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Sisters 4

fun in the middle of a interview

By Forest GreenPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Sisters 4
Photo by Semina Psichogiopoulou on Unsplash

Bruce is a journalist and for a magazine for four and a half years. He finally gets a break with the sure promise of a promotion if he can do a well perfected interview. so he managed to arrange a home interview with dakota over the phone. It is however the only way that will happen if he interviews her and her sister Elle at the interview. Elle was in town promoting the new season of her television show which had received good reviews at the point. The next day Bruce drives to the hotel where Dakota was staying for a week. She had entered under the name Mrs Wilcox and advised Bruce to address her by that to the receptionist. When he did he stated that he was doing an interview. Upon entering her room he sees that Dakota is sporting a short bob haircut and is wearing a white dress with black dots. "Hi welcome" she greets him. "Hi. Let's get started shall we?" He asked her. "Not without Elle. She should have been here now." she says looking at the clock. She then hears a knock on the door and hopes that it is Elle. She opens it and sees that it is Elle in the doorway. Elle enters and she is wearing a black sweatshirt and tights and has her long blonde hair. Dakota was shocked upon seeing what her sister was wearing. "Seriously? This is an interview" she states to her. "I just came from a game," Elle tells her. Then Elle and Dakota sit on a couch while Bruce sits in a chair across from them. He takes out a notepad and a pen to begin the interview. "So Elle, about the new season, how do you feel... " he was about to ask Elle. "Do you have a boner?" Elle asks him and he is instantly shocked and confused. He looks down at his trousers and sees that he indeed does have a boner and Elle points out how huge it is. "What kind of interview is this?" Dakota asks out of confusion. "I'm sorry. I don't know how this happened." Bruce says when he tries to cover it but fails easily. "I think I know what we can do to fix it," said Elle. She then proceeds to stand up to pull her tights down showing her round ass in a white thong. "No, put that away," said a shocked Dakota. Elle starts wiggling her ass a bit to tease Bruce even more much to Dakota's dismay. Elle then goes pull her tight completely off along with her sweatshirt and tosses them aside landing on Dakota. She then goes over to Bruce, unbuckling his pants and sees his hard cock. She starts to jerk on it for a minute. "Elle stop that." Dakota shouts at her. frustrated by this dakota then unzips her dress and it falls on the floor. She is standing in nothing but white panties and Bruce notices her. "So who do you like better?" Dakota asks Bruce while she is playing with her tits. Elle is paying no mind as she is sucking on Bruce's hard rod. Both sisters stand aside each other with their backs facing Bruce who has already removed his clothing. They both removed their panties and had Bruce wondering which one had the more curvier ass. His first thought was that they both have a similar shape. Bruce starts thrusting in Dakota's bare backside and she is moaning as he is grinding towards her hips. After he pulls out, he inserts inside elles shapely ass and grinds while holding onto her thighs. Bruce then manages to cum on both of their lower backs and is heavily panting. "Let's start this interview over, " he says after. They all cleaned up, got dressed and completed the interview. A week later after submitting it, Bruce got the promotion.


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Forest Green

Hi. I am a writer with some years of experiences, although I am still working out the progress in my work. I make different types of stories that I hope many will enjoy. I also appreciate tips, and would like my stories should be noticed.

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  • Doc Sherwood28 days ago

    I like you already! Great story, in fact I think your work is really fanning out. Don't we all wish we could have a day on the job like Bruce just did? Talk about employee incentive. In fact, if I'd been him I doubt I'd have cared whether I got the promotion or not!

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