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Sex Rituals and Holy Jesus

by Roscoe Forthright 2 years ago in religion
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The Rites and Doctrines of Roscoe Forthright

A Bird Sings in A Forest

Five Principal Rites of the Roscoe Forthright

1. Blessing of the Sacred Phallus

2. Blessing of the Sacred Vagina

3. Fulfillment of All Vows (any position of sexual union)

4. Drinking the Nectar (oral sex with a vagina)

5. Drinking the Sacred Cream (oral sex with a phallus)

We will examine these rites in reverse sequence. Rites no. 5 and no. 4 are linked directly to Tantric Buddhism, the text Abhinavagupta: The Kula Ritual, in Chapter 29 of the Tantrāloka. (ca. 1000 CE):

“Therefore, understanding the supremacy of the offering chalice, he should be without doubt or inhibition with regard to these substances that have been taught [for worship] here by Śiva—for inhibition would defile [the rite].

In other words, if one feels any inhibition in consuming the “products of bliss” (sexual fluids: semen or vaginal fluid), one cannot perform the rite. Roscoe also includes this understanding. The participants must be entirely OK with what they are doing, when licking a vagina or sucking an erect cock. We live just over one thousand years after the mystic and philosopher Abhinavagupta wrote and spoke the ideas in Chapter 29. Roscoe's ideas therefore, are nothing new at all. Roscoe's philosophy is simply a re-birth of very old ideas, presented in very modern ways~~ with high resolution video and audio, with naked, attractive well-fed American and Canadian females!

The Second Doctrine takes the form of aphorisms or koans, short mystery texts, which are effective as electric jolts, which require the reader to pay attention and use their creative imagination to tease out various meanings. Inspired by the succinct communication of thrushes, Roscoe chose to call these aphorisms, Forest Songs. (The reader is encouraged to find online recordings of the veery, hermit thrush and wood thrush.)

* * *

Forest Song no. 7

1. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, were your Rites and Doctrines revealed to you by God or His Messengers? ~ And the Master replies: “My Rites and Doctrines have been revealed by all gods and all their sacred messengers, over thousands of years.

2. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, how do you know your spiritual experiences and revelations are real, and not a fantasy created by your own imagination? ~ And the Master replies: “You ask this question only because you have had few religious experiences, or because you do not recognize your own spiritual experiences. You hear a wood thrush and think, 'That is a wood thrush, only one small bird in a small forest on a small planet.' “

3. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, please tell me why few other religions practice sexual rituals.~ And the Master replies: “Few religions have learned to harness the innate spiritual power of human sexuality. The leaders of most religions feel impotent and threatened by any spiritual power which remains entirely outside the control of their traditions, rites and doctrines. Marriage ceremonies were invented as an ritualized attempt to control sexual behavior.”

4. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, what is the role of governments in the forward progress of human civilization?~ And the Master replies: “Government exist to keep the lights turned on, to provide a framework of civil laws for the smooth working of society, and to some extent provide military protection from outside aggressors. (The military role is often far over-rated.) Governments have no cause to meddle in the personal lives of their citizens. Governments do not exist to make a few people wealthy, while enslaving millions of citizens. Many 21st Century government leaders hold inaccurate views of their role in human civilization.”

5. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, while preaching your gospel, you operate without a Church organization, without pieces of real estate, without large bank accounts. Would your Rites and Doctrines touch more lives as an organized, wealthier religion?~ And the Master replies: “Maybe. I enjoy real estate and a good bank account as much as any person. But often, those become impediments to teaching, burdens and distractions. Wealth creates an illusion of separateness. A homeless man looks through an open car window, at the happy man and woman inside a Porche, and feels no spiritual connection. The man and woman also feel no serious spiritual connection, even when they donate money to the Church Shelter. An average Christian mega-church reaches more parishioners each week than I do. But, what exactly do those churches teach all those people?”

6. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, what makes you believe your Rites and Doctrines carry value not found in Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Wiccan, Sikh or Pagan rites and doctrines?” ~ And the Master laughs, saying: “My young one, I am not going for a Doctrine-of-the-Century Award! I compete with no other religion or philosophy. My Rites and Doctrines are relevant only because they work. My Rites and Doctrines help some Seekers toward Oneness. I notice, some famous religious faiths divide people, keep them in perpetual separateness, and teach little about Oneness.”

7. A novice will ask: “Master Roscoe, if I submit to your beliefs and practice your Rites and Doctrines, will I become a better person and have a happier life?” ~ The Master replies: “I promise no noticeable improvements in your moral, emotional, physical or social life. Unlike some religions, I make no promises I cannot keep. I offer a collection of ideas, several rituals and doctrines to improve your spiritual life. What you do with those ideas, how you practice the rituals and doctrines, and the results of your thoughts and actions are entirely choices and results of your free will. Free will is the operative sacred precondition of any spiritual experience. Unlike some religions, including the modern religions of science, technology and psychiatry, I never say 'My way is the only way to attain accurate descriptions of reality or peace-of-mind, or Salvation or Oneness'. “


About the author

Roscoe Forthright

Erotic filmmaker and novelist. I use x-rated heterosexual short films as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. Laugh all you want. This actually works for many people. Fucking is universal! And very popular!

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