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Nothing Compares To Sex With a Beautiful Woman

By Princess Jekey-GreenPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Nothing can compare to sex with a beautiful woman.

I said it.

I mean a really beautiful woman. Make no mistakes, beauty is purely contextual, defined according to the beholder's desires, cravings and fantasies.

A man might love his woman plump, well-rounded, with curves and edges in the right places. A well place mound and beautiful areolas on her chest, hips that were well moulded by her mother during her nurturing days and oh, her carriage and poise.

Another man might like her slender, petite and carriable. You know, the ones with long legs that can send a man dreaming, very pointed breasts and tout nipples that are always beckoning on you to be devoured.

Whatever man you are, this woman is your definition of beauty and it is valid. They stir up passion, want and desires in you at the slightest thought. You seat in the office and your mind is drifting, reminiscing the moments of passion you've had, and how it stirs up new hunger in you that you lose concentration. Sometimes, you are so lost in thoughts that you can't put your thoughts in order enough to win an argument or have a conversation without her name popping up - it is that kind of beauty I speak of.

I don't know how “others” feel about this but gad damn! The way a fine woman will wriggle and writhe in your arms, whispering all those beautiful incoherent nonsense in your ears, her silk smooth skin rubbing against yours, her fingers rubbing the length of your back, her moans honeyed; soft, tender, sweet in your ears.

When she calls your name in a husky and faint voice like she's gasping for air and her chances of survival depend on you because, at that moment, it actually does. She makes you want things that have lived in your imagination for so long you feel like this reality is a dream.

Your name on her lips-a soft tremble escaping her mouth. Reaching your ears in whispering tones, her fingers on your neck and lips teasing your earlobes...

Her eyes are so heated with passion that they draw you in and pierce through your soul, asking for more, wanting more and giving you much more with a body eager to match yours in rhythm.

Entwined bodies...

Locked lips...

Entangled fingers...

Your legs together...

Your legs apart...

The teasings...

The burning fire...

The way she arches her waist to receive you, the way you collapse into her. It doesn't just feel like, you know she is home.

The matching rhythm...

Her body spasming and relaxing-the drool of her private lingering on you, and everywhere around you. Her face in yours, her breath in yours, eyes locked in a lustful glare, you in her, her slender arms drawing you close.

You are in a cloud of pleasure when she gets on top. The way she sways. The way she rides you, digging her fingers into your skin as she does, and watching your eyes lit with utmost satisfaction. The way you call for her, groaning from deep in your stomach, wanting more, not wanting it to end.

Her mouth apart, short gasp leaving her throat- your mouth apart, your groans in her ears. Every thrust timed to perfection, the movement of your waist aimed to thirst every bit of her.

Oh, the victory cry that follows your warm release. The shudders and sighs of relief at such a glorious end. Her beautiful laugh as you ask her if she's okay-the little breezy kisses that follow, the cuddling and heavy breaths in her ears.


Nothing can compare to this feeling.


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I am a creative storyteller with a wild imagination. I create Opinion Pieces on Love, Romance fiction, Life & other Trending issues curated from my everyday life experiences.

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    Princess Jekey-GreenWritten by Princess Jekey-Green

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