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Selena's New Boss

by Heather Kinnane about a year ago in fiction
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Selena’s day has started out the worst possible way… but perhaps her new boss can cheer her up.

“Shit.” Selena raced along the street, barrelling through the swinging doors and into the foyer of her new employer, just as the ridiculously old grandfather clock chimed ten.

She turned to the receptionist. “I am so sorry I’m late.”

The receptionist glanced at her, one eyebrow raised above her narrow reading glasses. “I think you’d better see Mr. Acacio.”

“Right.” Selena’s cheeks burned, and she brushed at her hair as best she could before wandering up the corridor to find her new boss’s office.

She knocked.

“Come in.”

“So sorry I’m late,” she repeated. “They changed the bus routes and I didn’t even realise and — ”

Mr Acacio stood and moved around his desk, leaning against it with his arms crossed over his chest, and a slight smirk on his face. His sleeves were rolled halfway up his arms, revealing strong forearms, and the top two buttons on his shirt were undone, revealing the tiniest tuft of hair. God. If Selena had realised she’d be working for Adonis she might’ve found a different job. How was she supposed to concentrate with that up the hall?

“Organisation not your strong point, Miss Nelson?”

She frowned. “I was perfectly organised, until the bus went the wrong way and the driver wouldn’t stop until we got to an actual stop and then I had to run all the way here because I couldn’t find the right stop and — ”

“I was referring to the fact that today is orientation day for all the new staff, and because I like my employees to be like family we’d arranged for the day to be spent at the park, so that everyone can get a chance to know one another in a less formal setting.”

“Oh.” Now he said it she remembered the email, which she’d thought absurd, and then dismissed all together. How many families did he really know? Most of the ones Selena knew were dysfunctional in some way, surely he didn’t want his workers emulating that?

“Wait.” She narrowed her eyes. “Why aren’t you there?”

“You don’t hold back, do you?” He gave her an appraising look. “I had some important things to finish off for a client this morning. As soon as that’s done, I’ll be heading over. You might want to find your own way there.”

“What, you can’t drive me?”

“I have a strict rule about fraternizing with my staff. If we turn up together that is not going to look good.” His gaze dropped over her curvy frame, and despite the words coming out of his mouth she was pretty damn sure fraternizing with her was the only thing he was thinking of right now. She took a step forward.

“You like what you see.” No need to question, there was a bulge in his pants.

He cleared his throat. “What I like is kept separate from where I work.”

“Does it have to be?” She held his gaze, took another step forward. “There’s no one here but the receptionist. No one will know.”

She took another step, closer enough now to reach out and stroke the bulge in his pants. It twitched.

“I’ve had an incredibly shit morning, and now you’re telling me that I have to find my own way to an office party that you’ll be driving to in some fancy convertible later. So I think you owe me.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed, and his eyes were wide. “You really want this, don’t you?”

“I’ve been so stressed out looking for work that I haven’t had the time to hook up with someone to get laid. So it looks like you’ll be the lucky man to break that drought for me.”

She fell to her knees and undid his belt and button. He watched her, licking his lips as she freed his cock, wrapping her hand around it to stroke it a few times.

She licked the tiny slit in the tip, then let her tongue travel the length of him, up one side and down the other.

“You taste so good.” She purred the words, holding his gaze as she opened her mouth and sucked on the bulbous tip. “And you’re bigger than anyone else I’ve ever had.”

It was a lie, but his chest definitely swelled a little.

“So,” she licked him again. “What do you say? Our little secret?”

He swallowed again, his hands gripping the table. “Our little secret,” he whispered, his voice hoarse.

She grinned, and started bobbing up and down on him. When she glanced up again his head was thrown back.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

She grinned and continued her assault, swallowing down the thick semen that covered her tongue.

He sagged onto the desk, his eyes on her. “If I’d realised my day was going to start this way, I’d have come prepared.”

She grinned as she removed her knickers and sat on the desk beside him. “I’m clean, and I’m on the pill.” She rubbed her fingers over her clit. “On your knees.”

He did as he was told.

“You like that, don’t you?” she asked. “Being told what to do in the bedroom.”

His gaze flicked to her face and back to her moist slit.

“I find a lot of big execs do. There’s so much strain from trying to run a business that when it comes to sex they just want to be led.”

He lapped at her clit, and she leaned back, using both arms to support her as she spread her legs wider.

“That’s the way,” she whispered. “Gentle to start with, that’s it. Firmer, firmer. Mmm.”

He didn’t need instruction, he circled and sucked and lapped, but she continued to praise him, and guide him where it was needed, where to slide his fingers, and how many, how fast, how slow, how firm, how light.

She came with a gush, surprising even herself.

“Shit. My suit.”

“It’ll dry clean.” She giggled, brushing off the droplets as though that would solve his problems.

She grabbed his cock again. It was already pulsing, ready for another go.

“Now you need to fuck me.”

He didn’t need asking twice. She gripped him as his cock pressed inside, her arms and legs wrapped around him, holding tight as he plunged deep inside her, thrusting hard and fast until they both came again.

As he withdrew his computer tinged.

He zipped up his fly, and tightened his belt, moving around the desk to see the screen. “Shit. My client is here, and he wants his finished report.”

Selena licked her lips. “Perhaps I can delay your client while you finish up.”

“You’re not going to save yourself for me, then?”

Was that disappointment in his tone? She grinned. “I much prefer open relationships. Makes everything that little bit exciting, don’t you think?”

He cleared his throat, and his cock twitched, apparently imagining her with his client.

“Your office is two doors down,” he said, jerking his head to the right. “I need at least half an hour.”

“Done.” She grinned as she sauntered out the door and down the hall to his waiting client.

This job was going to be so much fun.


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