocked.

It took a few seconds for the door to open. When it did, the inside revealed what looked like an in-person photoshopped male model… in nothing but boxers. 😳

I was NOT expecting that.

Tan skin, pecs larger than my breasts, bulging arms that resembled when Hulk smashes, enormously full lips, and to top it all off; perfect bedhead.

I was starting to feel better.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” I replied.

“Come on in.” He held the door open as I stepped over the threshold, then closed it behind me and walked down the hallway, back towards me.

Hello back crevices and wide shoulders.

He walked to the master bedroom to flop down onto his bed, throw his arm out and say, “Okay, tell me what happened.”

Wow, seriously?!

I climbed onto the bed next to him and snuggled into his side, head resting on his right pec.

I recounted the previous evening to him as we cuddled. It was a surreal feeling, pouring my heart out to a complete stranger while laying against his bare side. It was both odd and comforting. I think I actually ended up crying. 🤦‍♀️

“That sounds like a disaster. I’m so sorry that happened on your birthday,” he sympathized. He squeezed me into a hug.

Umm… Excuse me, specimen of a human… I can’t breathe.… Wait, I don’t care.

My face was squished against his pec when he began kissing my face with his abnormally large lips. I felt his fingertips run along my arm, and my mind was still trying to catch up to the fact that I barely knew this person. We were behaving as if we were a couple, when in reality we were a couple of strangers. He wiped my tears away with his thumb, then planted a kiss on my lips.

Holy crap, your mouth is enormous.

He rolled me onto my back and positioned himself on all fours atop me. Our hands explored each other while we continued kissing. My eyes were stinging from tears and my nose was stuffy after crying. Yet, I had a built, very attractive man on top of me who didn’t seem to care.

“Do you want to have sex?” he asked as he dry humped me, face hovering over mine.

Wow, you just came right out and asked. THANK YOU for not assuming anything and actually checking with me. I didn’t come here for this, but…

“I’d be lying if I said ‘no,’” I admitted aloud.

Before I could say anything else, my shorts were sliding off, past my ankles, and thrown somewhere to the floor. My remaining layers were removed, then his boxers were next.


“Oh my God…” I said, wide eyed.

“What?” he asked.

“Please don’t hurt me! You’re so fucking long!” was my bewildered exclamation. Somehow, it was as if his penis was trying to present itself like a dolphin at Sea World; his elongated shaft bowed down slightly and the head came back up to create a half circle shape.

Where am I going to put all of you?!

He laughed. “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

My vagina will be the judge of that.

He slipped a condom on and I braced myself. We both let out a breath when he entered me. It hurt only a little the first few thrusts, then I reveled in the extra time it took for him to dip into me and come back out again, due to his length. He took his time gliding into me, being sure I could feel every inch of him. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling of his long cock sliding in and out of me. My fingers gripped the top of the mattress while I soaked in every sensation such a sexy body had to offer. Speaking of; I opened my eyes.

Wow, that’s an amazing view.

Solid muscles were flexed as he rode me. Defined abs, bulging pecs, and huge arms showcased themselves over me. With such a handsome face attached to the body, I maintained my surreal mindset.

Happy Birthday to me…

His lips engulfed my face once more as he continued to ride me. I ran my fingers along his chest; it was hairy, but his skin was smooth. Then up through his hair and down the ripples of his back. My mind was still slow to process what was happening, but my body had no problem keeping up.

“God, you have an amazing vagina,” he commented.

😳 Um… thank you? I really don’t know how to respond to that. Are all vaginas not created equal?

I just smiled contentedly in response and engulfed his body with my legs. We continued in that position for some time, with me enjoying the view. 😏

Then his hand wrapped around my throat… a little too firmly, and I gasped.

Please don’t Hulk smash my throat, Specimen.

I could barely breathe as he humped me hard. Then he released me and lightly slapped my face. I was still catching me breath when I was suddenly being turned over, planted on all fours. This time when he entered me, I could feel more. Crevices that had not been filled before were suddenly being penetrated. The sensation went through my whole body and my muscles shook. Each time his penis slid into me I had to remind myself to breathe. He began gathering my long hair into his hands. When he had it all, he thrust deep into me as he pulled on my locks. While my head was forced back and my body arched, I couldn’t help the noises which came out of me. He thrust harder into me and my body struggled to stay upright. Our breathing was matched as he picked up speed. I was gasping when finally, we both came in that position.

I collapsed, face first, onto the pillowtop, panting. The specimen rolled onto his back and caught his breath. I laid there, perfectly content to fall asleep. He, however, climbed his hot ass out of bed and turned on the shower. I dozed slightly while he cleaned off. When I heard the water switch off, I sat up in his bed. Like a total creep, I watched him towel dry his delicious looking body after he stepped out of the tub. Once his body was dry, he proceeded to take out a tub of coconut oil (yes, really) and lather it all over himself.

I bust up laughing.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Is that coconut oil you’re rubbing yourself down with?” I inquired between giggles.

“Yeah, how else do you think I get that shine in all my pictures?”

I fell onto the bed laughing.

Dead, I’m dead.

Xena Warrior
Xena Warrior
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