Skin and Wood; The Best Cure for Workplace Stress

by Dan StrawberryHall 7 months ago in erotic

A Spanking Erotic Short Story

Skin and Wood; The Best Cure for Workplace Stress

“Can you come over this evening?” I tried to sound cool as I said it.

“Sure, I’ve got nothing on,” Tim said. “About two hours work for you?”

Nope. My cool lasted all of ten seconds. “Can you make is ASAP?” I asked. “It’s been one of those days.”

It really had. I’d been inundated with emails; I’d had more meeting requests than there were hours in the day. I’d suffered my colleagues’ unending stupidity; I’d discovered someone trying to steal my work. My boss had told me at the last minute I had to fly to Frankfurt on Friday to give a presentation on something I knew nothing about. My day had been filled with panic, conflict, bad surprises, and not enough coffee.

To say I was stressed would be putting it mildly. I felt exhausted, drained, but manic too. My chest was tight, my head was pounding, but I was fizzing with adrenaline. This was way beyond what the usual couple of stiff gin and tonics and a wank in the bath would fix. Hence my call to Tim.

Tim sighed. “Yeah, I can be at yours in maybe… 35 minutes.”

“You’re a lifesaver.”

“Sounds urgent,” Tim said. “Is this a skin occasion, or wood?”

“Both,” I said. “Bring both.”

“Will do. See you in 35.”

I felt better already knowing he’d would be here soon. I still felt tense and frenetic though, so I jumped in the shower to try and distract myself and to prepare for Tim’s arrival.

I bathed and scrubbed under the steaming water until I was fresh and glowing, at least on the outside. I selected appropriate underwear, I put on one of the dresses I only wore for these occasions. I put my hair up and sprayed myself liberally with my most expensive perfume.

Usually I’d offer Tim a glass of wine when he arrived, we’d chat first, but not this evening. As soon as he was through my front door, I led him to my bedroom. He understood my urgency though, we’d been here before.

Tim threw his case onto my bed, then he took hold of me. He pushed me up against the door, he kissed me hard, he took control. He did it with such confidence, I felt myself giving into him right away. I didn’t try and fight, not for an instant, not this evening.

Tim raised my hands above my head as he kissed me, as he pressed his hard body into mine. He crossed one wrist over the other, he pressed them into the door behind me. He held them there easily with one large hand. I felt trapped, my heart was pounding already.

I sighed at the feel of his lips, I pressed myself into him. Tim kissed me better than anyone; he kissed me hard, roughly, but he knew just how much pressure to apply, how much tongue to use, what it did to me when he sucked my lower lip between his and bit it gently. He pushed his leg between mine so I could grind against his thigh as he got me hotter.

The smell and the taste of Tim got me there too, it was part of it. He always wore the same fragrance, subtle, but mature and masculine, like how men are supposed to smell. There was the hint of soap too, simple and honest, and his black suit had been newly dry cleaned. I tasted expensive whisky on his breath. I felt myself melting already.

Tim ran his lips down my neck, he filled my ear with sharp whispers. “Are you my slut?”

I nodded.

“Say it.”

“I’m your slut.” I sighed as I said that last word.

“Yes, you are, you’re my little slut.” He ran his hands over the front of my dress, he squeezed my breasts hard, I moaned for him. “Who do you belong to?”

“You,” I gasped.

“And what can I do to you?” he growled.

My head swam. “Whatever you want.”

Tim slid his hand up my dress. He rubbed me through the front of my already sopping knickers as he kissed and pressed me up against the door. I moaned into his lips, I started to squirm.

He slid his hand into my underwear, I moaned loud I was so sensitive so fast. He rubbed me, he spread me open, he explored me with my fingers, he made me shudder and buck with his expert, knowing touch.

Tim got me so worked up, so quickly. He brought me to the point of orgasm in what felt like a handful of minutes with his kissing, his holding my wrists, his fingertip slipping around my clit in tight circles.

Tension filled me, it tightened deep inside, Tim took me right to the edge of glorious relief, but then he stopped. He slid his hand out of my knickers and out from under my dress.

I groaned in displeasure and desperation, fuck I needed to come, especially after a day like today, and I was so… but Tim cut my groan short by stuffing two fingers into my mouth.

He told me to suck and I tasted my pussy on his skin. I moaned, but he cut that short too, he yanked me forwards by my wrists, I screamed like a ridiculous little drama queen as he turned and threw my down hard onto my bed behind him.

I tried to roll over, but Tim was too quick. He pressed me down firmly with a hand on the flat of my back. I tried to lift myself up, but he pressed me down easily, he was so much stronger than me, I was trapped again.

Tim let me struggle, he held me there until I gave up, until I realised he was in total control. He took his hand off me, but he moved quickly. He grabbed my legs, he pulled me down with a sharp tug, so my knees came off the end of the bed. I struggled, I tried to press myself up again, to roll over, but that wide, huge, implacable hand came down onto my back again.

Panic surged within me, my heart raced, I was so vulnerable in this position. I couldn’t see what Tim was doing, I couldn’t stop him, my arse was bent over the end of the bed like I was offering it up to him. I knew what was coming, and then it did.

Tim’s free hand smashed down onto my bent arse, he slapped me so hard it felt like his hand was made of stone. I jumped in shock, I screamed in pain.

He did it again and again, Tim spanked me over and over. His hand was huge, it was unyielding, it was agony. Sharp pain surged through me with each strike, it got worse and worse as my nerves came to life.

Tim called me names as she smacked my bottom. He called a slut and a whore, he chastised me for making such a scene. He knows what that does to my head.

I yelled louder, I couldn’t stop myself. I shouted no, that I didn’t want it, I shouted for him to stop, but he laughed at me and he carried on.

Tim slapped me in a different place each time, he varied his speed, I couldn’t see him properly, I didn’t know where and when the next strike would fall. Fear joined the pulsing, hot pain and I felt myself losing control as sensation and emotions overwhelmed me. I begged Tim to stop between my shrieks, but it just made him spank me harder and faster.

Tim knows not to stop really, but he’ll keep doing whatever he wants to me unless I shout out our safe word. It adds to the fun if I fight and try to resist him too. I get really into the role – although the pain definitely helps with that. I work myself up, I genuinely get angry and frightened, even though a distant part of me knows I could make it stop.

It’s such a rush to get so emotional though, when else do you feel such livid indignation, such consuming fear and shame and excitement? Adult life is stressful and tiring, but it lacks the emotional highs of youth. Not when I’m with Tim though.

The pain gets worse, it’s blinding, literally, tears fill my eyes. The flesh of my bottom starts to throb alongside the sharp, biting pain of each strike, it starts to burn.

Tim tells me in his calm voice that this isn’t good enough though, he tells me that melodramatic little whores like me need more. I feel him take hold of the back of my dress.

I scream out “no”, I beg for him to stop, I kick my legs like a little girl, I try and roll away from him again, but Tim holds me easily. He lifts the back of my dress up slowly, he taunts me as he does it. I squirm and struggle, but the dress is loose, there’s nothing I can do.

It’s humiliating, my face burns hot like my arse. Not only am I screaming and carrying on like I’ve no shame at all, not only am I close to bursting into tears, he’s exposing me in such a crude way, I’m bent over, he’s treating me like a piece of meat. I hate it, I love it.

My dress comes up, Tim lets it fall over my back. He hooks a finger into the back of my knickers, he pulls them away from my body to tease me. I go wild, I kick, I fight, I’d spit at him if I could, I feel one last surge of defiance. It achieves nothing though. No matter how much of a scene I make, Tim simply, easily peels my knickers down and suddenly I feel so foolish, so ashamed that I’m behaving so hysterically.

Tim leaves my knickers around my ankles to further humiliate me. He tells me how pretty my bottom looks, how red it is, how it shakes and wobbles wonderfully as I struggle. A sob escapes my lips before I can bite it back.

He spreads me with his free hand, he presses one cheek open, then the other. He does it like he’s inspecting me, like I’m a farm animal he might buy, but it isn’t really that interested in.

He tells me how wet I am, that my cunt is dripping, he remarks over what a brazen little slut I must be. Tears well up inside me. He says he can see my arsehole too; he tickles it with a fingertip and the humiliation of it overwhelms me.

I burst into tears; I can’t hold them back any longer. They flow out of me in floods, I weep, I snivel without any dignity. The shame of it makes me cry even harder.

It may not sound like it to you, but this is heaven for me. To lose control like this, it’s glorious. To be filled with such emotion, with fear and shame, to have my body throbbing and quivering with pain; it’s paradise.

Some people need alcohol, some need cocaine, but pain and vivid, uncontrollable outbursts of emotion do it for me. They get me high like nothing else. Hormones flood through my body, my nerves feel like they’re electrified, everything’s more intense, colours, sounds, feelings, it’s invigorating, it’s cathartic, nothing makes me feel so alive.

Tim spanks me again, this time his skin meets my bare flesh, and the pain is staggering. He smacks me again and again and I lose any semblance of control or self-restraint. I thrash, I yell, I cry harder and harder. He spanks me until my emotions are raw, my body on fire. My head is swimming, I can’t think straight, thoughts won’t form any more, I’m just sensation. Then he slides his thumb down my soaking cunt to my clit.

You may have heard there’s a fine line between pain and pleasure, and you may be doubtful, but let me assure you, it’s gossamer thin. Pain awakens your body, it makes all your experiences more real, more intense, especially pleasure. You can’t feel the heights of pleasure without pain rousing your nerves first, like when you’re gasping and screaming as someone traps you, bares you, and spanks you without mercy.

A jolt of sensation jerks my body as Tom strokes his wet thumb over my clit. He moves again, quickly, he slides it back and forth over that engorged, pulsing, point of pure pleasure, and the coin flips over inside me. All that nerve-shredding pain instantly becomes glowing pleasure suffusing through every inch of my being.

I come so hard my vision whites out. I come so hard I thrash around with even more force than when he was spanking me. Hot, electric sensation, colour, light, it flows through me in wave after wave of bliss. It so consuming my consciousness is dissipating, it feels like I’m riding the edge of passing out.

Tim keeps stroking me as I writhe and yell, he keeps it up until I can’t take anymore. He leaves me gasping and trembling like that, bent over the bed, my bottom still bared, my knickers around my ankles still. He stands up, he opens his case. He reaches inside, he takes out a pair of black leather wrist restraints.

I feel fear again as Tim settles himself back behind me. It comes on stronger as he takes hold of one of my arms, but I don’t have the energy to fight him now, there’s not an ounce of strength left in my body. I let him bend my arm behind my back.

Tim closes a restraint around my wrist. It’s soft, the leather well used, but it holds me tight. He places my other arm behind my back, he secures my other wrist and my arms are restrained behind me over the small of my back. I was trapped and helpless before, but now I’m well and truly fucked.

Tim stands and moves back to his case. He lifts out a long, tapered, very solid looking wooden paddle. He holds it in front of my face to taunt me. He slaps it against one hand, I jump at the fierce, violent sound of it. I beg again, I implore Tim not to, I’m crying and crying, but he ignores me. He moves behind me; he positions himself on the floor next to my exposed bottom.

He waits; he lets my anticipation and my terror mount. I grow more scared with each heartbeat; I’m panting so hard I’m close to hyperventilating. Then he smacks me with the paddle.

I scream bloody murder. His hand had been sharp and hard, but the paddle is so much wider, thicker, heavier. It sends a flood of pain coursing through me; it’s duller, it doesn’t have the same edge as his hand, but it’s stronger, it’s so much worse.

I thought Tim had taken me to the apex of pain and pleasure before, but he really shows me now. I scream over and over, I beg, I sob, but he keeps on. He pushes my body and my mind to new heights; I lose myself completely to it, I’m nothing more than an animal now.

It’s torture, but of the best kind. It goes on for what feels like hours, Tim keeps spanking and spanking me with that paddle, I can’t think, I can’t speak, but when he finds my clit again I come so hard it’s transcendent.

Tim strokes me with the softest of touches and I come again and again. I go into that wonderful state where one orgasm follows after the other until they blur together. I keep coming and coming until I’m exhausted, until I feel like a trembling mess of human jelly.

He doesn’t show me any mercy though. Tim lifts me up with his hands around my waist, he tosses me forwards onto the bed. He raises my hips and shoves a couple of pillows under me to keep my arse up in the air. My hands are still bound behind my back, I’m powerless to stop him.

I hear him pulling his trousers open, his body presses against mine, Tim slides his hard, thick cock into me in one long thrust. He pushes deep, then he fucks me hard and fast without stopping. He pounds into me; he sets my orgasms off all over again.

Tim calls me names again as he ravishes me, those delicious words like harlot and bitch and whore and strumpet and slut. He slides his thumb up my arse, he pushes it in and out of me, he twists it around, he stretches and fills me in both places, he’s rough about it.

Tim fucks me hard, but he’s not frantic. He’s deliberate. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he makes my body vibrate with pleasure, he slays me.

In a final, perfect act of dominance and humiliation, as his noises reach their peak, Tim slides his prick out of my cunt and his thumb out of my arsehole. He presses the head of his cock into my loosened sphincter and he comes up my arse. It’s the absolute fucking cherry on top. I come a final time with Earth-shattering force.

Tim runs me a bath as I recover. He gets me a glass of wine, then he waits for me in the living room. He’ll be kind and gentle with me now. He’ll be attentive and loving, he’ll be the quiet, sensitive, well mannered young man he really is.

He’s more than cured me this evening. All that worry and stress has been obliterated like a New Year’s resolution on a wild night out in January. I feel light, I feel calm, I’m suffused with tingling pleasure, I’m renewed.

Yes, my poor bottom is killing me, but the dull pounding of it has an edge of pleasure still. It’s making my cunt throb in the most pleasing of ways.

I’ll have Tim attend to it with his tongue when I’m ready. He’ll stay for the night. I’ll pay him in the morning for his services. I’ll tip him handsomely.

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