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Sliding Through The Family!

It started as an accident & now it's a trend!

By Kai StormPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Surprisingly enough, my take on this situation I'm currently in was to never tell anyone and enjoy it for as long as I could until it no longer is a secret. What's going on you say? Is it because I have a super wet gorilla grip cat? No! Having a super wet gorilla grip cat is always a great thing to have BUT sometimes the sweetness of your juices can call to the attention of the wrong people.

I've been dating this guy named Aaron for about a year and the relationship is going great. Recently due to some financial trouble, he had to move back into his parents' house and because they already had an apartment set up for him in the basement, he moved back in with ease. His basement apartment had it's own entrance from outside therefore it made it seem like he was a tenant and not family, which was good for us as I could come and go as I please. After work, I often would get to Aaron's house before he got there so it would give me a chance to prepare dinner for him and such. While waiting for Aaron, there were times where I needed to masturbate & take the edge off from a long day at work and being able to do that in Aaron's bed always made me feel good.

Recently though, something incredible happened to me within a twenty four hour span time and the only reason I decided to talk about this was because I saw other people posting similar stories like mine on social media, which made me realize that I'm not the only one having these thoughts. It started when I caught Aaron's mom watching me masturbate...I was laying on Aaron's bed with my legs wide open, my right hand playing in my pussy juices and my left hand gripping my hard nipples. I was fully into it, swishing my wetness around my clitoris and the rubbing motion on my nipples had me about to explode when all of a sudden...I heard a noise. I looked to see where the noise was coming from and it was Aaron's mother, she was staring at me intensely and you would think that her presence would've made me stop. It didn't. The wanton look in her eye told me she was enjoying the show so what did I do at that point? I opened my legs wider so she could get a better look. Aaron's parents were true representatives of my-black-don't-crack, they exercised and took care of themselves; nothing about them was old or unattractive. Seeing his mother staring at me with lust in her eyes while I played with my pussy turned me on even more.

Aaron's mother wanted more than a show though...she wanted to drink from my fountain! She walked up to me, got in the bed with me and allowed me to cum on her face three times. It was so fucking sexy! Once her thirst was quenched, she quietly went back upstairs to her part of the house. Aaron got home about an hour later with a hard dick and dirty thoughts so after we had dinner, he had me for desert! That type of night always puts Aaron straight to bed and he's a deep sleeper aka it takes a lot to wake him up once he's down. On this particular night, I woke up in the middle of the night with an intense need for dick and was about to wake Aaron up but then I noticed I got a text message. It was from Aaron's mother and she was asking when she could get another taste of my cat. Before I could answer her, she text me again to say 'cum upstairs now and meet me in the living room'. I quickly got out of bed, threw on my robe over my naked body and sneaked out of the basement quietly. As soon as I entered the house, I saw Aaron's father sitting on the couch naked and stroking his hard dick. For a second, I thought it was some sort of set up but then all of a sudden, Aaron's mother cupped my breasts from behind me, her hand slid under my robe, feeling for my wetness and right then and there, I knew what it was. A threesome with my boyfriend's parents sounds crazy right? No way should anyone be doing this, am I right? I can't say that I agree because the dick and the combination of tongues had me on cloud nine.

Do you want to know the best part of all of this? It hasn't stopped, Aaron knows nothing about this and my pussy is getting so much attention! I got the cake, I'm eating it and I cum icing, simple as that!

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