Sex Files: Part 7, Smurfette

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Sex Files: Part 7, Smurfette

So, looking back on a few of these stories, I started lining up and thinking about just HOW MANY stories I might have to tell occurred to me that, although I haven't been as bad as most....I have been kind of a slut. This next one is a story of a girl named Taylor, she so gracefully got me nicknamed "Chief Horse Dick" at the high school I was in at the time.

I was 18, finally got settled in at the new school. Didn't know anybody, didn't want to. Didn't work that way though and, I could only blame myself for it. See, the first day of school I walked in wearing bright green/lime yellow skinny jeans, the goriest band t-shirt I could find and, to top it all off I shaved my head before I went to bed the night before. I had brain surgery when I was 16 so, there is a massive scar on my head that kind of sections off my skull into 3 pieces. I wanted it to be seen, I wasn't afraid to be alone in the walk. I was ready to get focused up and work things out. However, it wasn't long until people started getting close to me. Before long I was surrounded by a group of people who genuinely looked to me as a good person of interest. There were more than a few of the girls at the table that I would have done REALLY bad things to but, the one who got it was Taylor.

Taylor was a short little thing, most would say EMO, couldn't really argue that point. She had blue hair, wore nothing but skinny jeans and dark clothes, snake bites in her lip, 5/8 plugs in her ears, and dark with the makeup ALWAYS. Very pale, still developing....I wanna say she was like 16 at the time. We had fun together, however, she had this boyfriend so nothing ever really happened between us. She would complain a lot about her boyfriend, how he was a douche bag, always in a bad mood, and even though she loved him to death, she wondered how different things would be if she figured things out without him in the picture. When things got REALLY bad between the 2, I was one of the first Taylor came to talk about it. I let her get over the mourning stages, that was fun. When she got over it though, we started hanging out more. Mostly at school but sometimes after, I would meet her with one of her friends at the apartments next to the condos I live in, or I would go to the trailer park she lived at, and we would just walk around and talk. One day, things started heating up between us while we were at my dad's hanging out, we had discussed it before but, never followed through with the action cause, neither of us were sure if that's what was wanted. Didn't matter this time, I wanted it, she wanted it, we were both sexually frustrated and it was GOING to happen.

It was awkward at first I can't lie, she was shy about it and so was I. We hugged, well I hugged her..She kind of just hid behind her hands until she was comfortable. I kissed her forehead and, she would look up at me with these big doughy eyes. Hiding her face with her arms, she chewed on her sleeve to try and mask her smile. We would laugh at each other and she would tap on my chest while my hands still wrapped around her sides. Her arms slowly came down and she kissed my chin, I looked down at her with a raised eyebrow and kissed her forehead again. Smiling, I picked her up and turned to the queen size bed beside us. I swooped her off her feet and tossed her onto the bed. She, of course, got bounced right into the metal head board. I felt bad but, ultimately started laughing. She laughed too, rubbing her head where she knocked it at the same time though. I laid down beside her, pulling her close into my chest while she let out a bunch of pouty noise and playfully hit me for bouncing her off the bed like I did. I apologized and cuddled up with her. Running my fingers through her slightly knotted bright blue hair, I leaned in to kiss her on the forehead, she looked up at me when I did. She kissed my nose, so after I looked at her sideways, I did it back. We went back and forth kissing each other's noses until I grabbed up under her chin and kissed her on the lips. She froze for a moment then, sat up and kissed me on the lips back. I wrapped around her and pulled her on top of me, almost rolling her off the bed again but, I caught her just in time.

With our eyes locking, I placed my hand around her neck and brushed my thumb down her cheek. Pulling her in to plant a kiss, she pulled back slightly. I loosened up and she sat up to straddle my waist. Taylor would then lift up the bottom edge of my t-shirt and tug on it gesturing me to take it off. I did justly, sat up and threw it off shoulders to the floor. Taylor was quickly mesmerized, blatantly staring at my abs while she ran her fingers down my chest and stomach. She was wearing a black tank top, some torn skinny jeans and of course, she had her black zip up hoodie with the thumb holes. I swiftly unzipped her hoodie and she sluggishly threw it aside. Letting out a long sigh the whole way, slinging her arms across her body as if she was ashamed of her body. I grabbed her arms and pulled them aside, she fought it but ultimately I won and she opened up her arms and laid down on top of me. Running her fingers through my hair, kind of toying with the scar on my head, I lifted up the bottom of her shirt from the back and slid my finger tips down her pants. I played with her panty liner briefly, then sliding my hands up her back I gripped the clasp on her bra. Struggling with it, she sat up quickly and released the strap herself. Throwing that off to the side, I picked up the bottom of her layered tank tops, pulling it up over her head. She pulled them off the rest of the way and tossed the clump aside with the rest of her clothes. Looking back to me covering her chest, I had to pull her arms aside once more so I could have my fun. She again resisted but I still won. With her hands aside now, I got to reach up and play with her extra pointy nickel size nipples, catching a good handful of breast with her bitty A-B cup titties. Taylor had some sexy curvature about her, but being young, she still had a lot of room to grow.

I wasn't complaining at all though, I liked spending time with her, not to mention, I had her half naked and laying on top of me you know? Grabbing onto her waist I pulled her in and clamped my lips down on her nipple, grabbing the other with my index and thumb, giving a little twist to it while I swirled my tongue around the other. Taylor moaned along, starting to grind on my pelvis while scraping her nails down my chest and stomach. I was wearing jeans too, so as she would grind, the button on my pants would dig into my lower abdomen. It was VERY uncomfortable so, naturally, I lifted her up and unbuttoned my pants. They didn't come off yet but, I felt better without them digging into me. I had to go and unbutton Taylor's pants too though, again, they didn't come off yet but, it was a good start. The tables quickly turned when I flipped her on her back though, I knocked her head against the bars on the headboard again, this time a bit harder. TOTALLY ON ACCIDENT! I kicked her legs out and kissed down her neck while I rubbed the back of her head. She laughed hard enough to let out a decent snort, immediately covering her mouth after. I froze in a stare and then we both busted out laughing.

Back on track though, I got her pinned down by her wrists. Toying with her as she tries to free herself, eventually, she gives in and I let go. Kissing down her neck, I scooted down the bed allowing my tongue to drag down her stomach. With her pants undone, I opened her pants up and slid myself between her legs. Gnawing on the outer layers of her pants, I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. Her moans just proved it more over, so I stood up and took my pants off. Climbing back on top of her, I grabbed her waistline and began to pull her pants off. I got them over her ass and, went to fold them over and yank them off her ankles but, she stopped me and INSISTED I let her take them down neatly. So I let her do what she pleased and laid myself back on the bed beside her. Along with her pants, she whipped off her little white undies, on her way back up she arched her back and leaned over me, running her finger back and forth under the front of my boxer briefs. Folding over the front, I lifted up and took them down, flicking them off to the floor with my foot. Taylor grabbed onto the base of my cock, flopping it over her hand as she looks at my face and back down to my dick. Stroking it as it becomes erect, she licks up and down the shaft, trying to fit it in her mouth. Only being able to fit roughly an eighth of it in, jaw lock became real, REAL quick. Taylor would open her mouth as wide as she could, while I grabbed onto the back of her head and dabbed her head down on my dick. Listening to the sound of my dick sloshing against the back of her mouth was enough to keep me going. I sped up and every few dips would hold her head down on it and let her choke a little when she would throw her head up and gasp for air was pretty great too. Eventually, feeling empathetic, and extremely warmed up, it was equally decided that it was time to lay down the D.

Rolling off to the side, I flipped the tables again and threw Taylor on her back. This time I didn't hit her head. Of course, that was only because on the way down, I grabbed her thighs and slid her up close and personal. Spreading her legs WIDE, I scooted myself up, sliding my dick up and down the length of her tight little pussy lips. Taylor got REAL hot and bothered, her moans turned aggressive and she grabbed the base of my dick and pulled it in. I, of course, feeling the need to retaliate, started slow, but then rammed my dick in as hard as I could. Watching her jump back and hit her own head on the bars behind her. She was not ready for what she signed up for, and I KNEW in that moment, this was going to be REALLY fun.

We started in my own sway of missionary, interlocking our legs while I grabbed hold of her waist and steadily thrust with a viscous force while pulling her into each thrust I deliver. Then, staying inside of her, I switched things up and leaned back, swinging my right leg over top of her left, but keeping my left under her right. Taylor is completely in shock at this point, wide eyed, mouth wide open, short for breath, OH's, AH's, and loud moans are all that you can hear. With my dick basically pointing straight down, and being hard, that position started to hurt a bit so, I pulled out and flipped her up on her knees. Grabbing onto Taylor's breasts from behind, I got in really close, and jammed my cock in, maintaining a quick thrust but never pulling out. I leaned up, letting off of her chest and grabbed hold of her hips. Coming back in with more force, each thrust came with a loud SMACK as my balls would smack against her ass. Not far behind, there was hands to be laid and, by the time I was through, Taylor had some intense hand prints on her right ass cheek.

We're both sweating immensely by now, roughly 30 minutes in. It was supposed to be a quickie if you were wondering but, it didn't turn out that way at all. So, of course, I'm tired, she's worn out, we roll on our sides. With me still behind her, I firmly grip on the love handle that's facing up, keeping my other arm wrapped under her holding onto her breast. Thrusting quickly but keeping good rhythm, wearing myself down even harder, I got to a point where I just stopped completely. Taylor looks back at me as I'm sneaking the idea out there of her riding on top. She says she's not a huge fan of it but she'll give it a try. So I roll off to the side and scoot to the center of the bed, Taylor takes her sweet time in rolling off and getting up ON TOP. I'm in no rush at this point, but as usual, my partner has cum MANY TIMES and I have yet to do so myself. Taylor slides up on top and I guide my dick up as she sits down on it. Again, she jumps up and shocks herself, clawing into my chest as she somewhat awkwardly rides. It was definitely short lived as she spurted out how uncomfortable she was riding so, I let her off and rolled her back on her back. I finished where we started, with violent forced thrusting, a firm grip on her love handles, throwing her back into every thrust delivered. FINALLY, the buildup came along and I exploded a huge amount of nut, ALL OVER her stomach. My legs IMMEDIATELY cramped up after this, WHILE I was standing up to get Taylor a towel nonetheless. We both got ourselves dressed and took a few pictures, generally hung out for a while just to chill and, so she could get her legs back under her.

I convinced Taylor to give me road head on the way back to her house, the following week I discovered just how fast news travels in that place. First thing Monday morning, I walked in and she hopped right up on my lap. The group oohed and awed and of course, had to poke some fun at all of it. I wasn't necessarily upset about it...but I wasn't exactly prepared for the whole school to know that I fucked her either. It was quickly realized WHO they were talking about when anyone mentioned "Chief Horse Dick" in my presence but, I wasn't mad about it. It was kind of weird but, like most things, they pass. I had a few nicknames while I attended that school, this is how I got the name "Chief Horse Dick". Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to do so.

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