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Roommate with Benefits

by stephanie borges 3 months ago in lgbtq

Who would have thought being someone's top favorite would have great benefits.

FYI This is a Gay comedy story, there is talk about guys having sex with other men and profanity. This story is not for anyone under 17. With that said enjoy.

The sun was rising, the rays of the light shine through the blind of where Haru, a young man in his early 30’s with blond hair and blue eyes, was sleeping. Next to him was Nick, 22 years old, with jet black hair and blues. Both were bi-sexual. Haru awakes and stretches. Nick later awakes Haru kisses his lips.

“Good Morning, Nick. Did you sleep well?”

Nick smiles, “I did; thanks for the asking.”

In the kitchen, Nick and Haru start making breakfast for themselves, and their little dog, a corgi named Waffles, came along on the Cody. He was standing on his hind legs.

Nick prepared the meat cuts, dog kibble, and rice for Waffles.

Suddenly the silence is broken by the sound of wolves screaming in pain. Nick and Haru run outside to the wolves they were helping take care of at their rental house; they run to Nick and Haru because they feel safe. From afar, there is shouting.

“Come back here again, and I’ll have you stuffed, you stupid animals,” Shouted a young man running towards Haru and Nick.

Haru and Nick stared at the young man, slim with blonde spike hair, blue eyes, and glasses. From behind followed another young man who was also blonde, thin, and blue eyes.

“Those stupid animals were in our yard again, Jared,” The young man without glasses.

“Hey, they are not stupid,” Haru shouted. “They are knowledgeable.”

“You hear that Cody, that dude claim those dogs are smart,” said the young man with blonde hair and glasses.

“Who are you? What’s your deal hurting these wolves.” Nick was shouting while comforting the wolves.

The man with the glasses spoke, “The names Jared,” Then he pointed to the young blonde next to him. “And this is Cody; it’s a pleasure to meet you, young fellow.”

Nick looked in disgust Waffles growled at them.

“Oh, look, you have a huge fluffy rat by your side,” Cody said, laughing.

“That fluffy rat is our dog; what do you have against animals,” Haru shouted.

Jared just smiled “those animals were in our yard, they were trespassing, I want them to stay out.”

Haru and Nick didn’t want to talk to Cody and Jared anymore, so they just acted like they had something to do. For the next few days, it was the same thing the wolves running away, Cody and Jared throwing rocks at them, Haru and Nick telling them to stop.

Haru and Nick wanted Cody and Jared to stop chasing and throwing rocks at the wolves so, Haru set up surveillance cameras to capture and record everything. Haru and Nick decided to go for a quick walk because there were storm clouds. Waffles were in Nick’s arms but, wanted to get down. Nick didn’t know why until Waffles sprinted and chased a squirrel.

“Waffles, stop come back,” Nick shouted.

For a small dog, Waffles was fast. Haru and Nick were falling behind. The squirrel ran under a huge boulder that was near a cliff. Waffles tried to dig out the squirrel. By doing that, he loosened the rocks that were holding the boulder in place; some started to crack. Waffles got under the boulder, Haru sees Waffles and runs to the boulder he moves some rocks to get Waffles out. Then suddenly, thunder was heard. Waffles stopped what he was doing and sprinted to Haru. Haru picked him up and ran.

“Waffles, Waffles, where are you?” Nick shouted with tears in his eyes.

“Nick, I got Waffles,” Haru shouted. “We got to go; a storm is coming.”

Thunder and lighting are above them, Nick and Haru start to run, and rain began to fall. Within an hour, the rain was so heavy the windows looked like the cabin Nick and Haru stayed at was underwater. The wind was strong; Waffles didn’t want to leave his spot under the bed.

“That is some strong wind,” Nick said, “Do you think it will pass soon?”

“If not, we can have some fun in the room,” Haru says with a smile.

Nick smiles too and agrees. While in the bedroom, Haru turns on the fireplace and brings in a fruit and cheese platter. Both Haru and Nick would place food on each other and eat. It was quite pleasurable that after Haru and Nick started to have sex,

Cody and Jared parked their car on the road down a cliff because they could not see anything.

“What the fuck we do now, Cody?” Jared said, parking the car. “I can’t see a thing, and the winds are strong.

“Want to go in the back seat and make out?” Cody said, smiling.

Jared looked surprised “you read my mind,”

Cody and Jared hopped in the back and made out like two high school kids. Up above them was the massive boulder that Waffles had chased a squirrel under. The water from the rain moved fast and made the rocks sink, making the boulder start to move. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck a tree, the tree fell and slammed on the boulder pushing it to roll down the mountain. Cody and Jared were having loud sex that they didn’t hear the boulder coming their way.

The boulder crashes and kills them instantly.

The next morning Haru and Nick were packing to head back home. Haru wanted to get the footage from the cameras he set up. He hoped he caught Cody and Jared attacking the wolves.

“The file is too big to upload,” Haru said. “I’ll do it at home and if we see those two assholes. I’ll send the footage to the police.”

Nick agreed and helped Haru pack. Then took Waffles for a walk, this time with a leash. While walking, Haru and Nick saw the damaged tree that got struck. They followed it. The boulder that was there yesterday was gone. But, there was a mud trail that showed the boulder rolling down the mountain.

“Oh shit, did that tree knock the boulder down the mountain?” Haru shouted.

Haru and Nick saw the trail of broken trees the boulder created.

“I hope no one got hurt,” Nick said.

“Waffles chased a squirrel under that boulder, and I had to move rocks to get him out,” Haru said.

“let’s go home.”

Back home, where their house was above a Café called The Wise Man’s Corner, Nick was in the back sorting coffee beans; he turns on the tv to watch the news. The reporter talks about the weather, the stock market trade, and then Nick stops what he is doing because he sees CCTV footage near the house he and Haru were staying at. It showed the storm light hitting a tree that struck a large boulder, then rolled down a hill, crushing a parked car.

“The two victims that were killed were identified as residents Cody and Jared; it seems they were in the back of the car having coatis and didn’t see or hear the boulder coming in there direction; this was later confirmed because it was how they were found in the crashed vehicle.” The news report said.

“Oh my God,” Nick screamed. “Haru, Waffles did something bad.” Haru hears this and assumes Waffles peed on the floor. “Just grab some paper towels, Nick.”

“Haru, there aren’t enough paper towels in the world to clean up this mess,” Nick said, picking up Waffles. “you remember that Hugh Boulder near that home we were staying to help care for the wolves? It’s the same one that rolled down and killed those two idiots, Cody and Jared.”

Haru came running in with his two twin brothers Aaron and Luke. Both brothers were tall, average muscles, and dirty blonde with hazel eyes. Both had the style of Japanese punk.

“WHAT!!” Haru, Aaron, and Luke scream

“Those assholes went to the wolves sanctuary too?” Aaron asked.

“God no,” Haru shouted, “they were nearby the sanctuary.

“And Waffles killed them?” Luke asked, “Nice.”

Everyone looked at Luke.

“oh, come on, like I’m the only one that is happy those assholes are dead?”

“Luke, they owed us money; now we aren’t going to get paid,” Aaron shouts.

The next day Haru and Nick view the footage from the Cabin security cameras. There was footage of Cody and Jared throwing rocks and branches that the wolves and footage of the lightning storm that struck the tree. While watching the news, a bulletin shows that there will be a funeral for Cody and Jared in two days in the Downtown District. Anyone was welcome to come.

“Haru, I want to go to the funeral,” Nick said. “I want to take Waffles, so he can show his respect for what he did.” Haru looked at Nick in confusion.

“Nick, my love, Waffles is a dog. He doesn’t know he committed murder.”

“Please, Haru, for me.”

Haru sighed, “Fine, and I’ll ask Aaron and Luke to cover me at the Cafe while I go with you to the damn funeral.”

“We’re going too.” Aaron and Luke said.

Haru argued with the twins only to lose and agree to close the café.

At the funeral, the whole room was full Aaron and Luke spot two of their classmates, Jason and Aoba. Jason has long black hair in a man bun with a traditional Japanese hairpin and a red kimono-like shirt with black jeans. Then there was a culinary student, a tall thin young man with long blue hair; he had it in a ponytail wearing a black culinary uniform serving a pastry.

“Hey Aoba, Hey Jason, didn’t expect to see you both here.

“Hi. Luke,” Aoba said, placing pastries on trays, “I came because I was paid to, please, it helps promote my desserts.”

“Aoba’s treats are to die for.” Jason said, grabbing a pastry.”

Haru, Luke, and Aaron grab a pastry.

“These are delicious,” Luke said.

“Such balance in flavor,” Aaron said with a mouth full.

“Aoba, I’m going to need your business card, we might need your help making these at the restaurant,” Haru said, licking his fingers.

I’ll take one of those, sweetness,” Voice said behind Aoba.

When Aoba turned, he smiled and hugged a strawberry blonde caucasian man with green eyes.

“Noiba, I didn’t know you were back in Town. I thought you were busy with your prototype back in Japan.” Aoba said.

“I was until I heard dumb and dumber were dead.” Noiba said, “So, I thought I would come and bring my little brother Theo along.”

Theo looked a lot like Noiba, only his hair was a bit longer and a bit shy.

“Hi, I’m Theo; it’s so nice to meet you, Aoba,” Theo said.

“Hey, Aaron, Luke…” Noiba said, then looked at Jason, “and the old man.”

“This again, little boy?” asking Jason crossing his arms. But when he saw Theo, Jason smiled.

Theo blushed and smiled.

Nick comes in holding Waffles, Haru waves; everyone enters the room in Cody and Jared; both coffins were closed. A tall man of native American descent and long hair walks up to the podium.

“Thank you all for coming. My name is Joe, and I am in charge of this morgue; we are gathered here because of two lives no longer in this world. I have been informed that Jason will read an elegy,” Joe said, bowing his head. “Jason, please come forward.

“Aoba, where is my speech?” Jason said, looking in his pockets.

“It’s in the…kitchen at…my apartment,” Aoba said, horrified.

“Jason, we are waiting.” Joe snaps.

Jason growls. He walks up the podium.

Jason cleared his throat, “Cody and Jared, what can say…what can I say indeed. They were locals here on our beautiful Town,” Jason walks to the coffins and stands in between them and places his hands on Cody’s and Jared's coffin. “and they…Woah, “ Jason falls flat on the floor. Everyone laughs. Aoba taps on Noiba's knee to stop laughing.

“I guess these weren’t that heavy,” Jason said, getting up. “Look, I’m sorry I’m the wrong person to do this. I only agreed to do this to get out of going to my dumbass cousin’s wedding. I hate the jerk almost as much as I hated Cody and Jared; these two owe my money for giving them a haircut and spa treatment. Not to mention about $10,000 worth of bath and body products that I make and never got paid.”

Everyone was surprised.

“I think someone who knows them very well should come up here and say positive things about Cody and Jared. So, please come up.”

Everyone looked around, but no one was standing up to speak. Haru looks at Nick then whispered.

“I guess we weren’t the only ones who didn’t like them.”

“Anyone with a somewhat great memory of Cody and Jared,” Jason said, trying to sound cheerful.

No one was standing.

“Oh, for fuck sakes, does anyone here have any connections with them at all,” Jason snaps. “Good or bad, I don’t want to be up here.”

A man that was slim with a white teardrop tattoo on his face raises his hand and stands.

“My name is Mason; those two assholes open a tab at my bar called The Black Needle and never paid the drinks they ordered or the tattoos I gave them,” Mason growled. “Since I won’t be getting paid, I’m just here to make sure they are dead.”

Luke and Aaron stand up.

Luke sign, “My name is Luke, and this is my brother Aaron; we work with our brother Haru who is the owner of the White Fang Café.” “Cody and Jared came in and ordered a lot of food, then dashed out the door without paying.

So, they owe us money too.” Aaron finished, annoyed.

Aoba got up and said, “I knew Cody and Jared…personal.”

“And you didn’t say anything because?” Jason looks confused.” Oh, whatever, get up here so I can get off.”

Aoba walks up to the podium.

“I knew Cody and Jared for about four years. I met them when I was a kitchen staff intern at the Jaune Wray Corporation. I moved in with them because of my twin brother Archer…I don’t want to say why I moved out of my brother’s penthouse; let’s say it involved an old dog…anyway, living with Cody and Jared was alright in some way I lived rent-free had my room and bathroom. I was their chef while I worked in the kitchen at the Jaune Wray Corporation. Then after six months, things changed. It was like a damn porno comedy like sex all the time…like dating two horny rabbits.”

“Were you able to walk afterward?” Joe shouted.

“Shut up,” Noiba shouted at Joe.

“For two years, the longest years of my life,” Aoba said, creeped out.

Jason walks up to ask Aoba. “Wait, you were their boyfriend?

Aoba looks at Jason, “ I was their roommate with benefits.”

“Ok, good to know.” Joe snapped.

“I got so annoyed and tired of those two that I moved out of their cage and into Noiba’s penthouse in the downtown area two and a half weeks before their Cody to Canada. The two idiots’ idea of the sweet talk was asking me when I was going to bring my brother around for a threesome,” Aoba said, annoyed.

Nick shouts, “You don’t have any good memories of Cody and Jared?”

Aoba thinks for a moment, “Well, …umm no.”

Aoba gets down, and Jason follows. Everyone is talking among themselves.

Nick looks at Haru and whispers, “This is a funeral; everyone should be sad. I know they hurt the wolves back at the sanctuary, but this is sad.”

Haru whispers, “I guess these guys were assholes.”

Nick puts Waffles on the floor and walks up to the podium. Haru tries to stop him.

“Everyone, two people are dead; how can you not see that!” Nick said, shouting. “Think about it, and I bet when they were sad, they cried, when they were cold they shiver. And when they were happy…they smiled. They were human; that was all…how can none of you see that? They will no longer see the sun again.”

“And who the hell are you?” Noiba gets up, shouting at Nick.

“Lower your voice, asshole, we aren’t deaf,” Haru threatens.

“Haru, it’s ok,” Nick said. “My name is Nick my brother Haru and I met Cody and Jared while helping out at the wolves sanctuary. Our dog Waffles is the reason that boulder killed Cody and Jared.”

“What do you mean, your dog,” Jason said, standing up.

Haru stands by Nick’s side while holding Waffles. “We were walking Waffles without a leash. He jumped out of Nick’s arms to chase a squirrel then ran under a boulder. I had to move some rocks to get him out.”

“So, you and the dog are responsible for Cody and Jared's death?” Aoba asked.

“Hell yeah.” Aaron and Luke shouted.

Everyone in the funeral clapped and cheered. Then Cody and Jared's coffins collapse, everyone jumped, then everyone carried Waffles and Haru like they were the town heroes.

The next day The household above the cafe was getting deliveries of gifts on the hour both for Haru and Waffles.

At the White Fang cafe, everyone wanted a picture of Haru and Waffles. The café was busy.

Aoba was in the kitchen baking dog bone shaped cookies that both people and dogs can eat. Cupcakes shapes like Waffles and fruit plates with cheese. Noiba and Theo get a table near the kitchen. Aoba waves at Noiba.

“I’ll be right back, little brother,” Noiba said. Theo spots Jason, Jason waves, and sits with Theo. In the kitchen, Noiba is talking to Aoba.

Suddenly Aoba’s phone began to ring. Noiba answers it.

“Aoba, It’s that rich asshole Jaune Wray, says it’s urgent and needs to talk to you, and in a creepy voice, he sounds horny, by the way.”

“Oh god, it was one time!

I only slept with that privileged old sag of balls because Archer put Viagra in Jaune Wray’s coffee then mixed up the mugs with mine.”

Jason, Haru, Nick, and Theo popped at the doorway of the kitchen. “You what?”

“Aoba!” Noiba yells.

“I heard you the first time!” Aoba shouts then grabs his phone, “Jaune Wray, what the fuck you want now!?”

“My boy, I heard Cody and Jared are dead; you must be devastated that you lost your roommates,” Jaune Wray said over the phone.

We see an older gentleman with long black hair at a vast office desk, well dressed, and talking on a wireless phone. “Your brother Archer misses your company almost as much I do.”

Suddenly, a young man Slim with long jet black hair, comes into the office and brings in a coffee and sushi cup. His name tag says Archer– Personal assistant. “Here’s your lunch Mr. Jaune Wray,”

“Archer, would you like to say hello to your little brother,” Jaune Wray says, handing Archer the phone.

Archer grabs the phone. “Hi, little brother, since those horndogs are dead, do you need a place to stay? If so, our penthouse is always open.”

“That’s right, Aoba, and you are important to me like Archer is. As a family, I always help our family.” Jaune Wray said.

“Jaune Wray, get it through your head. We aren’t a family. You are the employer, I was part of your kitchen staff, and Archer is your assistant, but you treat Archer like if he was your sex toy.”

Haru walks into the kitchen and pulls on Aoba’s sleeve, “Aoba, there is a young man here to see you, something about a will?”

“Listen, big brother, I got to go. Maybe we can get coffee sometime, leave the dog at home,” Aoba said.

“Your funny, Aoba,” Archer said, giggling while sitting on Jaune Wray’s lap. “let me know if you need a place to stay.”

Aoba hangs up, then Haru walks with him to talk to the gentlemen waiting for a table.

He has short white hair, but he wasn’t an older man; instead, he was very young-looking; he wore a white trench coat with business attire.

“Aoba, please to meet you.

My name is Charley. I was Cody and Jared's legal Attorney.” Charley said, extending his hand.

Aoba shakes his hand.

“Cody and Jared had a legal attorney?”

“They had to since they were assholes,” Charley said.

“I take it they owe you money as well,” Haru asked.

“Not anymore, I took it out of their funds,” Charley said, handing Aoba a letter.

Aoba opens the letter it stated that Cody and Jared left Aoba everything: Their house, cars, and $983,750,000. “holy shit!”

The next day:

The café was closed for the day because Aoba wanted Haru, Nick, Aaron, and Luke to take whatever items they wanted from Cody and Jared's home, sell any unwanted items, and clear out Cody Jared's house. Aoba had a copy of their house keys so, he opened the door and let everyone in. Everyone was in awe to see how big and expensive items were in the house. Haru took a few watches, shirts, and kitchen items. Aaron and Luke took books, a printer, and two bookshelves.

While moving the bookshelves, a hidden compartment snapped open, revealing a little black book.

“Well, hello, what do we have here?” Luke asked, grabbing the little black book.

Luke and Aaron call everyone to show them the little black book. It was filled with the names of men who Cody and Jared had slept with, how they were rated, and what things they wanted to do with the lover either individually or as a threesome.

“Damn, Aoba! Your name is in here! and you have the highest rating.” Jason said, looking in the book.

Noiba hears this and grabs the book from Jason.

“Oh, hell no! This is what they did to you?” Noiba shouted, looking at Aoba, “Why didn’t you tell me.”

“Which one?” Aoba asked, “I can only remember about 12 of the crazy shit I did with those idiots.”

“You were masturbating in front of Jared, naked while he allowed his Burmese pet python slither all over you?” Noiba is reading out loud from the little black book. “The fucken snake slither up your ballsack, then on your chest and wrapped around your neck, and it’s tail, was cupping your balls and around your dick.”

“I’ll admit it, the snake did help make me climax,” Aoba said, joking and sigh. “I didn’t tell you because it was embarrassing. I mean, what was I supposed to say? Noiba, can I come over? I just masturbated with a snake on my manhood.”

“That does sound embarrassing,” Aaron said. Everyone nod.

“Is that snake still here?” Noiba said, annoyed.

“No, the fucker is dead; it got outside and got struck by lighting,” Said Aoba crack opening a beer.

“Burn to a crisp, Jared cried like a bitch.”

Everyone agreed the book had to be destroyed, so the fireplace was turned on, and the book was thrown in; everyone went back to clear out the house.

Theo came over and brought take out. Everyone was laughing and telling stories. It was late at night, so everyone decided to stay the night at Cody and Jared's former home.

Haru and Nick took a room together, as did Noiba and Aoba. Theo took a room for himself. Aaron and Luke slept in the living room.

Nick crawled on top of Haru. “ Nick, what are you doing?” Haru asked, rolling over. “Are you trying to lead?” Nick starts to strip, Haru follows and starts to lick Nick’s nipples. Nick sits on Haru’s pelvis and places Haru's stiff dick inside him. Nick staddles Haru. “mmm…Nick, you know what to do.” Haru kisses Nick on his lips. Both Haru and Nick moan.

Aoba and Noiba were loud.

Aoba was on top of Noiba, staddling him. Aoba had his arms tied behind him. “C’mon my Sly Blue Rabbit,” Noiba screams. “Ride me like a show pony!”

The second day:

The next morning Haru needed the bathroom in the hallway. He knocked on the door.

“Aaron, you in there? I need to shower,” Haru shouts, knocking continuously.

Aaron and Luke walk by Haru. “Aoba made breakfast,” Luke said. “Luke and I took a shower a half-hour ago,” Aaron said. “Wait, if you’re not in here, then that must mean…,” Haru said with a smile.

The twins just walked away.

“Nick, you take too long.

Don’t make me come in there…unless you want me to come in there.” The water gets shut off Haru gets excited. “Oh, I’ll take that as a yes!” Haru opens the door walks right in, only to come out, screaming in fear. “Hey, pervert, I don’t know what you heard, but this wasn’t a free show,” Noiba said, slamming the door. Haru goes to the kitchen screaming.

Aoba, Nick, Aaron, and Luke stop what they are doing a look at Haru.

“Nick, I need to see you naked; go to my room!” Haru screams.

“Haru, Aoba’s boyfriend Noiba, had to use the shower in the hallway because the shower in his room the head was busted,” Nick said, eating his pancakes.

Aoba shakes his head and walks to the stairs. “Breakfast is on,” Aoba yells.

Noiba finishes dressing up in casual clothes. He notices his brother Theo’s room is still closed, so he must wake his little brother up. He knocks on Theo’s door.

“Who is it,” Theo shouts from behind the door. Noiba walks in. “Theo, it’s morning time to…” Noiba is in shock. Jason and Theo were in bed naked, having sex. Theo was on top of Jason.

“What the fuck…what are you…how did he?” Noiba couldn’t think of what to say.

“He came into my room to show me how to fight,” Theo said, getting off of Jason.

“Wait to teach you how to fight…naked?” Noiba shouted, “Why are you planning on going to jail because that’s where you will need to learn how to fight naked.”

“What the hell is going on? What’s with the screaming.” Aoba said, entering the room.”Oh, bloody hell!”

“I guess everyone is having sex in this house,” Nick said, eating a biscuit.

“My brother is having sex with a caveman,” Noiba screams.

“I’m not a caveman asshole,” Jason says, putting on some shorts. “I’m a cowboy.”

“He indeed rode me like a show pony,” Theo said, mimicking a horse. Noiba screams, “Tell me I didn’t just hear that!” “He’s your brother and sounds like you when you scream it,” Aboa said.

“Aoba, my blue bunny, I’m not that loud when I’m screaming ride me like a show pony,” Noiba said with confidence.

“Yes, you are,” everyone in the room said to Noiba.

Aoba blushes red he covers his face. “Oh, fuck me.”

Noiba smiles, “I’d love to.”

Everyone goes down to breakfast. Noiba is staring, upset at Theo is Ignoring him for a few seconds until he snaps. “What, Noiba…what is it?” “Why on earth would you want to sleep with that caveman!” Noiba screams.

“Noiba, if Theo wants to sleep with Jason, that’s his business,” Aoba said, making coffee.

“Well, look at that guys breakfast and a show,” Haru said, stuffing his mouth.

“Shut up, Haru,” Noiba shouts.

“Theo, Jason is a womanizer; he sleeps around with women, hell, the whole town is his tits and ass buffet,” Noiba said, putting syrup on his pancakes.

“That’s not true; no matter how hard she tried, I never slept with Nat Lee from the General Store. She ripped her rectum,” Jason said, preparing his coffee.

Everyone stares at Jason.

“Well, she did.”

“It’s true,” Aaron said.

“When I was visiting a friend Eric at the hospital a while back, Nat Lee was his roommate; she was trying to use a cucumber as a dildo.

“Stupid bitch,” Luke said.

“Did I miss breakfast? My little brother makes the best meals in Town,” Archer said, walking in.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting my big bro for….” Aoba stops midsentence. It seems Archer brought his employer, Mr. Jaune Wray. “What the fuck is he doing here, Archer?”

“Good to see you too, Aoba. Your cooking smells exquisite,” Jaune Wray said.

“Such a big word for someone with a small head,” Aoba says with a smirk.

Nick looked confused, “his head isn’t that small.” Theo taps him on the shoulder, “Aoba is not talking about the one on his neck.”

“I can understand why my brother is here, but why are you here? Don’t tell me you’re here because you want items from my two dead roommates' house, and you have the money to buy two of everything,” Aoba shouts.

“Aoba, my boy, I came not only to eat your cooking but to talk you into coming back to work for me.

Archer does miss your company.” Jaune Wray says, sitting at the table.

“It’s a twin thing we must be close,” Archer says. Aaron and Luke agree and say, “We know.”

“Yes, close like a family,” Jaune Wray said, grabbing coffee.

“I wouldn’t go back to work for you because you get too close to Archer and me outside of work,” Aoba shouts.

“That’s not true; I just come by because I love coming together with you and Archer.” Aoba looks at Jaune Wray in disgust. “Oh, not like that, pervert. And you say I have sex on the mind.” Jaune Wray said, giggling.

“Since you brought the words coming together, that is the reason I left your company, and I moved out of Archer’s penthouse. You would get in the penthouse to find Archer and me outside of work.” Aoba shouts.

“And just like the curry, the plot thickens,” Jason said

“Oh, Aoba, it’s not that big of a deal,” Archer said, getting pancakes. “I’m sorry, what?” Aoba shouts, “let’s go back when this shit started, Jaune Wray.”

Flash Back: two years ago.

Aoba and Archer were in the penthouse wearing short boxers, making dinner for themselves. “Hey, big brother, can you get me the flour in the pantry,” Aoba said. “Sure thing, little brother,” Archer said, walking to the pantry. Jaune Wray is standing in the pantry and hands Archer the flour. “Spoil alert, you're almost out of flour.” Archer giggles as he grabs it. “What’s funny, Archer…what the...Get out of our pantry, asshole!”

A few weeks later:

There is a severe thunderstorm. Aoba and Archer were sleeping in the same bed. Because they both got scared. Aoba wakes up from a dream. Mr. Jaune Wray wakes up next to Aoba, “what are you dreaming about?” Jaune Wray asks him. “Aoba calmly looks to see if Archer was behind Jaune Wray. Archer was hugging Jaune Wray and scratching the back of his head. “I was dreaming you were killing yourself by shooting yourself in the head with a loaded gun because I beat you in some cyber game. Aoba said, glaring at Jaune Wray. “But now, I would like to go back to that.”

A few days after that:

Aoba and Archer are on the patio meditating in their underwear. “Inhale, take a deep,” Archer says to Aoba. “Find your center…exhale.” A sound of a video camera turned on. “Are you fuckin filming us? That’s it! I quit, and I’m leaving.” Aoba screams and walks inside his house, and starts packing.

Return to present:

“Wow, Mr. Jaune Wray, you are a piece of shit,” Haru said.

“Archer, how is it you don’t see what a creeper your boss is,” Noiba ask.

Archer smiles and shakes his head. “I enjoy working for Mr. Jaune Wray; we understand each other.

“Archer is an amazing assistant, and he would bend over backward for me,” Jaune Wray said. “Aoba, where are you working now?”

“I work at a small amazing café called “White Fang.” I like it there. I feel at peace.” Aoba said proudly.

“So, you work at a mediocre coffee house making spare change,” Jaune Wray says. “Excuses me, Mr. Jaune Wray; it’s not a mediocre coffee shop. It’s a café that is also a bar.” Theo says, standing up. “You best show some respect.” “My café is quite popular in our town; everyone is like a family; we respect one another,” Haru says, walking up to Jaune Wray. “Plus, unlike you, we don’t stalk our staff, you creepy old bastard.”

Jaune Wray laughs, “Is that right? Well, speaking as a successful businessman, I think all of you should run along and play, and don’t talk about business until you are all big boys.”

Noiba gets in Jaune Wray’s face, “In Japan, we’re taught to respect our elders, but you’re an asshole. I want to kick your ass for having your head up your ass.”

“Wait, did you say…Japan? You two, I know you. Your family business is neck and neck to my business in being number one in the world.” Jaune Wray said, annoyed.

“That’s right, bitch,” Theo said, holding his glass of orange juice. “White fang knows their business and know when not to bother their employee’s outside of work.”

“Haru walks up to Jaune Wray and says. “You are a creepy old man, with no respect.” Jaune Wray starts to laugh, mocking Haru. “You have no guilt; you need mental help.” “Young man, I’m as healthy as a horse,” Jaune Wray says, laughing. “I disagree,” Haru shouts.

“Well, that’s your opinion,” Jaune Wray says.

“Well, here’s my opinion, if you don’t like what I have to say or anyone in this room, you can just drop dead asshole,” Haru screams.

Jaune Wray is still laughing; then suddenly, he is gasping for air and collapses. Archer screams in fear. Jason runs up to Jaune Wray to check his pulse. “Oh fuck, he’s dead,” Jason said, looking at Haru.

Haru is in shock and shakes Jaune Wray screaming. “Come on, man, if I told you to choke on a dick, would you do it?” Everyone is looking at Jaune Wray in disbelief.

Three days later:

Jaune Wray’s funeral, about 12 people show up. Among them was Haru, Nick, Aaron, Luke, Aoba, Archer, Noiba, Theo, and Jason.

“Two funerals in less than two weeks,” Archer said. “My boss/boyfriend is dead.”

Aoba looks at Archer, “The man was old, a creeper, hell you were the one running the business ever since he hired you as his assistant.”

“Archer, You have the business degree, and you have the knowledge and experience of running a business,” Nick says.

“I know, that’s why he left everything to me. “ Archer said, showing the will. “I’m going to miss him, well, except when he would eat beans before bed.”

“That’s just gross, Archer,” Aoba said.

“Well, this has been an interesting two weeks,” Haru says. “How about brunch? Who’s hungry.

After the funeral, everyone went to the white fang café. Theo and Jason were talking about getting a private hotel room and keeping in touch. Noiba wasn’t too thrilled about them dating so, Theo tells his older brother, “to buck up or shut up.”

Aoba sells Cody and Jared's house and happily moves in with Noiba; his Brother Archer still lives in the penthouse. Archer joins the company with Noiba and Theo’s company and becomes the best and top company globally. Noiba and Theo invite Haru, Nick, Aaron, Luke, Aoba, and Jason to Japan. Haru decides to open a café in Japan. Noiba and Theo included White Fang café in the business connection.

Things are going well for everyone.

stephanie borges
stephanie borges
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