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Seduction on the High Seas

An erotic story

By Lola SensePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Seduction on the High Seas
Photo by Mohamed Masaau on Unsplash

As the sound of the waves lapping against the boat's hull filled the air, I found myself alone with him on the small yacht, the night sky above us glittering with stars.

The lingering taste of the delicious dinner still on my lips, I couldn't help but feel my heart racing with anticipation of what was to come. With nothing but the moon and the sea as our witnesses, I knew that this was going to be a night to remember.

All l wanted was for us to share an intimate moment. So l took his hand and brought him over to me. For a few seconds, he stood there without saying anything. Then he kissed me, softly at first but then harder and deeper.

I felt his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. I was getting so turned on by his passionate embrace. I started rubbing my hands up and down his wide back, which made him moan ever so softly.

He seemed very aroused. My heart began racing. Off my seat he lifted me and carried me across to our private room and sat me on the bed. “You know what I want,” I said, as I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

He then hungrily reached for my blouse and unbuttoned it. Our kiss deepened when he started working on my bra, trying to undo it. His lips were moving from one part of my body to another, never stopping. When he got it undone he took hold of both of my breasts in his hands and began to slowly suck on one nipple.

My whole body was tingling in excitement. My yearning pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

I let out a soft moan.

He went back and forth, sucking on each breast. Then he slowly made his way down my stomach. He pulled up my skirt and started kissing my pussy through my panties.

His hot breath against my lips was driving me crazy, so l pulled my panties to the side and commanded, "Lick me good!"

He did not need to be told twice. As soon as those words slipped my mouth, he hungrily started flicking his tongue up and down my soft, wet slit. l grabbed onto the back of his head and held it tight to my pussy.

My breathing became more labored. He kept going faster and faster. I moaned even louder. Without stopping working on my clit, he inserted one finger pressing up against my walls, looking for my G-spot.

He made eye contact, and l immediately cried out, “Yes!” Faster and faster, he finger fucked me. The sound of my pleasure filled the yacht. He was now alternating his fingers in and out of me while licking my clit. I wanted so badly to come.

That's when I exploded into a fiery orgasm. Suddenly, l was engulfed in a tidal wave of ecstasy. A powerful climax rushed over my entire body before cumming all over his hand, which was still buried up inside me.

He kissed my throbbing pussy, and I asked him to take out his cock already. I needed him inside me. So he swiftly complied, and I grabbed his shaft, gently sliding my hand up and down.

Slowly and deliciously, he slid into my well-lubricated hole. His thick member reached all the way to my cervix.

We were both moaning with delight, and his cock pushing into me felt amazing. He increased his speed while also sucking on my left nipple. I grabbed onto his shoulders and thrust my hips upwards.

He grabbed onto my waist and started increasing his tempo even more. “Just keep going…” I couldn't stop thinking.

My orgasms were building fast, and I was reaching that point again where everything will go white around me. I was so close.

So very close to an explosion, I could not contain myself. I gave my clit a final flick, and my orgasms came like a waterfall. I had never come so hard in my life!

“Where did you learn to give head like that?” I asked, after a few minutes of repose.

“You taught me,” he replied, grinning.

As the moon danced upon the waves, we lingered in each other's embrace, savoring the moment until the night gave way to dawn.


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