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Series Accentuating Curves & Assassination Hips

Book One: Truth or Dare - Chapter One - Poems 6-9

By Denelsia WalkerPublished 2 months ago 15 min read
Accentuating Curves & Assassination Hips Front Book Cover

"Prepare to be swept away by tantalizing poetry and storytelling

that ignites your desires and leaves you craving for more. This book

will set more than your heart racing while leaving your imagination on

fire!" JL King, New York Times BestSeller, Author of On the Down Low

6. Falling for You - Poem for Song

7. On the Balcony - Song

8. Triple Threat

9. Black Medusa

Falling for You

Call you Hypnotic

Finest equation

Humankind's Savior

No discipline

Drenched in diamonds and pearls

All you seek is MJ's next thriller

Between your legs


Medicine Woman

My Oshun

Accept you as you are.

My healer, concubines worship you.

Stars in your eyes

Betray the shine

You try not to let

Illuminate through

Be still, heart stole.

Although I did not never ask forthrightly to be with you

Hide the truth

Now ask

Cup of fine

Gruaud Larose 1945 wine

Be mine

Defiantly travel back in space and time to greet you

Ain't the regular Kool-Aid

Cup of mojo

Juju waving on cinnamon sticks

As if a wand soaking in your fireball shot


Lovely sip on my oranges laced with honey

Bring them yams to me, lady

I know you have been stressing baby

Silk placed on scars

Take the pain away

Dana Dane Cinderella

Grant you, Miss, three wishes.

Lay back

Let me kiss that

End your migraine

This Pharaoh

Eats it up downstairs

Are you going to let me?

Twist that

Bend that

Go rounds

Pound Town

Cake swallowed for hours

You don't have to miss that

Give your Mississippi

Am I crooked letter crooked letter I crooked letter I crooked letter i

In your neck

Flame brain

No mind games

As I give you this

Humpback, humpback crooked letter I

Dreams of making mystic crystals that poke fun at your former roller

coaster sport of gymnastics that now condone

"Sizzle with THOTS"


They were still in your power suit

Delights on angelic flights

Ni hesitation and giving that dark chocolate sexy ass

Jet lag

Slow grind you from the back after spending a few bags.

Which do you prefer Pay-Pal, Zelle, Venmo, or Cash App?

Put you to bed better than Jay holiday on his best night.

I go legend, still the best you ever had

Fly you overseas to make love to you on black sands.



Playa Jardin



Miho - no - Matsubara

Each of our meetings

Ocean waves cannot help but to

Clash onto the beach

Deep in your deliciousness

I admire that gushy sound.

Keep me around

Call me up

Whenever you want

Aide in exploring your surroundings

Assist you with your vertical Verizon.

Help you locate your misplaced horizon.

We can do Muni Longs.

For hours and hours

Baby Girl, I get a bang out of showing out

Full Moon

Honey, I am chasing it.

I want to know you beyond infinity.

Past insecurities and inhibitions.

Be the song churned in your newly found two-step libations.

Declare to you Brandy's

I Want to Be Down

Catch this VIBE

Visual Insight Bearing Energies

Melodic High Sensations

Ready to hear your soundtrack

Spin in my ear

I am the DJ for this evening

Just called the 1's and 2's

You are my new turntable

I look forward to ending your lust drought

Turn you out

good girl

Do go bad

Let the pulsating surges overtake you

As I do the breaststroke

May I pull your wild card?

Let your heart and kinky spirit rest here

Together we soar

So high

On the Balcony Song

Original Book: Love Phunk


Boy, please be on your way.

One hour seems like a day.

Sprung on you

I don't know what to do.

I can't think straight it is true

So, pull on thru

I'm going to have what you like

It's raining "special" plans tonight.

I hope you are

Cause Baby, we are going to be


Making love

On The Balcony

In the rain, baby.

You know you drive me crazy!

When we are

Making love

On The Balcony

In the rain, baby.

Drive me crazy


Just stepped out of the shower

Got a brand-new secret

for you to admire

Oh yes

Bubbly brewing

Sitting on chill

Candles lit

Please hurry and get here

Thinking about the last time you hit

Please whisper in my ear.

How much it's missed.

ALL my energy focused on you

I'm feeling kind of freaky.

Do what you want to do.

Want my body to melt.

Volcanic interruptions drawing near

As we slowly grind

Making our song

You got my body

Moaning, groaning, twitching,

All night long

As we collabo

Create our notes

Poetic flow

We can climax

In the early morning


Making love

On The Balcony

In the rain, baby.

You know you drive me crazy.

When we are

Making love

On The Balcony

In the rain, baby.

Drive me crazy


Slow grind

You all mine

Got me hypnotized

Looking into your eyes

Chills running wild

Through our bodies now

(Soak and wet)

Tight-wrapped you are in my loving

(Touching, wanting)

How I love it when you call my name

Feelings take over


I just can't explain.


Please don't ever go away.

Now baby,

Drive me crazy


Make love to me, baby.

On The Balcony

(Soak and wet, touching)

In the rain, baby.

(Wanting, loving, exploring)

Drive me crazy

When we are

Making love

On The Balcony

In the rain, baby.

Drive me crazy

Fade Out






Triple Threat

I pull up to Marmara Park Avenue Hotel in Manhattan around 5:00 p.m.

The crisp candy-painted lilac 1964 Tour de France Ferrari 250 GTO on

24 Artist Forged Wheels Northtown Gold rims drove like a demon

straight from the fiery pits of hell. The sold-out show for February

14th, 2027 starts at 7:00 p.m.

I'll be on the 20th floor performing in the combined indoor and

outdoor sunroom. I'm getting ready, but my nerves are on edge. I close

my eyes, deeply breathe, and exhale.

Listen to 10 minutes of binaural beats for DNA and nerve repair. Do

some fire breathing. I had looked for an outfit on the Neiman Marcus

website. Instead, I ordered an Ankara bright purple and gold African

cloth to be custom-made into a wrap-around dress by Remitha Lynn &


I had a clutch design and created it to match. Drop down amethyst

earrings by Bougie Broad custom-made jewelry, Dolce & Gabbana Nappa

Mordore Sandals, Fabulous Furs Tan Cascade Fox Suede Fur Trim Full

Coat, and a Hermes 18K Rose Gold diamond Collier de Chien bracelet.

They are painted with Jimmy Choo glitter lover gel polish.

The sparkly long transparent rhinestone luxury sketch gloves are made

by Bad Bitch Alert. African lingerie prints from Delcia Secrets

Contoured LLC lay underneath. I feel super sexy in the Ankara purple

and black patterns. Dread twisted tightly earlier today with

free-flowing curls proportionate. Shirley Temple appeal.

I look forward to rocking all these curls on and off the stage before

going on the platform. I take out my travel-size orgasm women's

perfume fragrance spray off my Oya altar. I dab behind my ear lobes

and on the inside of my wrist. I then lightly spritz my neck.

I am pleased no longer a 51 Double G. These 40 Double Ds are still

more than a mouthful to handle. The nipples still perk up when

needed-These big titties, plus this outfit, or slaying the game.

The girls are advertising tonight. The outfit is hugging my curves in

all the right places. I keep my cool, but deep inside, I want to twerk

to Megan Thee Stallion's Body song. It took a moment for me to get

used to her on the scene. I love quite a few of her music selections.

My number one cheerleader said to act a fool for my performance. I am

no Marcus Delaney. However, I am going to be his Betty Shabazz. There

is no shame in my game. Act a fool, I shall.

My mental mindset was to dress like Billie Holiday. God Bless the

Child that indeed has their own. Nothing slutty; we're classy tonight.

Slit up my dress to the edge of my ass.

From across the room, I spot when you walk in. You look dashing in

your Gentleman's Guru Floral Violet Tuxedo three-piece. Glad the

outfit I picked out looks good on your six-foot, slender, dark-skinned


I can't take my eyes off you. You sit directly in the front row.

Tonight, we act like we do not know one another. I grace the stage.

Spit game to the mic: Jill Scott, Big D style. While performing, I

dance my way to you. I bend over and throw this big chocolate booty in

a circle all in your face.

My vision no longer sees a crowd. I whip my dreadlocks back and forth

while you sit with an emotionless face. Your eyes have lava in them. I

will give you a Tina Turner private dance in the front row, as we have

this one-on-one private party.

Like Tony Toni Tone said, "Tonight, it is just me and you." Turn this

party up. I place this bumper in your lap. Let's make love in this


You got the message earlier today. After the shows, meet and greet.

Walk away like I did not know I just put your now swollen dagger on

hard. Disciplined, your colossal Dr. sir.

I had a flashback moment from the dancefloor at The Ten (a

predominately gay female club). I had it blocked off for us earlier.

In case we were in heat and unable to make it to the Penthouse Suite.

See you soon in The Upper Rooms Bathroom.

On the elevator, you feel these 40 D.D.s with your hands. You lift

this dress. Take my secrets off with your fangs. Eat it up downtown.

I play with your twelve plays. Let the elevator catch that recording.

We make it out alive on the fifth floor. This body starts to cascade

salt waters. This faucet drips and shines as if quartz crystals.

The liquor creates rainbows when ricocheted by the sun's rays. I sing

the tonic solfa names of the notes on a significant scale from The

Sound of Music on your microphone. Your beard is my cup. You needed a

bowl. I splashed this sap everywhere.

Where your mouth got bold, Zaddy missed your naughtiness—enjoying how

you drank this poem. Now you have me singing like a Raveena Aurora.

You may nickname me Jewel, except there is no one here to save either

of our souls. The Grand Reaper just collected yours.

I bathe in delight in how you slurp up my sweetness. Hips dance your

rhythm—Bon Appetit as you chuck up my sunshine while giving me a rim

shot. Call me for Ms. Dinner. Thank you, Mister.

You gave me that thick tongue, like it was possible you would never

see me again. Dearest honey, you may Alphabet soup song me to kibbles

and bits daily. This voluptuous vixen got lost in your hot sauce.

Speechless from you is the word when unbuckled and loosened up your trousers.

I look forward to regurgitating the flavor. Let the elevator video

camera catch this Milky Way. I love how the veins pulsate continuously

in my mouth.

While your electrical current tases me, sexy noises turn me on. Go

ahead, talk dirty. Be like Ne-Yo and Say It.

Pull my dreadlocks up while I chastise your love cock with a proper

lashing. Clean-up is not needed for aisle three. Supercell

thunderstorms have been given from you, as I ensure to include them in

the suckling.

I was tea bagging your sack. I get sloppy with this toppy. Goblets of

my mouth liquid flow from me, gagging from the base of your penis. Up

to its neck.

I damn near made you collapse to your knees. I serve you this Soul

Food dish in high-class fashion style. I didn't waste a drop of the

buttery before you turned me over the sink in doggy. We are Bird and

Lem. Except there are no interruptions.

Baby, I got this. This cookbook I am brewing is our new religion. I

know how to burn it down in the kitchen. Kegel exercises came in

handy. I hope you like how she rocks and rolls.

I enjoy how your dick thickens in my hot, melted honey pot. Go deep in

this groove with all your giant black one-eyed monster. Please take

out the bottle of Billionaire Vodka by Leon Verres from my purse while

you dig out this bush.

I had ordered it delivered to our Penthouse earlier. Go deeper. Knock

out my cervix. Redesign, rearrange, and realign all my chakras after

you act out of order.

No Sing Sweet Nightingale. When this mockingbird gets to whistling.

Gaze at the mirror while you are in it. Make this pussy fart.

Act retarded. Don't forget to put your finger in the booty when I bust

it, baby. Come swim in My Nile River.

Lay on the carpet and let this cowgirl straddle your fortitude before

you come to corkscrew me. After freestyle, we face off. You then

shotgun this Caviar Moon Rock spiff utopia, pass that herb, Mr. Puff.

Smack this ass as she claps. I double dare you to take me there.

Backward doggy, as you watch me on top. Watch the white cream as your

maturity goes in and out. Intense orgasms overcome us both, and we

start to explode together.

I hop off quickly. Then suck the rest of your soul out. I am glad I

set up the camcorder earlier. I want to watch us on the big screen


The cuddling position is Sweetheart Cradle. Through the glass ceiling,

as we lay, let us count the stars and whisper to the moon. I love how

you enjoy talking about George Padmore and Cl James as we lay

intoxicated, high, and in our birthday suits after I ride. We pretend

we are at the Holy Savior Cathedral in Isfahan, Iran, staring at its

majestic ceiling.

Show you I am black girl magic. Excellence displayed. Revolutionary

power. Sing Yoruba lullabies to the kids after they are showered.

Nation build we do.

I have my right fist pumped in the air like Coretta Scott King. We

discussed we had work to do. We, as one, work with our community.

These lips spit poetic justice—this Creole soul mixed with your


I am no Amanda Gorman, but we moat manifest destinies (plantones).

Your lips bathe me in compliments. Wrap my confidence from your

ambiance around his waist.

Predecessors and tribes breathed into existence from a taste of the

passion. We leave the room separately.

Meet back up at the Skyline Club off One American Square. #36th floor.

For breakfast. I will never forget how I felt when I came off stage

performing for you.

Walk off it like Yeah, D; You are an XXX threat.

Black Medusa

Pull my Black and Gold Medusa dreadlocks while I suck

your cock. Gargle that hot instrument between your legs in

my mouth. Uvula pop darts; upchuck saliva. Play with this

W.A.P. (Wet Ass Pussy) while I hum the game scrabble on your


Lick my Tom Ford Lipstick and creme off your King Kong mojo

wand. Dis Goddess hit dem der falsetto notes. Dis KitKat

knows monopoly swerves the curve. I see you got drench on

dem der fingertips. Please address me as District Tap.

I'll let you dip in it if you let me be your pretzel. Unfold me to

rock on top of you in these hooks him and her heels after.

Up and down.

Throw this watermelon bottom in a circle. Sorcery snatch. BabyFace

Whip appeals to match this black cat magic.

Hell no! I ain't come here to chill. Delcia Secrets can be your thrill!

Pussy control that dick. This hot deluxe present enjoys how you feel

inside me. Belches up lemon juice from alchemy and squeals like a Boa

when this box constricts.

Make it throb. Then smack this big ol booty! Act like I'm ya,

Mariah Carey. Rap O.D.B. " Got Your Money" to me on the

drama. Please bring me the commas.

Have your loot ready for your slutty shining star.

Hot like fire. Not Aliyah, but I will be Top shelf. Move liquid

like Ana Flores. Except I am mocha Ana Foxx dark chocolate.

The universe has a blank check for me. I am writing my

numerology numbers in for my request. I am a metaphysician with

my Iyana Vanzant inner vision skills. Sky clan hydraulics this

galactic signature on your frontal lobe.

This white rhythmic mirror has a beautiful life to be amended.

Whiskers on kittens.

Sound of Music.

One of my favorite things.

Come say, "Hello.!"

This kitty has a mean meow.

Cookies are crumbling.

Where is that white milk at to lay this ass out?

Make sure you smack this ass again. Just for G.P. (General Principle)

Ari Lennox me with 40 Shades of Choke Blue Fire Smoke. I'm a nasty

cunt freak. (Count me in.) Edge Diffuser Oracle.

My Tarot deck reads my future at $800 an ounce. Catch this shotgun

propeller riff. Order is Fantasia's "When I See You." Dick is nice and

clean. Smelling good. Before I put my tongue on ya lickity slit.

She spits.


All dem der squirrels in ya pants.

No Bébé's Kids misfits.

I ain't got time for that type of Jones.

Nor playpens.

Handle inches.

I move the cake.

Psychedelic telepathy.

I shall teleport bricks this day.

Guess what is not allowed today. $100 quick visits. It takes more than

10 minutes. To handle this sultry seduction on your dragon remote


Double Dribble sweet pillow talk to dem balls intricately.

I got ya morning wood. Zaddy, I'm that Bitch!

I'll call you Now and Later. I am taking Candy

Shop trips. My favorite word is Bitch! By Too Short.

Visits internationally beyond Miami Beach.

Conchie Hot! Red-engine Ferrari.

Yet! This chicka needs more than 50 cents.

Be my Mr. Sugar Cat Daddy. I'll be your Playboy,

Penthouse, and Hustler Spread. Make it reign

on me from heaven like manna.

Now cum, taste these rainbow colors.

I'll be discreet. I know what turns you on.

Skittle this golden shower in ya mouth treat.

Wet ya teeth.

Grab you by your hair while you are in the water.

Hold it there. Scuba diving ocean deep.

Eat it up down south, Baby.

Don't play with this southern peach.

I got liquid venom.

It's okay to on her lightly use your grill.

Honey drip is tasty.

Damn, ya head game ain't shady.

Shit! Eyes open while reaching a different stratosphere.

Golden gates have been seen. As you wail your hands in the air as a

sign that you can no longer breathe. #1 Stunna.

Yep! Ya, Flex is impressive. You are still living after sitting on your face.

I was trying to take your breath away.

It got me thinking about Hotlanta Country Time. It may be the new thang.

Add my flame to ya playlist.

Come on over. Let me mellow out your New Jack Swang.

After I leak this.

Take that kink out of ya Diamond chain link necklace.

I may sing like Retha. But ya not about to add me to ya Chain of Fools

record. Add me only to your chain of tools for The Playground.

Baby, I ain't no fool.

Don't, scrooge.

Stop hate.

Watch it dissipate.

This Diva is Destine Bound.

Hunting Destiny Markers found.

Rewriting Destiny Plans.

I am leaving fairy dust behind.

My trail.

Cause I told ya.

I see clearly.

Not cloudy.

I don't have the time fa ya.

Jive. Happy Thanksgiving.

I can't wait to visit Turkey.

Rewriting stories is my jam.

Keep Ya Green Eggs & Ham.

Sam, I Am Not!


I'm ya, Meagan the Stallion today.

Be ya

Body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-odyOdy-ody-ody-odyody-ody-ody (mwah) Thot.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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About the Creator

Denelsia Walker

Poet, Author, Musician, & Adult Enter Model. My Brand is HOEZBWINNING via Amazon Merch on Demand. Plus am an Amazon Influencer. Founder of Delcia Secrets Contoured LLC custom-made lingerie. Creator of International Poetry Whore FB Group.

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