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Roscoe Explores Hot Females!

by Gina Swan 6 months ago in religion

Looking for God Inside Friendly Vaginas.

Roscoe Explores Hot Females!

The reader is encouraged listen to some Weed Music while reading this article. You might even light up your bong for this one. This article should be viewed AT HOME. Not at work--- where someone might get pissed-off with you.

Weed Music

For additional entertainment, you may see the graphic short story:

Doc Roscoe and His Little Witches (search: Doc Roscoe. Episode One on

Roscoe Forthright is not the first adult male to consider adult naked females divine. He studies our anatomy in great detail, and he especially enjoys licking sweet, tasty, tender, young vaginas! He imagines our sexual bodies invest females with magical powers, and those powers are available to turn Roscoe into a Pagan Wizard.

Whether or not our pussies have magical powers is a matter for further discussion and scientific inquiry. Some girls toss them around, like cases of brandy, a refinery for the purpose of generating income. Perhaps most young females are more reasonable and more responsible than that, and only drink brandy on special occasions. Of course, we would like to believe we have magical powers and can influence the men or women we love, to keep them happy and active in our lives. And that is not just about sex. We would like our magic to be romantic and on-going, and present ALL DAY LONG!

Is that asking too much? To want love to be present and active every moment of every day? This does not mean we are thinking about our lovers, or are lovers are thinking about us every single moment. But, whatever we are doing, we can take a break from making money and being busy, to remember the reason we enjoy our lives most: We get to share our lives with someone we love. We get to smile, knowing our best motivation is the continuation of shared love.

Of course, we also continue to explore the physical joys, the many options for pleasure. Mouths. Mouths, pussies and cocks. This does not always include being in love. But honestly, we know it really is more fun with people we truly care about.

When I am feisty, I hand Roscoe my Little Red Riding Crop.

Whatever we choose to do in bed, whoever we choose to do it with--- the main goal should be a sustainable happiness. Throw-away happiness is much like constantly eating McDonald's cheeseburgers, or watching TV all day. The end results are not good for you. The only truly worthwhile relationships between people are the ones which last awhile, and have no nasty side effects.

Short-term thrills are certainly worthwhile, when you need them and got nothing better going on. But why settle for less than honest, ongoing love. Sometimes, we imagine ongoing love is an unattainable goal, a romantic fantasy. But, at those moments we are simply disappointed with what is going on, or has gone on, and not considering the actual potential of the world and the people around us. There is more than enough love to go around, if we look in the right places.

I am not tossing out romantic advice. I am just talking out loud. My bong is lit. My pussy is wet. Roscoe has his tongue inside me. I am content. He is content. I am telling you all this, hoping you will use your imagination and create a similar joyful circumstance for yourselves. I am creating 15 or 28 minutes of grown-up entertainment, with music. (If you are not listening to the music link, go back up the page an click on it.) The whole point of this written page is to put you into a different frame of mind. Whatever you were up to before you clicked here... now you are in a mind-space of calmness and joy. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your cock. Enjoy your pussy. Share them with someone you like.

Be entertained. Then get on with your life!!!

Gina Swan
Gina Swan
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