Sexy Clips (Pt. 2)

by Hope Talbott 2 years ago in erotic

I'm writing an erotic book and wanted to share some of what I've wrote with you.

Sexy Clips (Pt. 2)

Rain hitting the asphalt and cement filled the air with the smell of the city as cars flew by on this quiet night. This was the smell she knew and loved. It was really not pampered to the ideas of newcomers to the city. The humid air made her skin feel sticky and dirty.

Like the "walk of shame" without any of the fun.

Her knee-high boots and raincoat covered most of her. Her black shorts pocket against her milky legs lit up with a buzz.

When the blue light hit the umbrella from the message he'd sent, her blood boiled red.

“I saw you out my office window. You’re wearing that outfit again and I can’t keep doing this. I’m done, we’re done.” Jim.

She froze in her tracks. Scarlet looked down at herself as if she wasn’t sure she was the 5’6” brunette beauty she kept seeing in the mirror.

She shook her head. Nope, still hot… and still going to rock this outfit even if he doesn't like it. The only thing that’s changed from this morning is that now I’m going to rock it without guilt.

She returned the phone to where it previously had been and turned around to go to the club; heels clicking with the sound of power returning to her.

“No matter, revenge sex has always been my favorite,” her voice purred as a smile twitched back on her face. People started to line up behind her. This was the best spot to party in town; she made her way into the flashing lights.

I’ve spent the last two years in a two-position sex life. Time to mix things up.

An old college roommate was dancing in a cage.

“Cock tease,” her voice was a whisper, though it didn’t matter with all the music.

Scarlet wasn’t here to tease. She was here to hunt. There was a man at the bar leaning up against the wet oak, also scoping out the place.

Too cocky.

She pulled her coat off to reveal a tight, red tank top that showed off her hourglass figure. The man who took her coat and gave her a number was wearing a wedding ring. Two other men walked in, but had ladies glued to them. A man in the middle of the dance floor was definitely gay.


A well-built man with surfer's hair strut onto the floor. When he started dancing she was able to make up her mind pretty easily—even the gay guy was honing in. She started in for the crowd and she was able to lock eyes with him.

Let the hips do the work.

He made his way to her once she hit the floor. In the flashing of lights and bodies in the room, his hands reached out, grabbing her and pulling her close to him. Her hands reached out too to catch herself on his chest.

“Ooo,” she raised an eyebrow at him.

His muscles were rippling and firm. She got a quick glide over his body before he spun her around. This presented a perfect opportunity to show off her ass and it’s skills. Scarlet bent low, popping her booty out and grinding on him. He kept in rhythm with her nicely. That was great news for later. He placed his hand on her back and kept her low.

Oh, I’m going to give it to you.

While she was down there she figured she’d perk up her girls. The song changed and she was able to spin around to face him. The light caught his eyes to show off their brilliant green glow. His chiseled jaw and stubble complimented them well. Her leg hooked around him, allowing her to grind on him with the beat of the music. Their bodies touched and rubbed against each other. After several songs, they were unable to tell who was more sweaty.

A smile was on her face that hadn’t been there in a long time. She missed feeling this free. His arms wrapped around her to hold her close his body. He wanted her and he wanted her close. She could feel his growth hiding in his jeans. After two more songs, she wanted a drink and motioned for him to follow her to the bar.

“You’re a good dancer,” his voice was hoarse over the fading music.

“Thank you, handsome,” she smiled back at him.

When they got to the bar, she leaned over to pop out her butt in those black shorts. The beautiful women could feel the burn of his eyes on her.

“Two shots of tequila.”

She pulled the cash out of her bra. Pablo, the regular bartender, was working. He recognized her right away and got her double shots for her money's worth. She winked when he started pouring past the regular limit. When she was single and free to do as she pleased, Pablo and Scarlet would talk for hours on the other side of the horseshoe bar. He made her favorite Long Island’s, and knew when she wanted to taste the regret she would be feeling in the morning.

She handed the other shot to Mr. Hot body.

“Aren’t I supposed to buy you drinks?” That puzzled look meant that this hadn't happened to him before.

“You can.”

She threw her's back and watched his eyes get wide. His hand had been reaching for the salt on the counter.

“But I’m not big on that particular stereotype.”

This man’s pride was bigger than his taste in alcohol. He left the salt and lime alone then threw the shot back. This made Scarlet laugh out loud as his face didn’t get the memo about his pride.

This is going to be so easy. “I’m going to ride you till the sun comes up, let’s go.” Her hand slid over his manhood and she could tell he was getting ready for this experience.

He was immediately on board. Those green eyes seemed to be longing for a new adventure. He nodded to the door to head out.

Her white teeth shown almost like a wildcat. This stranger is going to give you a hell of an adventure.

The two walked to her apartment and went inside. They strolled over to the elevator and she pushed the button. His hand crossed over her lower back to feel the arch in her smooth back and two small dimples at the base of her spine.

When the doors opened they walked in calmly, but the doors didn’t even shut before he picked her up and pinned her to the wall. The wet coat hit the floor hard so she could use both arms and have nothing in between them.

“Damn, I wish I lived on a higher floor.”

She hit the "3" with the heel of her leather boot.

His strong hands felt her body. Passion steamed off of them and scorched the reflective gold surface around them. He lifted her shirt up and the smooth surface was ice cold, sending goosebumps all over her and hardening her nipples even further. Her long legs wrapped around his small yet strong waist. It wasn’t close enough. She craved more and so did he. The floors tinged and neither bothered to care if someone wanted on. If they got caught, they got caught, and wouldn’t give a shit, this was their moment.

He kissed her lips, his breath was heavy and tasted like alcohol. His lips were thin and she felt her full lips consume his. Her red lipstick stained him just a little when they pressed against each other.

His dick was hard for her and she could feel it searching for a hole to call home. The rapid little thrusts he was making into her clothed body sent warning signals through her saying that her clothes didn't have a chance against that monster.

The doors opened, they both looked over, just to be sure no one was there. It was her floor. He bent down and grabbed her coat with one hand while holding onto her ass and doing a perfect squat back up.

“Three?” he double checked with her. As he kicked out so the door could bounce off his foot and stay open.

“Mmhmm,” Scarlet bit her lip and prepared herself to be set down.

He tightened his grip on her upper thighs and stepped out of the elevator. “Which way?”

“Left,” she moaned in his ear.

His legs got weak as he took off, so she knew that was working.

“Four doors down,” she ended the sentence with moaning to really drive it in.

His hands found her ass and gripped it hard.

He stopped in front of the door. “This it?”

“Yes, sir.” She tried to wiggle herself down, but he kept a grip. “Come now,” she looked at him playfully. “I need to open the door.”

He sighed as he went to put her down. She had a seat that helped to hold her up that she had to shimmy off.

The apartments walls were either thick or no one ever made any noise in the other rooms, so she wasn’t really worried. Plus she’d been in a really boring relationship, only ever having sex twice in her apartment and that really needed to change.

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