Sex bucket list for you and your partner.

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Enjoy a future sex bucket list for you and your partner.

Sex bucket list for you and your partner.
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It is great to know what your looking for in the bedroom with your partner. I think it is good to have dreams that you would like to fulfil with your partner. Its nice to keep things exciting and keep one another on our toes. It helps to build the connection with each other and keep the spice in a relationship.

I think it's great to be able to tick things of your sexual list and be able to have some cheeky fun with your partner. I have listed below some great ideas for you to add to your bucket list and enjoy with your partner.

1. Play with yourself in front of your partner and let him watch you. It can be great to build your connection and it's such a big turn on. You could even watch each other. I think it would be even better.

2. Use a sex toy to pleasure yourself. Sex toys are great to use in the bedroom. It can bring you closer together and give you the most amazing orgasms. These can be used for you and your partner.

3. Have anal sex (at least once, although I’m sure you’ll become addicted soon after) This can give you a change to your sex life and once your use to having it with your partner it can be very enjoyable. It can work in many different ways to help you and your partner spice things up together.

4. Kiss a female - you’ll enjoy it and I'm sure your partner will enjoy watching you too. It would be a big turn on and I'm sure it will help you both rekindle your relationship with each other.

5. Have a threesome! #sharingiscaring. I know it can be scaring the thought of having a threesome but it really can help to build your connection with each other. It can give you the relive of fucking somebody else and it often tells you were your going wrong. I am sure your partner will be happy to fuck another women for a change. It really does help to spice things up in the bedroom.

6. Have phone sex. This can be great for when your away from your partner. We all need sex. We love it. It would be great for you to have phone sex with your partner while moaning down the phone as your playing with your self over him.

7) Get tied up!

Tie up your sexual partner (the rush of exerting a more dominant role is enough to send you over the edge, thank me later)

8) Have sex in a car (those make for the steamiest sessions and it can be very exciting and daring for you and your partner. It is great to see the car rocking while having The thought of being caught in the back of your mind. It would be so exciting.

9) Have a one night stand (be sure to inform a friend of your location to be on the safe side) Having sex with somebody other than your partner can be great to let of some steam and learn new things. It can also be a way of telling how much you love your partner. It can bring your relationship even closer with each other.

10) Watch porn with your partner. This can be a big turn on for you both. It can be a great way of sharing your interests and learning about your fetishes and fantasies. It's a big turn on and I'm sure you would be getting freaky with your partner while watching it. I'm sure it's going to learn you many new things about each other.

11) Feeling particularly naughty and daring; try having sex at a family function. This can be very exciting and fun. I would recommend trying to do it in a discreet manner while there not looking. It can be a great way of spicing things up with each other and having some cheeky fun together on the go. I am sure this is a great one to rekindle your relationship and make you feel better after a long day.

12) Role-play #naughtyschoolgirl #sexylibrarian #policeofficer #hotnurse (dressing up is never a bad idea) Fulfil your fantasies with your partner in the bedroom. It is for sure to turn you both on. Your for sure able to experiment with each other and take it to the next level. It is great to find what you are both into and change it up a little. It can stop us getting bored with each other. I dare you to see what you could turn into in the bedroom.

13) Watch other couples’ have sex. This could be a very horny experience. Imagine other people getting freaky in front of you while you watch. How exciting would it be to watch. I'm sure you could even join in to for extra satisfaction. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

14) Have sex in a public location. I think having sex outside can be very exciting and daring. It is great to have the wind up your privates and not knowing what is going to happen. The surprise can be very exciting. It is like something that you would never experience before in your life. It is a must try. It can be a life time experience for you and your partner.

15) Have LOUD sex! # screamingfordays Scream the house down while making love to your partner. Make sure everybody can hear you around the area. Show your partner what you think about his love making. It can be great to show that you care about your partners moves. It can be a little embarrassing but it's very exciting and it can make the whole experince so naughty for you to enjoy together.

16) Have rough sex. Fuck your partner rough and hard. Don't stop just go straight for it. Keep her screaming till your cumming. Show her how much of a naughty man you are in the bedroom. Show her how much you care about her satisfaction. I'm sure she won't be disappointed and it will show her how thankful she is of you.

17) Make a sex tape with your partner. Find something that you and your partner are into in the bedroom and act it out so that you can record it. I think it's a great way of looking back and making you horny in the future. It would be great to share it too. This could make it very exciting letting other people watch you fucking your wife.

18) Give your partner a hand job while driving. Try this with your partner. I'm sure you will have him throbbing in pleasure for you. He will be desperate to pull over and fuck you at the side of the road. It is a great way for you to get the pleasure you need and deserve from him.

19) Try a sex position that forces you out of your comfort zone, you’ll thank me later. This is a great way to keep things fun and adventurous with your partner. It can help you to spice things up together and make it so that its not boring for you both. I think it keeps things fresh for you both and I'm sure you will keep enjoying each others company.

20) Be a human alarm clock by waking your partner up with a blow job. This is a great way to wake your partner up on a morning. It is such a big turn on for him being hard on a morning and he is for sure to cum all over your face. I am sure he will be very thankful of you. I'm sure he will treat you to a very nice cuddle once he is finished.

I hope you enjoyed my sexual bucket list. I hope you and your partner have made your own. It would be great if you were to have many years of fun and excitement with each other. Go out of your comfort zone and pleasure your husband. I'm sure he will never be disappointed in you

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