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Sexual Fantasy

Rated R, Explicit language

By Emerly MartisPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Sexual Fantasy
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The last time I seen you was 8 years ago as my baby father's best-friend. I had some feelings for you but you pushed me away to protect your best-friend's feelings you graduated and left your best-friend and I to get more closer together. I was crushed because we became very close and also you became my best-friend to. May 13,2021 I saw you again and I was already going through something with a guy I was dating but as soon as I saw you again my heart froze and my pussy was aching with that huge smile and loving embrace you gave me it's been a while since I had someone held me so tight and it felt like you would protect me from the whole world. You opened the door for me and as we got in and drove off you asked me "Where to?" I said confident "I have a nail appointment but you can take me somewhere private". You responded "I got you" by the look on your face and the smell that your cologne brought in the atmosphere I swear my pussy was dripping and throbbing. We finally arrived to our destination and you expressed the feelings you had for me since the first day you met me. I was stunned I grabbed my phone out my pocket and see if the loser I was with returned the 5 missed calls I gave him. He didn't which I was so disappointed I was thinking why I wasted 8 months of my life for someone who doesn't care? But here you are Luis in-front of me seeing the pain I'm in and pushed me against the car held me by the waist and tongue my shit down. I was so shocked and pushed you off and said, "I can't...I have a boyfriend." You apologize immediately and you opened the door for me then came around you said "I am sorry. I couldn't control myself." My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to come out of my chest my pussy was dripping like a uncontrollable faucet but I kissed you back and this time I wasn't stopping I know I cheated on that fuck nigga but honestly I don't give a fuck! As we kissing you pulled my chair to lean back and you fingering me with rapid speed and the butterflies in my stomach the windows started to get fogged up I pushed you off and unzipped your pants and had your dick so far down my throat...... I can’t believe everything happened so fast in your god mother’s car. I was so shocked I asked you to take me home. I felt like a slut but you felt like home to me. I didn’t mean for anything to happen. I mean I was already in a relationship that’s the first time I ever cheated on anyone my heart was destroyed I felt like it was pounding through my shirt. We have finally arrived infront of my building and all I was.thinking about how can I take the cheating filth off. You opened my door and held my hand so I can get out the car. That moment I felt like a Queen being trapped away from her king which was you you are. My king my knight and shining armor getting ready to risk it all like Bonnie and Clyde. You gave me a small kiss and said “ I don’t regret anything and I do not want to lose you. You are my best friend”… All I’m thinking is Hmm a best friend a king a man that knows how to treat a woman and knows how to fuck.


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