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A Guide to Sex Toys

Over the years the bonding between men and women has had special implications. Although romance, care, and several aesthetic aspects have great value in the majority of the bonds, none of them are devoid of pleasure or passion. 

Every individual at some point in life has felt or feels wanted; however, some suppress their true feelings while others embrace the opportunities at hand to satisfy that urge.

As of now, the orientation has been varied but the feeling is still the same and every individual wants to be satisfied, even if they are alone.

With the help of modern technology, it is not that difficult either, because these days numerous toys of varied nature have come up to fulfill that longing pleasure.

In the crudest aspect, these are referred to as sex toys, as they satisfy or tend to calm the carnal pleasures that the human body had been awaiting. Moreover, there are various genres of these toys, ranging from toys for men to that of women and some to pleasure both as couples.

The variety is also well sorted in a guide to sex toys considering that they have been designed and built keeping in mind the necessity of individuals.

With proper guide individuals, who are new to the utility of these toys, would find it much easier to understand the exact purpose of every toy.

They would know which toys may be used for men and the ones for women; accordingly, they can take their pick or even get one for their partner’s pleasure.

The toys come in really handy when you are unable to feel the same pleasure while having sex; with the use of these toys, one can fantasize and reach similar heights of ecstasy as it would have been while engaging in torrid sex.

If you have a guide to sex toys you can choose the ones that would satisfy your desires.

Furthermore, there are different kinds of toys for regular as well as anal pleasure. The designers have built the toys with special thought of the sensations and pleasure points for both men and women.

Each toy is specifically built with explicit curves or bulbous contours to heighten the pleasure of your partner or hit the pleasure points or even cause greater friction and stimulate extensive arousal.

A guide to sex toys has it all mentioned in it and maybe available over the internet very easily. However, some are misleading; thus always take a second opinion or find it out with your own hands and then judge.

Nevertheless, it is true that the ecstatic pleasure provided by some of these toys may not be provided by your partner during real lovemaking.

Things You Should Know Before Using Toys on Your Partner

Have you wondered why your boyfriend has been spending long hours at the bar with friends, or why your wife develops a headache every time you initiate sex? All of us look forward to changes in our monotonous lives and the same theory applies to sex.

After being together for a while, couples get well acquainted with each other’s moves and they begin to get repulsed with the idea of having the same kind of sex night after night. This is the best time for using sex toys on your partner. You will be amazed to see how this little change will bring back the lost spark in your sex life.

Most of us look at sex as a daily ritual when it should be fun and entertaining. The markets today are choc a block with sex toys which are so simple yet so effective in ensuring a steamy sex session.

It is a common myth that using sex toys on your partner means you are not satisfied with him/her. The reality however is that by buying a sex toy, you are taking efforts to ensure that your partner is completely satisfied in bed.

Initiating the use of a sex toy in bed is generally the trickiest part. The first step towards doing this is to have a frank chat with your partner and explain to them why and how do you think the toy will improve your lives.

Once both of you have agreed to give this a try, have a discussion on what kind of sex toy to buy after taking into consideration both your needs and preferences.

Consideration for both the partners’ needs is essential while using sex toys on your partner. Also, figure out if your partner is allergic to any material that is used in the making of the sex toys.

Experts are of the opinion that first-time sex toy users should always opt for simple and easy to use devices so that they do not waste too much time getting comfortable. It is also advised that you must try using the sex toy alone before using sex toys on your partner. This way, you will have a clear picture of the use of the toy and you will be able to teach your partner correctly.

Finally, when the time comes for you to use the toy with your partner, choose a time when both of you are relaxed and there is no rush. While using sex toys on your partner, make it a point to be patient with your partner.

The toy is a means to make your sex life fun and not stress you out.

Gain knowledge of how to use the toy together and derive maximum pleasure out of it. This exercise will help both of you bond and also spend quality time.

For the First Time

Several individuals across the globe have been enticed by the idea of feeling the passion of the bare skin coming together. Sex is no more a taboo for the youngsters or the elder generations; people are quite comfortable in proclaiming their desires openly. Thus it is obvious for them to agree on their needs and urges in front of all.

However, there are many who have the same urge and cravings, but they do not want to give in to them. Some do this on moral grounds, others out of fear of what might become of them and few do not know what is to be done under such circumstances.

As there is a first time for everything, these individuals need to understand that people have to perform the act of sex once in their lifetime unless they remain celibate throughout their life.

Even under such circumstances having self-instigated pleasures would not be a breach of celibacy; especially on such occasions, people may use sex toys for the first time if they want it that bad. Even for the individuals who have had sex and are feeling lonely or the ones who cannot live without the feeling of sex, the usage of sex toys may be the only mode of relief.

It is natural that while using sex toys for the first time there would be an air of anxiety around the people who are not used to it. For them, after they have used it – it will turn them into sex slaves for the toys.

The immense orgasm, with the varied sensations that can be changed periodically, can be provided by no individual partner. Even the most promiscuous of people do not have the opportunity to enjoy such multiple and varied options with them.

The pleasure that is delivered by these toys also ranges from soft to hard eroticism, which is also preferred by some.

However, it is important that while individuals are at it, they find the sex toy that suits them the best and also make sure that they handle them with care.

Since these are toys and at times made of fragile materials, there might be chances of accidents.

Thus, even if you are buying sex toys for the first time, make sure that they are safe and pleasurable at the same time. You would always want your partner to have something just like that. At times when your partner is away, you can have a toy for yourself and play with your pleasures.

It varies from person to person as to what they would buy; some buy toys of bondage while others for pure romance.

There may be people buying toys to intensify both their pleasures during lovemaking, while others come to get toys to drive their loneliness away with mind-blowing orgasms.

Have Better Sex with Toys

Every relationship is based on emotional as well as physical bonding between the two partners. Thus if anyone is in jeopardy the relationship tends to wane a bit and for that purpose, it is necessary for the individuals to bring in the extra flavor.

If the physical aspect is falling apart; sex is not as good as it was initially, it is time to try something new – something that would revive the feelings of your early days, when you could not remain separated. With the recent ease of availability, one may have better sex with toys that are specially designed for this purpose.

There are various kinds of toys and furniture to spice up the sex life of individuals. Initially, these toys had been designed for serving the necessity of those who would love to have the same feeling as sex itself, without actually engaging in it.

Later on, as time passed, variations came along, and now toys are being designed keeping in mind the necessity of both the partners. Some of the playthings are solely designed to be used during the course of sex between the partners.

Some people enjoy the aspect of sodomy and enjoy being tortured with whips and cuffs, others love the idea of being penetrated at all ends and there are some, who love to get their partners aroused before having sex.

In all these scenarios individuals may have better sex with toys, as they help you to add these extra zing and spice to the art of lovemaking.

Since there are numerous toys available, you can use them from time to time for experimentation purposes. You never know what you or your partner is really cut out for, until you have tried out all the options available.

Especially while having sex if a woman has a vibrator inserted in her anal track and is being done by her partner with a bulbous vibrating penis-sleeve, the vibrations from the objects across the thin membrane, sends raptures of orgasmic pleasures throughout the body of both the individuals.

Moreover, if you want your partner to be horny for you throughout the day allow them to wear the vibrator undergarments at all times and keep regulating their vibrating pulses.

Make sure that you do not force them to go overboard and have an orgasm; in this manner when they return they would not wait for anything but their partner in bed with them.

Like this there are several other ways in which you can have better sex with toys; even for some who are apprehensive of anal sex, having anal beads down your back-track helps you enjoy later when you are actually engaging in it.

The Ecstasy of Using Sex Toys in the Bedroom

While in bed, all of us want our partners to be as aroused and as satisfied as we are. Unfortunately, reaching orgasm is not as easy for women as it is for men. A man can get sexually aroused by the mere sight of a woman, whereas a woman needs a lot of touching and cuddling to be able to climax.

According to statistics, only 30% of women have been able to reach orgasm by intercourse alone. To ensure that your woman does not fall into this list of unsatisfied women, introduce sex toys in the bedroom to give her sinful pleasure every single time.

Most men get excited so quickly that they want to waste no time in doing the deed. Women, however, look at sex more emotionally. They need a right atmosphere along with a lot of romance to get in the mood.

Another problem that prevents both partners from reaching orgasm together is that a man reaches climax much sooner than a woman. Once he is done, the man is generally too tired to do anything to please the woman.

Hence, it is advised that the woman should reach orgasm before the man. However, if you wish to give your woman some carnal satisfaction even while you are getting busy with her, sex toys in the bedroom are the best choice you can make.

Toys such as vibrators are perfect stimulators for women, as they apply the right amount of pleasure in the most coordinated manner, which is impossible for a man to do.

Toys of this sort assist the man in gratifying the woman before and during intercourse. The orgasms that a woman experiences with the use of sex toys in the bedroom are more powerful and exciting. The best part is that the man can stimulate the clitoris of the woman with these toys even while intercourse.

There is no doubt that sex toys make the sex life of a woman extremely thrilling and sensational. However, it will be wrong to say that these toys are meant only for the benefit of women.

There is a huge variety of toys, which are meant to offer satisfaction to the man as well. Just like vibrators for women, there are vibrators that stimulate the G-spot of men (yes, they have one too). The other types of toys for men are masturbation sleeves, oral sex toys, vibrating masturbators, sex dolls, and so on.

For the mutual pleasure of both partners, one must introduce sex toys like erotic games, sexy DVDs, and so on. At first, people are a little hesitant to make use of these sex toys in the bedroom.

However, once they experience the level of satisfaction that these little devices can deliver, they never want to have sex in the old school style.

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