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Sole Survivor

by Emily Spankfirst about a year ago in erotic
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The Sexual Enlightenment of Grandma Part 4

Sole Survivor

It was a chilly morning in the winter of 2020 when I was awoken by the sound of my letterbox rattling and the rustling of envelopes falling onto the laminated floor in the hallway. I looked at my bedside alarm clock which read 07.45am which was a little early for my usual postman and after pulling back my silken eiderdown and cotton sheets I shuffled my half-asleep obese body to the edge of the bed and slowly sat up with my feet on the floor and my rolls of belly fat rippling and rolling around under my heavy sagging breasts. I have been aware recently that I have found it difficult to stand up from a sitting position and my muscles and bones have ached more than usual. I was rather hoping that my recent sexual encounters would have helped me to lose a few pounds but because of my mental health issues associated with losing George and Covid19 blighting my life to the point of an enforced hospital stay my appetite went through the roof. I have never been a comfort eater before and I had a very healthy eating regime prior to all the difficulties recently encountered. A bowel movement every morning happened like clockwork but just recently I have felt bloated despite expelling anal gas at every opportunity whilst attempting to do my daily chores around the house which was unusual for me.

Being somewhat concerned about my health given my age I made an appointment with Dr Johal at Little Bush Medical Centre over the telephone a few days ago and was waiting for a confirmation letter from the practice nurse. Reaching for my thick woolen dressing gown lying on the chair beside the bed I picked it up before swinging it round my broad shoulders and slowly but surely struggled to my feet, wincing as my bones cracked and thigh muscles tightened under my weight as I tied the woolen sash around my obese ivory belly now overhanging my puffy perspiring vulva. Making sure I had my balance in order I shuffled my swollen feet over the pink deep piled carpet and moving through the open bedroom door I set off in the direction of the front door waddling more than walking as my enormous buttocks and cellulite covered thighs rubbed together reddening the deep crack between them and acute soreness beyond belief. Reaching the door, I bent over as far as I could and a loud puff of wet anal gas erupted from between my enormous splayed buttocks, filling the air with an acrid aroma of anally fermented excreta forcing me to cough and splutter as my nostrils filled to overflowing. I picked up the letters and brochures off the laminated floor before putting the safety chain on and opening the front door slightly to allow the foul acrid smell to disperse into the atmosphere. Looking through the letters I made my way into the kitchen and made myself a warming drink to start the day in an attempt to get away from the acrid aroma lingering around my tightly clenched buttock flesh. Somewhat dismayed there was no letter from the doctor but there was some good news as the community health visitor was making a home visit at 13.00pm today to access my needs because of my weight problems and mobility issues. Having finished consuming my warming drink I hurried off to the bathroom in order to sweeten myself up in the bath in plenty of time for the health visitor's arrival who was very prompt arriving as arranged at precisely 13.00pm much to my surprise.

I don't really know what I was expecting but I opened the front door and an attractive middle aged Pakistani lady with a curvy figure, large round breasts and jet-black locks stood before me on the doorstep. Not being too sure at this point that she was the health visitor I enquired the reason for her visit today as you can't be too careful with all the strange people in the world. With a very sweet-sounding voice she introduced herself as “Ms. Fasima Singh” and produced an official looking ID card with her picture on it and stamped “Spruce Haven NHS Trust” which eased my concerns about her validity. Being satisfied that Fasima was who she claimed to be I invited her into my home before closing the front door and lead her to the living room where she settled down on the settee and set out her paperwork on the coffee table. I offered Fasima a drink and she asked for a glass of cold water which I was only too happy to give her promptly before flopping down opposite her in my reclining armchair. Fasima started the visit by explaining why she had come today and proceeded to fill in an application form so that I might get home help on a regular basis. She asked me the usual questions such as age, sex, marital status, weight, height, physical ability and educational qualifications. I noticed that she was looking rather uncomfortable settling back into the soft cushions of the settee and was finding it hard to complete or control the forms so I made a little more room on the coffee table and she sat forward on the edge of the settee. Little did she know that by moving forward her light brown ample thighs had parted revealing that she was wearing stockings under her skirt which whilst I have never had lesbian tendencies, I couldn't help but notice her indiscrete revelation and I was getting a little aroused at the sight before me. Suddenly Fasima lost her balance sitting on the edge and her thighs opened further revealing open crotch panties with thick dark pink labia protruding from her thick black pubic bush and puffy ebony vagina to my fleeting gaze sending a warm wanton feeling through my saggy old vagina and clitoral area, quickly adjusting herself a highly embarrassed Fasima apologized for her indiscretion and readjusted her position so as not to reveal anymore of her undoubted charms much to my disappointment. Meanwhile I reassured her that I hadn't hardly noticed anything and not to worry as we are all women together after all and that she doesn't have anything I don't have.

My reassurance however did nothing to placate her distraught feelings and she started to cry uncontrollably, so sitting beside her I wrapped my arms around her to comfort her whilst offering her a box of tissues to wipe her eyes. An emotional Fasima thanked me for my compassion and kissed me lightly on my left cheek and her trembling hand worked its way up the inside of my parting cellulite covered thigh, allowing her fingers to probe further until they grazed against my dampening panties. Taking Fasima's head in my hands I planted an amorous kiss on her dark skinned lips before reaching out to stroke her large ample heaving breasts, forcing a groan of pleasure from her throat. This was my first lesbian encounter of any description but despite my initial nervousness I was feeling undeniably turned on at this point and pushing a confused Fasima away I verbally started to question my erotic feelings for her by asking myself:

Am I ready for a lesbian relationship having been totally straight for over forty years?

Should I ignore my doubts, go with the flow and explore the wonderful feelings now growing in my vagina?

Oh, dear god, whatever am I to do?

Turning to face a puzzled Fasima I went on to explain that whilst her advances were not without merit I had never had the experience of making love with another lady. I reassured her that she was a beautiful attractive woman who I would like to know a little better before going that final step into the world of lesbianism. Wiping the remaining tears from her reddened eyes Fasima indicated her understanding of my concerns but needed reassuring that hopefully one day we might make sweet passionate love. Whilst taking the opportunity to kiss a dormant Fasima again but this time on her pursing and pouting lips I paused to state "allowing you to run your soft hands over my inner thighs made my clitoris tingle outrageously, creating my overpowering desire to stroke your beautiful firm breasts caused my heart to flutter uncontrollably, so therefore I see no reason why we can't be very good friends if you would like?" Deep in thought Fasima seemed to hesitate to offer any kind of response to my statement but finally responded with a cheeky grin on her ebony face "I would like that very much Wendy, there is no rush to make love on my part but the occasional touchy feely session would be good, yes?" Relishing the thought of continued contact with Fasima and the hope of developing a secret erotic relationship where we can both enjoy lesbian sex without guilt. Fasima glanced up at the mantle clock and was shocked to see that my appointment had gone overtime. Making her excuses Fasima stood up and her breasts bounced as she readjusted her ruffled clothes before putting on her outdoor coat and saying "I am sorry Wendy I have to go as I have another appointment in ten minutes, I will telephone you later to make another appointment". Getting to my feet I thanked Fasima for coming and being so understanding about my feelings before engaging in a long lingering tongue tangled kiss on her gaping mouth whilst wishing her a good day and closing the front door behind her.

Suddenly the telephone starts to ring out in the hallway, I ask myself who can that be as I am not expecting any calls today. I pick up the receiver and say “hello Wendy speaking.... who is calling?” the caller is a male nurse named Tristan from Little Bush Medical Centre who explains that it is a follow-up call regarding a toe nail cutting appointment and a full body massage to help with circulation issues from some months before and do I still require an appointment for both. I explained to him that as I am putting more weight on it is impossible for me to trim my own toe nails anymore and they are getting quite long now so I really could do with some help ASAP. Tristan responded “hold the line a second Wendy and I will see what I can do” the music playing in the background seemed to go on forever then suddenly Tristan came back on the line and said “I can fit you in either at 15.30pm today and tomorrow morning for the massage, would that be ok Wendy?” I hesitated for a second or two before enquiring “Would it be possible to have the massage at the same time as the nail trim please” to which Tristan responded “Hold on a second Wendy let me see when the masseur is free”, with crossed fingers and bated breath I awaited Tristan’s response to my question. It was only five minutes but it seemed like an eternity until he responded by confirming that the masseur was available at 15.30pm before asking for confirmation that the appointment would be convenient for me. I thought for a second or two about my commitments for the rest of the day before confirming that I would see them both at 15.30pm. Tristan thanked me for making myself available, then ended the call leaving me somewhat weary for some unknown reason and in need of some rest and relaxation.

Following the events earlier in the day I sat down on the reclining armchair in the livingroom and closed my eyes and inadvertently drifted off into a deep sleep, suddenly I am awoken by a loud banging on my front door. Startled by my abrupt waking and with my heart pounding in my chest I gaze at the mantle clock which reads that it is 15.45pm and I rush to the front door to open it, standing on the doorstep is a rain drenched Tristan and Zoe the masseur who looked in desperate need of a towel to dry themselves on. Without further hesitation I invite Tristan and Zoe in and said “I am sorry both but I am feeling a little worse for wear having been diagnosed with a mild form of narcolepsy by Dr Johal only recently and closed my eyes momentarily an hour ago and overslept” to which reassuringly Zoe responded “not to worry, we are all sorted now” as she continued to dry her legs, arms face and neck off. Unfortunately, there was no way they could dry their sodden clothes with a towel so handing them both a spare bathrobe that I keep for emergencies I told them the to go into separate rooms and take their wet clothes off and put them in the tumble drier for a short while to dry as it is not nice having to sit in wet clothes for too long.

I wouldn't normally invite a twenty-two-year-old man to take his clothes off without knowing him extremely well but as we were not alone, I considered it safe to do so on this occasion, also I got the impression that a bright red-haired Tristan was somewhat effeminate in his mannerisms and his overall appearance led me to suspect that he is more than likely gay and not interested in my wrinkly old body in the slightest. Blonde haired Zoe on the other hand seemed to be a little bit more mature at I would guess twenty-five or so and appeared to be more reserved initially and showed no visible outward appearance that she was anything other than a straight female who harbours no desire to be a fur burger muncher anytime soon much to my relief. It didn't take long for Tristan and Zoe to return to the livingroom dressed in extremely loose-fitting bathrobes which did little or nothing to hide their bulges and curves as they stretched the fluffy material around themselves with tied sashes. I meanwhile left them to set up the room for my long-awaited treatment and left the room to ready myself in a fluffy white bath sheet tucked in itself just below my neckline. The fluffy white bath sheet barely covered the expanse of my large heavy swinging breasts and enormous cellulite covered buttocks when I returned in a matter of moments, before sitting upright on the edge of the portable bed that Zoe had bought with her when requested.

In my absence Tristan had been to the kitchen and returned with a kitchen chair and placing it in front of me he sat down with nail clippers at the ready. I couldn't hide my embarrassment as a waft of pungent cheesy aroma filled the air when an unexpected Tristan picked up my right foot and placed it on his thigh in preparation for trimming. I could feel the tears filling my eyes as I tried to explain to a disgruntled Tristan that my size not only prevented me from cutting my toe nails but I had trouble washing my feet too. Tristan gasped around himself looking for a breath of fresh air but there was none to be found much to his disappointment but it became evident that despite the pungent aroma filling his nostrils Tristan was getting visibly aroused by something as his penis became more visible beneath the bathrobe. Lifting my right foot, a little more Tristan accessed the job in hand but unexpectedly started to lick gently around my dirt encrusted cuticles before slipping his mouth down over the full length of my big toe and sucking greedily, swallowing the heady juice laden with my body odor and dried skin particles. I half expected Tristan to heave or throw up but it would appear that he adored the flavours of my filthy feet as he moved from dirty toe to dirty toe in search of every grain of filth lurking in the crevices. The feeling he was creating in my toes was beyond belief and the knowledge that he was drowning in the cheesy aroma only served to make my clitoris tingle and my vaginal juice trickle. Looking somewhat disappointed at getting to the last toe on my right foot Tristan proceeded to clean my left foot with the same gusto paying full attention to the wrinkled perspiring flesh in between my pungent crusty toes and the encrusted cuticles at the base of my still overgrown nails. Still not satisfied Tristan reached into his medical bag and took out a pair of nail clippers and taking my right foot in hand slowly clips away at my dead skin cell covered overgrown nail making a short but professional job of the cut before putting it in his mouth and chewing on it. He smacks his lips appreciatively as he extracts every last drop of cheesy BO and ground in dirt to savor whilst clipping the next nail in turn until finally with disappointment etched on his face his feast is at an end.

Meanwhile I could feel my senses starting to react to the impending muscular relaxation as a totally oblivious Zoe lightly poured massaging oil on my wrinkled shoulders and neck before pulling and pushing my muscles in all directions with her soft but expert fingers. No word of a lie I was in heaven, two expert probing hands massaging my extremities and a horny young buck sucking and licking my pungent toes induced a need for slumber as an unexpected bout of narcolepsy engulfs my soul and my torso falls back onto the bed in a deep deep sleep.

I felt myself getting deeper and deeper into sleep and somewhat confusingly looking back I had this dream that seeing me semi unconscious Zoe undid my fluffy white towel and having placed sweet scented oil on my sagging breasts took an orb in each hand before rolling them back and forth. My big brown nipples offered a response to this unwarranted attention and stiffened alarmingly allowing Zoe the privilege of tweaking and pinching the tight skin making me wriggle and jump in my slumber and the feeling of a growing wet patch around my lower rectal region I recall thinking during my narcolepsy induced sleep that this must be what they call a wet dream, I feel the warm wet soft lips of Zoe's mouth enveloping each nipple in turn and enjoy the sucking sensation drawing them into her velvety oral passage sending shivers of pleasure through my torso, I am getting all the excitement without any of the emotional feelings associated with love making. Mmmmmmmmm that feels soooooooooooo good, OoooooooHHhhhhhhhhh Nnnnnnnnooooo don't stop I hear myself cry out as she continues over my rolls of belly fat, pushing and probing, massaging every aching sinew getting closer and closer to my puffy stretched lady garden lying in wait for attention.

A frustrated Tristan having licked us both to happiness picked up both my feet at the same time and taking his now rock-hard penis in his trembling fingers wrapped the soles of my aged feet around it as he rocked back and forth in a love making motion pulling his tight foreskin back and forth releasing a dribble of cum from his penis hole. His breathing became more and more fraught as he dwelled on his toe sucking session and nail fest whilst making love to my soft skinned soles and stroking his trembling hands up and down my ivory thighs and enormous round buttocks. However, I sensed that Tristan was having great difficulty getting over the cum finishing line so I quietly stirred from my slumber and Tristan's instantly flaccid penis slipped from beneath the soles of my feet. Still not being too sure of his sexuality I opened my ample thighs to his gaze revealing the dark pink labia protruding from my over aroused vagina and my puckered brown asshole visible between the cheeks of my well-worn buttocks. Pulling a nervous Tristan on top of my wobbling belly and sagging breasts I waited for him to select a hole and sure enough his fast-stiffening penis wormed its way deep inside my slippery rectum. Tristan slowly and methodically pumped his hips back and forth before adjusting his position by pushing my legs skyward and taking a toe in his mouth sucked greedily in rhythm to his pumping penis.

Feeling somewhat cheated Zoe positioned her young pouting vagina over my mouth and sat her buttocks down with the tip of my nose pressing against her tight anus. Mmmmmmmm she smelled so good, hot sweet excrement aroma's emanating from her tight asshole combined with her sweet-smelling vaginal juice that dribbled down my velvety tongue was making my whole torso shake and shiver in anticipation of an earth-shattering orgasm now building in my vulva. An overexcited Zoe had leaned forward now over my rippling and wobbling torso, kissing as her lips and tongue moved lower in the direction of my wrinkled love slot, only stopping to lick the tingling head of my bright red love button as her head rested against Tristans thrusting groin. Not wishing to miss the opportunity of a lifetime I pulled Zoe's hips down so her pouting vagina grazed my lips and I sucked greedily on her pulsating clitoris causing her hips to jerk and streams of warm vaginal juice to squirt all over my breasts. Meanwhile my own orgasms had been building for quite some time now and it was all I could do to hold the tide back until Zoe rammed four fingers in and out of my aching vagina in ever increasing speed and rhythm whilst gently rubbing my inflamed clitoris as squirt after sticky squirt cascaded out of my quivering love tube.

Suddenly Tristan lost control upon hearing my encouragement “Mmmmmmmm That feels so good.... please please don't stop MMMmmmmmm cum on my feet you naughty boy”. With grunts and groans of excitement bursting from his throat Tristan withdrew his pulsating penis from my quivering asshole and a long stream of salty silvery cum squirted over the soles of my feet before forming a puddle on the bed.

Totally drained of our senses we all fell forward onto the bed curled up in little fetal love balls for what seemed an eternity not wanting to be the first to speak. Unfortunately, narcolepsy kicked in and I must have dozed off as I don't recall saying my goodbye's or thank you's to either Tristan or Zoe and when I woke up, they had gone. Zoe left a little note to say thank you for a wonderful time and to say that she would call back for the bed some other time.

I can't wait.... neither can my aching vagina!!!!


About the author

Emily Spankfirst

Born into a world of swinging on a grand scale back in the nineteen fifties I developed an over active mind for all things erotic and started out on a quest to share some inspiration with my fellow human beings through my tales of lust.

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