Some Technical Boudoir Photo Ideas

Technical Tips For Spicing Up the Bedroom For Passion

Some Technical Boudoir Photo Ideas

I recently mentioned some ideas and concepts about boudoir photo ideas. Well, this time I thought I would tell you more ideas, but focus a little harder on the technical aspects of taking those boudoir photos. By boudoir photos I mean the artistic nudes style or the average fun nude photo shoots we all love to do. For a true "boudoir photo" though—as I said in the last post—generally something is left to the imagination.

Black & White

Chances are that at least a few photos you've already taken could be made to look artistic and more in the "boudoir" style just by using a black and white filter on them. You can accomplish either of two ways:

  1. Set your digital camera or iPhone to black and white before taking the photo.
  2. Use a computer program to change a photo black and white. Be sure to save the original file too.

Of course, not all of the photos have to leave much to the imagination. Capturing the beauty of the full nude body is never a bad idea.


Probably the second most popular photo effect would be the sepia filter. Just like the black and white filter; most digital cameras have this. The iPhone also has this option when taking photos.

The two options on how to change your photos are the same as well. The sepia filter on a photo gives an antique or old-time feeling. It can—to some people—even add a hint of mystery to the photo. If you want the mysterious look, try using the sepia filter on a dark-shaded photo. Best is a photo where only the model is lit up.

Of course, the same concept about exposing the full body applies here too. Still never a bad idea.

If you are someone who knows how to use Photoshop or Batch Photo; then by all means, go for it. Otherwise I would suggest just downloading Photoscape; which does just as good or better in my opinion. It is also totally free. You can apply filters to your photos or even a group of photos at one time. You can even create animated gif images out of your photos with this program. I love it!! I'll put the link to the download page for it at the bottom, but you can also just use Google and find it later if you want.

Remember to play and experiment with the lighting you use too. Lighting can make or break a picture a lot of times. I know; you can't afford all that lighting equipment or even the light bill that would result from trying to turn your room into a photo studio. That's okay (neither can I) because you have plenty of natural lighting all around you. You can use one or two bulbs and maybe a few different types of lamps with damn good results. Then of course, there is the obvious source of lighting... the sun. Yes, if you are able to, then take photos outside. If you can't go outside to take your photos, consider changing the shading over the windows. Alternate between a light colored sheet that will let the light through, but tint it to a preferred color... and a darker one. Then... snatch all the covering off and let the light pour in like a dramatic scene from a vampire movie.

Next, wait for that natural lighting source—the sun—to go down; and continue in the new lighting provided by the dusk... and then the night. Taking photos at night can be all too fun. Use lamps or even a flashlight and create your own lighting and feel. The flash can work for some shots, but sometimes it is best to create your own lighting and turn the flash on your camera off. When the flash on a camera goes off, it is often hard to tell where the light will reflect and what exactly the result will be. Not to mention that you can take two photos with a flash; and they may turn out different because some small little thing changed between shots. Remember, this applies to night time photos taken inside the house as well those taken outdoors. Obviously, a night with a full moon is the perfect time to get shutter happy. Let the moon light pour through the windows and even onto the bare skin outside.

Well, I will be sure to provide more information on this. If you want to check out the Photoscape software you can Google it. It is a great program; really can't believe it is free. I found it when I got a new computer and found out that I had to buy another license for Batch Photo if I wanted to put it on the computer.

Until next time everyone... bye for now.

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