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Sex and The Soldier

Erotic fling with a soldier passing through

By Nani CruzPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
Sex and The Soldier
Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

"Can I ask you an inappropriate question?" At this point, I consider myself a pro at turning normal conversations into sex crazed ones. A simple text conversation about our days shifts in an instant.

"Yes please lol,” he replies almost right away.

"After I went down on you last night, you said you needed me to just sit on your dick. I liked that a lot, but why did you say that? Unless I totally misunderstood.”

The answer wasn't as important to me as initiating sexy talk with this person who is essentially a stranger to me. He is only in town for two more weeks for his Army work trip, but that is part of the fun. Knowing this is temporary makes it that much more sexy and freeing.

"I just couldn't wait and I wanted my dick inside of you for round two... The reason I just wanted you to sit there for a second is so we could kiss a bit and I could suck on your perky nipples."

Reading this throws me back to the first moment he pushed his hard cock into me last night. We had met two times already but the first time was a dinner date with a walk in the park afterwards a few days ago. Last night was when I got to experience the breathtaking surprise of his cock inside me.

I hadn't given him head or even seen his cock before he pushed it into me that first moment. He had laid me in his hotel bed and worked his way from my lips to my neck, which drove me insane. He ever so slowly worked his way to my stomach, and then down to my clit. The steady pace and attention to detail was already more than I had ever experienced before. Along every step of the way, he asked me if I wanted more, but still had a strong approach of overcoming and controlling me. With my body nude before him, he climbed on top of me and pushed the head of his cock up to my clit before asking one last time if I was ready. As soon as I moaned a breathy yes, he started to push himself into me. I have never been so shocked in my life. I remember thinking to myself "oh my god it's still going deeper? There is still more?" My canal had never felt so full in my life. Noah had to have been about nine inches long and his girth was so thick that it stretched me more than I ever have been.

A second text from him snaps my attention back to my phone screen. "It was super fucking hot and now I'm hard again." Little did he know how soaked I already am and how my pussy is throbbing to be filled and stretched by him again.

"Haha okay. It's really sexy to me to talk about sex afterwards and I've been thinking about it a lot this morning.” It's true that reminiscing on sex with that partner makes it so much better for me. However, finding someone who enjoys talking about it too isn't as common.

As soon as Noah told me he had gone to sleep and woken up thinking about the sex from last night, I hoped he would continue indulging my dirty wishes, which he did and took it a step further to ask what exactly I wanted him to do to me next time we met. Specifically any positions, kinks, or fantasies of mine.

"Honestly, it is scary good how well you are automatically hitting things that I like. I really like assertiveness and being told what to do while also being able to talk and laugh during. Your switch back and forth between sweet and controlling is perfect for me."

"I'm glad to hear that. I gotta say that every noise you make and everything you do is so fucking hot. I cannot wait to make you scream even more next time."

This sends heat through my pussy. The thought of how much better it could be. I decide to take a leap of faith to tell him what I truly want him to do to me tomorrow night. "I do enjoy eye contact while being fucked. I'd like you to look me in the eyes the next time you are pushing into me. I want to be forced to look at you while you fill me with your hard cock, almost feeling like I can't take it all. After you fuck me on my back, I want to be bent over edge of the bed while you ram me from behind. Until I can't handle you anymore, then I want you to keep going even past my limit. I want my pussy to be sore every time I sit down at work the next morning."

By this point in the conversation I am already in bed and am rubbing my clit as the electricity, heat, and juices spread through my pussy.

"If you come over right now, I will do all that for you and more. On one condition... You have to wear a skirt with no panties under. I want easy access to stick my face between your juicy thighs and my tongue all over your clit and deep in your pussy. When I'm ready to cum, I will flip you over on your hands and knees to fuck you until you beg me to cum deep inside your tight pussy."

I don't hesitate to change my pj bottoms for my flowy mid-thigh red and white poke-a-dot skirt paired with a tight black tank top. Nevermind that it is in the near 40's outside. All my mind can focus on is feeling so full and overwhelmed by the way Noah fills me. I make it to his hotel door as fast as I can, considering that it is across town.

This time, there are fewer pleasantries. Noah guides me into his room and kisses me deeply before I even have the chance to take off my shoes or put my purse down. As if I'm not already soaked from replaying thoughts on the drive over, his lips on my lips and neck is all it takes for me to be ready. His hands wander down to my ass more confidently this time. Noah swiftly guides me towards the bed as he continues to alternate between deep kisses and exchanging our hellos and giggles. As he lays me back onto the bed, his hands travel up my inner thighs and meet right where my clit would normally be covered by a thin, lacey thong.

"I knew I could trust you to follow instructions." I am usually not the type who likes being told what to do, but in bed and with Noah, it makes me feel incredibly sexy and also feels rewarding.

I don’t have time to respond before his lips and tongue are tracing up from my knees to my clit. Breathy moans and incoherent words are all I can manage as I can feel his warm exhales blowing toward my soaked pussy. It takes a few moments and Noah holding my legs spread for me to realize I’m already squirming in anticipation.

Just as he is about to begin causing fireworks of explosive pleasure to my throbbing sex, Noah quickly and firmly wraps his right hand under the back of my neck and forces me to make eye contact with him just as his plump lips lock onto my clit. A scream of pleasure throws me head back and eyes shut, as if they are rolling to the back of my head. Another tug on the back of my neck forces me to make eye contact and ensure that I hold it this time. Being forced to watch Noah indulge on my clit, warm puffy pussy, and thighs make the experience exponentially more intense.

Noah continues to alternate between kissing all parts of my sex with his warm lips to using his tongue to lick, flick, and create circles going clockwise on my clit, then reversing to counterclockwise. Before long, I'm already shaking and screaming that I am about to finish. Noah takes me over that edge while staring straight into my eyes and digging his fingertips deep into my right thigh and left curve of my waist. In my trembling and heavy breathing, he wastes no time climbing onto me and kissing me deeply, which steals what little breath I have remaining. The moment his lips leave mine, his tip is positioned at my entrance and slowly pushes its way in. Noah is maintaining eye contact while being mere inches from my face. He ensures I focus on his eyes by keeping his right hand gently on my left cheek. My face clearly shows him everything I'm feeling as he keeps pushing deeper into me, which brings a smirk out of him.

I find myself shocked again by how deep he pushes into me and just how much his girth stretches me. Once his tip is hitting my cervix, I let out a moan that is partially a cry. He slowly pulls back, which causes the thick head of his cock to collect my cum from moments prior. Before he pulls out completely, my lips grab onto his and my teeth gently latch onto his bottom lip. He lets a moan escape him before he thrusts back into me, a bit faster and harder this time. Noah continues to build his momentum until we both can't control our volumes.

Just as Noah gets close to finishing, I scream that I'm cumming again. He pounds into me even harder and faster until tears are rolling down my cheeks and my screams are at their peak. As soon as I hit my second climax, Noah flips me from my back onto my knees as though I am as light as a stuffed animal. He immediately pushes my skirt up over my ass and pushes into my throbbing pussy from behind. I can feel my juices running down my inner thigh as Noah uses his full force to thrust in and out of me.

I moan to Noah that I want him to explode deep inside my pussy because I want to feel his sticky mess squirt out of me as soon as I stand up. This must have pushed him over the edge because within a minute, he did just that with the loudest moan of release I had ever heard. How no one had filed a noise complaint is beyond me.

We both collapse into the bed, and me into his chest as a laugh of pleasure and relief escapes me. "So does this mean we are still on for tomorrow night, too?” Noah asks as soon as he catches his breath.

The smile I shine at him is answer enough.


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Nani Cruz

As a 23 year old grad school student, I spend a lot of time writing academically. Now I’m taking time to write creatively and enjoy creating stories about whatever makes me happy.

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