So Good, So Big...

by Kai Storm 11 months ago in erotic

Gushy had to adjust to make it fit!

So Good, So Big...

"As insane as it sounds, I almost went through with the decision to never fuck him again. Even though I was immediately attracted to him from the moment I saw him, never mind once we spoke to one another, his baritone voice had my clitoris trembling and his bad boy swagger made me lick my lips constantly... I was insistent on the fact that I would not fuck him ever again after the first time we did it.

He was too big for my tiny pussy.

I have to admit, I enjoyed every minute, every stroke (that could fit without hurting her), all the romantic effort he put into making sure I was enjoying him. He definitely knew what to do, how to touch 'n lick me in all the right places so my pussy came like a faucet. His dick size, though, had me feeling like he was literally knocking down walls to build new ones that would be specially curved to his massive wood. It was pleasure and pain at the same time and after one night of full on construction on my tiny 'n gushy, I seriously told him that we were done.

He laughed at me.

He insisted that we had to try and try again to make it fit.

"Once it fits," he said, "you'll get to enjoy it all... and I know you want to enjoy it all. Plus, what makes you think I would just let you walk away with all that goodness between your legs? Like, all I get is a sample? No way would I let you get away with that!"

His argument persuaded me to see it his way. We tried again and again. The moment of success happened in a bathroom as he sat on the edge of the bathtub. I slid my wetness past the mushroom tip. Thick wood filled me up so quickly that I didn't realize I took it all in. Deep inside, my wet walls hugged every inch of it and we were both pleasantly surprised by what seemed like new sensations.

Let me find out the pussy wall construction job was finally complete!

"Pussy taking all that dick now, baby!" is what he said. I moaned in agreement.

I rode it like a pro, deep strokes made me flow, the need to feel all of him increased, and not once did I want to stop, even after he released his love cream on my fertile foundation, the very same place that builds nations.

His lovemaking was that good that it had me wanting to be poetic, especially since he had a bit of a poetic talent himself. It automatically brought it out of me. He touched me like I needed him to, his stroke was timeless, and it hit all the right spots at the right time. I clearly made the right decision when I decided to not end it with him. My body would've probably went through withdrawal symptoms without my regular dose of this newfound full blown up anaconda.

"I wish I could show you how pretty your pussy juices look on my dick back here. Everything is just glistening. I got you cumming real hard, baby. I can see it and feel it!" is what he said. I moaned louder in agreement.

No more pain, walls swallowing the wood, and both me & my pussy were glad we could!

I came hard on that dick all while thinking, "Thank God for this black man!'"

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