Sex Exploitation

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An Ongoing Series

Sex Exploitation

Tammy sat and watched as the camera continuously snapped pictures of the young lady who wore a cowboy hat and nothing else. Letting her eyes roam over the young girl's breasts, amazed how perfect they were. Admiring the flat, flawless stomach, and her sexy, tiny frame. Holding the box fan she walked to the left, so the model's hair would blow a little as Hank snapped his pictures.

“Turn the dial to high,” he yelled out to Tammy as he circled around young Vanessa, snapping all the while.

“Spread your legs a little more sweetie, yeah that's it. Now bend over, slowly, legs stay straight. Yeah, that’s it.” he said circling her with the camera.

Hank was one of those guys that never really got to worked up about anything. He was easy to talk to, and had the gift to get his models to do anything he wanted. And if they didn't want to, he would find a way to get it done anyway; usually pills or booze or both, whatever got the job done, he didn’t care.

He wasn’t a bad looking guy, not attractive either. At five nine he was tall enough, just really boney facial features, almost too narrow or something. But, he had an eye for pictures. Once he worked for a travel magazine, and hoped to become famous. Instead, he lost patience, found drugs and learned that he could make much more money in porn. He would get his requests for photos or videos, and he would fill them. Sending them to an unknown person only to get paid from some weird named LLC; that changed often.

Occasionally you would overhear him joke with someone that he used to be a travel photographer, now he is a traveling photographer, going from place to place digging new and different themes for his shoots.

“Vanessa, you go to college, right?” He asked.

“Uh-huh.” She replied as she dressed.

“I need two or three more girls for a shoot you're scheduled for next week, think you can hook, me up? Maybe tell some of your friends about the gig?” Hank asked.

“Sure, I will see what I can do.” Grabbing her bags she walked out of the barn.

And that was that. In this business, everyone was detached from one another. No one ever hung out, or met outside of work. The reality was no one wanted to admit they knew Hank or Tammy. They were what your mother warned you about when you were growing up. They were there to exploit you, and take as much advantage of you as they possibly could.

Turning his attention to the girl that had been waiting for him. Camera in hand, Hank didn't miss a beat.

I can’t believe this is happening,” Amanda mumbled in her drunken haze.

Her curls now matted down with sweat as she laid; sprawled out, exposed.

Not wanting to conceal herself, loving the feeling of exhilarated freedom knowing that her body was on display for anyone to see.

“Hold it,” is all she heard as the camera continued to click.

The shutter making its own music as it clicked every time it snapped across the lens of the camera. This was pretty much protocol for Amanda. Three days a week she would show up at this piece of shit, so-called studio. Get herself inebriated, whether it was booze, pills, whatever, and get paid five hundred dollars for letting these weird people do whatever they wanted; for film, anyway. Sometimes she would be with men, and sometimes a woman. There are the times when they pay a little extra and might bring in a lapdog or snake, whatever they felt would do the trick to stimulate the masses in their sex business.

That's what was nice, the only thing; besides the cash. You would get so blown out of your mind, you really didn’t care. Just wanted to get paid and go.

“Wake her up,” the photographer, Hank, hollered to his assistant, Tammy.

Nudging Amanda, then slapping her arm, the young woman couldn’t wake the model.

“She won’t come around, where do you want her?” Tammy asked. “I will just repose her.

“She’s that out of it?” He asked, grinning, almost laughing.

Lifting one of her eyebrows, Tammy just stood and nodded.

“Want to take off your clothes, and do some pussy shots with her, for me?” Hank asked, adding his boyish smile.

“How much?” Tammy asked, pretending to negotiate.

“Ten minutes, say, a hundred bucks?” Hank said shrugging.

Without a second thought Tammy started to undress, kicking off her shoes. She squirmed out of her clothes, panties were the last to hit the floor, as she walked over to where Amanda laid sprawled over a cheap couch that should’ve been thrown out years ago.

Tammy wasn’t your typical model, she was heavier, borderline thick. She wore her hair in a ponytail, never bothered with makeup, or her contact lenses. She long gave up trying to become beautiful, always struggling with her weight. Being around these twiggy models with inflatable boobs didn’t help either.

“Okay, get on the couch and straddle her head. Put your pussy as close to her as you can without waking her up.” Hank instructed.

Tammy did just that. Her pussy bald, she straddled over Tammy, nearly touching her. She could feel the warmth of her breath tickle her lips. Her excitement grew, she could feel herself swell at the thought of Tammy being so close. She let herself imagine Tammy licking her, maybe touching her. As if on cue she heard the words..

“I’m gonna video, touch yourself, and try to get off over her face,” Hank said, the same as if he said, “I want a coffee, no cream, and two sugars.”

Already excited, Tammy didn’t care if the camera’s switched to video. She reached down and felt the warmth of her vagina, the dampness. Touching her clitoris she stroked herself, rubbing, and flicking faster and harder. Involuntarily she began to grind, touching herself to Amanda’s lips, which only excited her more.

“Oh, please. Oh, please.” Tammy whispered as she felt ready to climax.

Suddenly, she felt hands grab her fleshy thighs and fingers digging into her skin. Then the hot sensation of Amanda’s tongue protruding into her vagina. Amanda, now grabbing her by her ass, and was full-blown eating her pussy. Tammy couldn’t contain it any longer. As the video camera recorded and Hank snapped pictures; continuously. Tammy was being eaten out by this skinny little bitch, and it felt great to cum all over her face.

The camera's continued a few minutes longer before Hank announced that they were finished, and wrapping up for the day.

“Call up Janice, see if she wants to meet us tomorrow, I have an extra shoot I need to fill for a client; it’s gonna be outside.” He yelled over his back as he packed his equipment.

Vivian Heart
Vivian Heart
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