Sexy Chocolate P***y!

by Kai Storm about a year ago in erotic

Flavorful, Juicy, & Crowned Royal!

Sexy Chocolate P***y!

Her name is Queen and as royal as her name sounds is exactly how she moves. A DON'T TOUCH ME UNLESS YOU'RE WORTHY vibe rolls with her thick thighs as she moves through the streets and you'd better come correct when approaching her because she has some particular rules that you must abide by. How did these rules come about and what exactly does her rule book say? Let me tell you a little story before we get into all of that.

Queen was in a relationship with an old school Jamaican man and she loved him. He didn't have a job per say...he hustled for a living and always brought all the money home to her and their household. He treated her like her name; everything was on a queen level and/or queen like and just like the commercial, anything else would be uncivilized. Their sex life was old school too, absolutely nothing outside of the norm and Queen was very comfortable with that lifestyle. Her Jamaican man never cheated on her and she never had a reason to cheat on him. Before her Jamaican man, she was with a guy that she was very sexually active with on all levels but their imminent break up was mainly because every time Queen sucked his dick, she smelled another woman's pussy on it. He would deny it of course but that didn't award him a pass to fool her so when she got together with her Jamaican boo, she was quite fine with him never wanting or asking for oral pleasures. As far as oral pleasures being awarded to her, she kind of made herself forget how much she enjoyed it. Based on the fact that her Jamaican boo had plenty of 'level pipe' (as he liked to call it) and when they did have sex he would roughly bend her over, open her up as wide as he could and slam it into her while saying things like "meh ago re-arrange all of yuh insides" she was sexually satisfied and had no desires for the extra curricular activities. That is...until her clitoris reminded her that not only did it exist but also felt neglected in the process.

How did this reminder come about? Let's get further into the story.

One night while sitting up late watching television by herself in the living room while her Jamaican boo slept in their bedroom, a short movie came on and it had a scene where two women were kissing passionately. Seductive music started playing while the women were undressing each other which was the clear lead to a love making scene and Queen couldn't help herself. She was fully turned on and the craving to see what happens next crept in.

The vision of full brown lips connecting with perked up nipples and pink tongues flickering against Nutella brown skin had her soaking/making a wet spot on the couch. It didn’t bother her that she was watching a sex scene with two women never mind getting turned on by the scene. All she saw was two people engaging in a type of love making that she had not experienced in a long time. A zoomed in moment where the one woman wantonly dived her face into the other woman’s pussy, the release of seductive moans into the air and the suckling sounds of a clitoris getting a tongue massage had Queen massaging her own clitoris. A discovery of hidden desires released as her orgasm built up towards its peak and when she finally came down, she was amazed to see her juices all over her hand. As she licked her hands clean, she made some important life decisions. Rule number one: make it clear that her pussy was chocolate and Rule number two: it should be licked as such. Hence, the tattoo was important. It might not be fancy but it is true!

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