Sand and Seashells

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The Quiet Admirer

Sand and Seashells

The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze blowing, and Marcy could hear the waves pounding against the sand. She laid there soaking up the sun on a private beach with nothing but an untied bikini top and bottoms covering just enough to make it legal for that beach area. She had curves that were very pronounced and long red hair that she wore in a braid most of the time but this time she let it hang loose.

Marcy did not know that she was being admired from a distance. There were not many people who visited this section of the beach. She just laid there feeling her body soak up some vitamin K and did not notice that her nipples were very erect due to the breeze gently blowing over them. She had a pair of earbuds in her ears listening to some soft music as she was blanketed by the sun.

The admirer crept slowly and inconspicuously closer to her to get a better view. He was wearing a long trench coat during a sunny day which made him not so inconspicuous. It was buttoned up and you could not tell what he was wearing. Marcy had no knowledge of him being there or what he was up to.

Marcy’s body was cushioned by the sand as her male admirer came closer. There was no one around as he moved near her unsuspecting body. He finally got close enough to sit within six feet of her on the sand. He bent his legs up which opened his trench coat. He was completely naked under it and his testicles and penis just hung there between his legs.

He reached down and slowly fondled his hairy testicles which felt good to him. He was ready for a little fun and at Marcy’s expense. As he fondled and rubbed his penis, he kept a watchful eye on Marcy who still did not know he was there let alone masturbating next to her. He looked her body over and noticed her perky nipples which were almost hidden behind a piece of cloth.

The admirer stroked his penis until it was erect and ready for some fun. He wished that he could reach over and touch her but instead he just reached out and used his imagination that he was touching her body. A good breeze came up and lifted some of her bikini off her body exposing a portion of her nipples and some of her pubic hair below. He only hoped for another wind like that to come across her.

He stroked his penis slowly and became more aroused. The sun beating down on them while a cool breeze blew over their bodies. He could feel the breeze blow across his erect penis and testicles which felt intense to him and watching her bikini being lifted every now and then up off her showing him tidbits of nipples and more pubic hair.

The admirer wanted more and tried to figure out how to get it. He noticed that Marcy had fallen asleep and that gave him some headway to expose more of her body. He looked around himself on the sand to find something to use. He found a seashell that was big enough to use for his pleasure. He took it and reached over lifting the corner of her bikini top and moving it down exposing in full view her mauve colored nipples which were very erect themselves.

He had used the seashell to pull her bikini top off her full breasts showing the curve of each one. This made him more excited and sat there looking at them wishing to touch them but knew he could not. His penis jumped and quivered a few times in his hands just by the sight of them. If only he could slide and rub the head of his penis around them without waking her, he thought to himself.

Then, he took the seashell and flipped her untied bikini bottoms off her and allowed it to fall between her legs. There in full view was her fluffy and hairy vagina. He looked up at her and she had not made any type of movement. Now she was in full view for him to continue to masturbate. He went back to sitting there and gently stroking his penis.

After so long, the temptation was too great to take a taste of her. He slowly and gently crawled down and around her body leaning his over hers without touching her and not wanting to wake her. He placed his body over hers and leaned down taking a whiff of her vagina which smelled so sweet to him. He then took his tongue and licked up her hairy slit taking in a small taste of her.

She didn’t flinch or make a move, so he took another taste a little deeper this time. He got to taste some of her sweet juices that coated her tight hairy vagina. He sat back on is knees and masturbated a moment looking and admiring her hairy vaginal slit. He wanted badly to just thrust his face into it and get all her juices across his face to wear but knew that he could not.

The waves still crashed against the sand below them and the breeze still blew cooling the air. Marcy’s admirer was full of temptation and his desire for her vagina was even greater. He leaned down with his penis in one hand and took another taste. He pushed his tongue deeper in feeling her clitoris with the tip of his tongue.

This made Marcy moan out in her sleep and spread her legs a little more. He knew now that she was enjoying it by her quiet moans and gentle leg movements. This was his opportunity to take a bigger taste of her, but he knew he had to move in stealth mode to not wake her up or he would face rejection and possible criminal charges.

Slowly, he leaned down and with his tongue split apart her hairy lips and exposed her swelling clitoris. It was so pink and glistening with her juices. He took his tongue and licked it up and down and then felt Marcy’s hips began to move gently and he gave her plenty of room to move without her being woke up. He wanted her to believe she was dreaming.

Her legs went further apart and then he was able to dive right in gently and taste all of her. He looked at her vagina for a minute to take notice of how beautiful it was and how she was getting wetter the more he tasted of her. It was eminent that she would be having an orgasm too. The admirer went back to work masturbating while swelling her lips and clitoris with his mouth.

As he got closer to his orgasm, the faster he licked her sweet pink vagina. He wanted her to have an orgasm with him. He stroked his penis while sucking on her clitoris which made her move and mumble things softly. It was evident that she thought she was dreaming while the real thing was happening to her.

His orgasm was at its peak and he was about to blow his load. He grabbed a large seashell nearby and placed it under his penis to catch his sweet sticky cream while pleasuring in hers. It would have to be a quiet orgasm on his part and then it happened. He filled up that seashell with his creamy cream and moved it aside while bringing her to her climax.

Her body lifted as she came to orgasm which kept her asleep and afterwards, the admirer looked up and saw another man with his penis inn his hands masturbating while watching him take advantage of a sunbather. It was kind of erotic to him, but he didn’t mind. The admirer got up from his position and closed his trench coat with a dripping penis underneath. He moved the large seashell next to her for her to find when she awoke and then he calmly walked away.

After about twenty feet of walking, the admirer turned around just in time to see the other guy stand over her and shoot his load over her naked body. Once he was done, he ran away so that he would not be caught. The admirer turned and went back to walking away and disappeared into the bushes that lined the beach and was never seen again.

Marcy, on the other hand, finally woke up and found her body covered in male ejaculation and found the large seashell next to her with sticky white cream filling it. She looked around and there was no one for miles each way there on the beach. She realized that her bikini had blown off her and got it back tied and gathered her things and walked back to the motel she was staying at never knowing who her admirer was.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne
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