Sexual Desire

by Sara Bevins 10 months ago in erotic

Greg had a sexy boss named Mary. They had lots of sex in her office until they got caught.

Sexual Desire

There he was in his suit and tie when his boss grabbed him by his tie into her office and locks the door behind her. Kissing him oh so heavenly, taking off his black jacket, slowly unbutton his white shirt, and seeing his tan abs. She takes a deep breath, stroking her hand down his chest. Taking off his shirt so she can get a better view. She was getting turned on and started to bite her lip.

She unbuttons his pants, pulls down his underwear and puts her mouth on his shaft. Slowly going up and down, swirling her tongue in circles, looking up at him to see his face with pleasure. He pushed everything off her desk and put his sexy boss on it. He puts his shaft into her and thrust his hips while holding onto the desk. She scratches his back leaving her mark. The intensity between them was incredible. He then ejaculated all over her. Time to clean up their mess and get back to work. She wipes off his sperm and cleans his up with her tongue. He puts his clothes back on and helps Mary puts hers on as well.

They didn't want to be a couple, they just wanted to have sex with each other, a lot of sex actually. They have sex every day at the office. Greg thought it would help his work ethics, but Mary just wanted the feeling of being with a man without any strings attached. Greg loved going to work just so he could have the intimacy with his boss.

They continued their day like any other. After a long day, Greg wanted a second round. He knocks on Mary's door with that sexy look in his eye and she knew exactly what he wanted. Greg couldn't wait any longer. He closed the door behind him and pulled Mary's black skirt down.

He began to lick all the right places. Mary was sitting on the desk. When she was leaning back enjoying the little gift Greg was giving her, Mary's hand accidentally hit the phone button that put her on speaker all over the office. She didn't even notice, she was to busy getting enjoyment out of Greg, moaning and telling him more.

The whole office was in shock but knew why Greg went to her office so much. Mary couldn't take the torture any more she made Greg get up. He then bends her over her desk and takes her from behind. Pulling her hair thrusting deep inside her, She couldn't help to moan his name as he goes deeper. She claws her desk, while her eyes roll back in her head. She's never felt so alive. They both moan and wanted more. He placed his hand on her shoulder thrusting her body on his and once again they both climax. Trying to hurry to get their clothes back on and fixing her hair to look like they just had a business chat.

They finished getting ready and walk out of the office. Their co-workers began to stand up, but no one said a word. Mary's face turned blood red, she knew they had an idea of what was going on. Mary and Greg agreed not to use her office anymore but the closet in her office. Rather anyone knew or not they still had a sexual desire for one another that wasn't gonna go away.

The next day, she called Greg to her office closing the door behind them. She takes him into the closet where she put a chair for Greg. She takes off his tie and blindfolds him, Mary makes him sit down, while she goes down on Greg sucking his shaft, slowly teasing his so much. Mary got up and sat on him, she then started to bounce her booty on his shaft, pressing his head against her chest. She would go faster until they both got off. She took off his blindfold and Greg was all smiles. They got back into the office and acted like they had a conference.

No matter who knew about their sexual relationship they weren't going to stop the sex was too amazing to just give up. They continued to have sex every day at work sometimes twice a day.

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