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Sexy Prank and Where's the Vengence

Her Revenge Does Little to Punish

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 14 min read
Sexy Prank and Where's the Vengence
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

It's not just older men that lose their minds for younger women. An older woman can go stupid around younger men.

Trevor broke his leg and was laid up for two weeks at home; getting under the woman of the house's skin now that he was always there. At twenty-five, Trevor was a good-looking prize for the forty-three-year-old Vanessa but they were from different eras and lived different lives. His looks would never be an issue, as she came home to find him sitting on the sofa with his leg propped up. Even in just gym shorts and an old tee-shirt, she was happy with what she saw there. His black hair was pulled back in a tail and she did not mind the six days growth, giving Trevor a more rugged, manly look that helped bridge the gap in their appearances. If only he had something to do, other than play video games.

Vanessa, a managing partner at a real estate company, was an enterprising person that started her days at five a.m. and ended them after eleven o'clock at night. Four times a week Vanessa was out the door before five a.m. She would hit the gym and tan before grabbing a protein smoothie downtown and then heading to her office. Vanessa was usually the first one in and the last one to leave, always looking as put together at the end of the day as she did starting her day. She wore the popular looks and kept her hair done in a trendy and simple style that most women aspired to wear as well. Always the salesperson Vanessa knew the appearance of a powerful woman could also incorporate the kind of sex appeal that unconsciously controlled men. It sure worked on Trevor getting him to follow her around like a lost puppy even at her age.

The two had no problems with money, both being hardworking and successful. Trevor was good with investments, finding out early that he had a knack for the stock market. Much to his parents' displeasure, he met Vanessa at a work function and the two instantly hit it off, moving in together just four months after they started spending time together. It was a real May, December, romance that included all the heat of a scorching July summer.

Trevor broke his leg rock climbing and would be working from home for four weeks. From seven to five he was always at his desk, his leg on a pedestal. Then he moved out to play his favorite shooter games. Which, is where Vanessa found him today, as he blasted away at one of his old college friends while trying to sell him on a portfolio move for his individual retirement account?

"Well, it looks like you're having an eventful day," she told him, setting her keys on a fancy wood table by the door.

"Actually, I made thirty-five thousand myself today and moved over two million in sales today," he laughed as she stood there, mouth hanging open.

"Oh my god!" she shouted, I am so proud of you.

Vanessa showered Trevor with affectionate kisses as she congratulated him on the banner day. He was getting good enough at managing trades he was out performing even the brokers she used for her professional accounts. Trevor wasn't just the hottest guy she had gone out with, he was the most financially successful she dated in the past ten years.

"Maybe you should put that game away and let me give you a much better reward for all that hard work," she told him, kissing his neck as she reached inside the elastic of his shorts, fishing out his eight inches of manhood.

It took Trevor less than a second to think about giving up the game. He pitched the game controller and headphones into the chair to his left and leaned back against the sofa, letting his woman work her magic on him. Their lips met and the soft moistness of her lip-gloss stuck on his whiskers. Vanessa's big, brown, bedroom eyes looked into his silvery gray orbs, as she began to slide down the front of him, her knees on the floor as she slid his shorts down past his ankles. Vanessa ran her hands up the inside of his thighs, teasing him with her fancy red, painted nails. She shook her hair out, letting it fall behind her as she undid her white, business top, her black lace bra barely holding her bountiful 38C cupped breasts.

Trevor kissed Vanessa on the mouth before she pushed him back. Her tongue ran it's way down the center of his chest, her hair gliding along, teasing his skin. Vanessa wrapped her hand around his throbbing hardness, grasping it at the base, her tiny hands barely making it all the way around. She began to stroke him, up and down, rhythmically as she kissed the large, mushroom head in front of her. Vanessa ran her tongue around him, feeling his twitchiness. She was excited by the edginess her man went through as she sucked him, the way he was always out of control. She took the length of him into her mouth, slowly lowering her open lips around him, easing the stiffness into the back of his throat.

Vanessa could feel the increased spasms Trevor was experiencing as she held his balls in her hand, rolling them softly. She knew what was coming and that it was coming quickly, before she knew what was going to hit her, Vanessa pulled back at ill-timed moments and caught the first and biggest blast of cum on her face.

"Oh my…" she was silenced as the second blast hit her, followed by a third and fourth as Trevor lost control of himself.

"God, baby, you haven't even relieved yourself lately, have you," cooed the messy faced Vanessa as she wiped herself off with her shirt. "I know with the broken leg it's hard to do much but I need to take care of you a little more from the looks of that crazy eruption."

Trevor laughed aloud as he started to regain his composure. It'd been a couple of weeks since the accident and his leg was finally starting to feel better. After what Vanessa just did to him, he really wanted to go again but he noticed something that he totally forgot when she distracted him.

"Baby," he said, "You know how hot you are and how much I love you?"

"Judging me how much of you is on my blouse, you love me very much," she chuckled.

"Baby, the webcam was on during the game."

Vanessa's eyes widened as she realized she had pushed him off the game without paying much attention to anything other than the news of his banner sales day. She was wound up, admittedly, and seeing her sexy trophy after a thirty-five thousand single day total, had revved her up more than she realized. Vanessa chuckled, half trying to cover herself as she looked around behind her, seeing the camera and the onscreen image of Trevor's old college friend, Kyle Kane.

"Um…" she shyly said, "Hi, Kyle. I'm guessing you watched the entire show. So how'd it look?"

"He can hear you but without the earphones," Trevor told her, watching her shyly cringe as Kyle gave a two thumbs up and then simulate jerking off.

"I'm going to go take a shower, then hang myself," Vanessa said, rushing off laughing.

Vanessa knew that she would have to keep up with the younger generation if she was going to date so far beneath her age range. They were a much more open bunch than she remembered her friends being at the same age. Twenty years ago, she would never have given a blowjob while her boyfriend's buddy sat and watched. Now, as she had just done that very thing, she realized it wasn't that big a deal. Kyle was attractive as well. She'd fantasized about the idea of the two of them doing her at the same time, having their way with her, using her body together as they wore her out, showing no mercy.

"God, I'm such a slut," she told herself as her body told her how much she enjoyed the idea of Kyle watching, the things she would let the two do if he had been there.

The night went by with the two lovers having a quiet evening in, taking turns bringing each other to much needed orgasmic releases. With Trevor's leg broken, Vanessa would occasionally go for refreshments. Trevor slept in as Vanessa went off to the gym with Kimber, her best friend, and confidant. Their Saturday routine would have her out of the house for a couple of hours as the girls went to work out, grab coffees and then would go to one 'or the others' place and talk about their week. Vanessa had a lot to discuss, especially the story of Kyle seeing her and Trevor's indiscretion.

When they came back to the house, Vanessa was still thinking about a way to pay Trevor back for letting that happen to her. She knew, in the back of her mind, he would have known Kyle was still there. Why, why would he leave the game connected and throw his controller like that? As the two girls sat down and opened a bottle of wine, knowing Kyle was at his office desk, looking at the overseas marketing reports, Vanessa was concocting something that would catch the younger man off guard.

"I'm calling Jennifer, I want you to call Sara and have her come over," she told Kimber.

Kimber whimsically looked at her friend as she reached for her phone, "Why?"

"I want to pay Kyle back for yesterday and I've got a perfect idea," Vanessa laughed. "I just need you girls, to play along, between friends."

Sara, a Latino woman in her thirties, arrived first. Sara had jet-black hair, a Central American complexion, and perfect skin. Her large natural breasts and thick thighs gave her curves that were attractive to men and women. She dressed well and always wore clothing that showed her midriff, usually with a belly chain and pendant clinging to her tightly toned waist. When Sara arrived, the two girls dragged her out to the pool for a little early Saturday cocktail.

Jennifer arrived next and was still in her yoga outfit, a skintight black sport-bra with skintight pants that were see-thru except where a bikini bottom would be. Jennifer was forty but passed easily for twenty-five. She was a personal trainer, the girls' personal trainer and one of their closes friends. When she heard get one over on Trevor, she had a million ideas to prank their men, depending on the circumstances.

"Alright," Vanessa told them all, two bottles of wine later, "You're all on board, correct."

The girls all clapped their hands approving the plan they helped her concoct. They were going to have a little fun with the crippled boy-toy and some laughs at the same time. Vanessa knew the plan was somewhat scandalous and needed to be kept secret from the rest of the world. The girls all agreed, nothing would be said outside of the four women and Trevor.

The girls went into the house and took their positions around the living room. The sectional sofa was filled with attractive friends of Vanessa's when Vanessa called Trevor to join them. Trevor hobbled his way out to the front room, wearing just a pair of gym shorts and the cast on his leg. When he hit the room, saying hi to the girls, he sat back in the open chair.

"What's going on Vanessa?"

Vanessa bit her lip, having a momentary surge of nerves before she answered her paramour.

"Honey, I have been telling the girls about your naughty little prank from yesterday," she said.

"Shit," he sighed.

"You should be ashamed," Jennifer scolded.

Kimber added, "Why would you do that to someone that you care about?"

"I'd throw your ass out, believe that," Sara told him before carrying on in Spanish.

Trevor took Vanessa by the hand and promised it was an accident because it was so in the spur of the moment. He swore he'd never do something like that again.

"I think we need to have an even slate, something that puts us on a clean footing. Don't you?" she asked.

Trevor wasn't sure what to say. An even playing field would make sense. What, however, did she have in mind? No playing along wouldn't do anything but make things tense so he nodded his head.

"Sure baby, whatever you want to do," he told her, sipping from the glass Kimber poured for him.

"That's good to hear," she smiled. "I want you to lie on the table," she explained, pointing at the coffee table in front of them all.

Trevor had no idea what he was getting himself into but played along. He couldn't imagine what kind of things she had thought of to get even. Getting to his feet and over to the table, he positioned himself in the center, sitting across from the girls. He asked her, what now, and was surprised to hear the response. She ordered him to take off his shorts. All of the girls seemed to be in on what was coming so he thumbed the waistband and worked them down his legs. Sara was nice enough to help him get them off the leg in the cast.

Once his shorts were off, the girls helped position him on his back, his legs stretched out to one side of the room and his hands at his side.

"Stay just like that," Vanessa ordered, giving him a kiss after and playfully teasing his cock to a hardening point.

When she sat down, Kimber took a turn, playfully funning her fingers up and down the length of his shaft. Vanessa quietly rooted her on. Kimber was the most curious about Trevor, seeing him without clothes on had pushed her over the edge and she was fully committed to making this hard on the young man. She held him in one hand while cupping and playfully squeezing his balls, forcing a moan from his lips.

"It's alright baby, I enjoyed yesterday, even the parts I didn't know I was being watched during. Just lay there and enjoy," she told him.

Jennifer was next and the tightly built blonde dove right into the idea of teasing Trevor but she intended on being merciless. She'd gone to the kitchen and opened up a can of pineapple. Bringing it to the living room, she wrapped his entire cock in pineapple rings, causing it to stand up erect.

"Ooh," the girls all clapped.

"Well, ladies, who's in the mood for some pineapple," she said, getting down beside the table.

The girls all looked at Vanessa, who gave an approving nod before they all got down and took turns nibbling. They knew that Trevor was going nuts, four gorgeous women treating him this way. Each of them nibbled around the top, taking time to graze their tongues over the head as they playfully teased him. It wasn't long before the four women had eaten the pineapple off his manhood and had him squirming around on the table like a teenager about to explode.

Vanessa stood up, now bottomless, and squatted over Trevor's face. She enjoyed the sensation of the stubble on his face against the sides of her inner thighs. It tickled, not crazy laughter but erotically. She told the girls to have fun and Sara started stroking Trevor's cock on the table while the other two girls played with his balls. It wasn't long before Sara bent over, taking him all the way in her mouth, stroking up and down as she sucked his cock. Trevor was working his tongue up and down Vanessa's clit as she bucked against his face, practically twerking through her orgasm. It made Trevor explode on the girls, Sara, Jennifer, and Kimber simultaneously catching shots of him on their faces.

As the dust settled and Vanessa went back to the sofa to sit down Trevor looked around the room and asked, "What the hell was that all about? Was that what made us even?"

"Nooooo," Vanessa answered. "Placing the video on the internet, that's what makes us even. You're buddies got to watch me so now the world will be able to watch you."

Kyle couldn't believe what had happened. He thought about objecting but got his shorts back on and hobbled back to his office. Once there, he picked up his phone and called his friend Kyle.

"Well, Vanessa got even with me for yesterday," he told Kyle.

"Oh, shit, what did she do to you?"

Trevor laughed, "Planned an orgy with three of her hottest friends."


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I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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