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Research Experiment on Nudity as University: Part 6

Nude dinner with the Professor's daughter

By vaiaamPublished 4 days ago 6 min read
Research Experiment on Nudity as University: Part 6
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

When we reached home the professor's daughter was not there. The professor invited me inside her home and showed me the sofa opposite to the TV. She told me if I felt hot with that winter jacket I could take that off, suggesting that I could be naked, and then went inside her room. I used that opportunity to be naked and took the TV remote. She came out of her room with a towel in her hand and told me that she would be putting that towel inside the bathroom so that I could go and have a shower anytime when I was ready. Then she gave me a mug, opened the fridge door, and told me to help myself with whatever juice I wanted. All these things happened while I was nude. We both did not feel any awkwardness, I did not feel any erection down under and it all happened as normal as it could be.

I had a shower, got some juice in the mug, and sat on the sofa with the TV remote in my hand. After some time the front door was opened, and Professor's daughter barged in, ran towards me, introduced herself to me as Karlie, and shook hands with me with a Duchenne Smile. She apologised for being late and asked me whether I needed anything. Interestingly, she did not ask my name but directly assumed who I was, probably because of my naked state. She told me that she would have a shower and then ran towards the stairs and climbed the stairs taking two steps at a time. She never even glanced her eyes toward the lower half of my naked body. After some time she climbed down the stairs, similarly, skipping one step at a time, but this time fully naked. I have to confess that I was captivated by the movement of her beautiful breasts. It was not saggy, not flat, not small, but the perfect one. But the breast movement was classic. Each time she landed on a stair the breasts jumped up and settled down. I was ashamed that I should not be enjoying that scene. I decided that I would confess this to her later on, but now onwards to try not to look at her breasts.

She called her mother for dinner and guided me to the dining table. Her mother, the Professor came out of her room with fully dressed but Karlie pleaded her also to be naked. She politely refused but Karlie continued to plead with her and at one stage she agreed to be half-naked and returned with her bra and panty. Karlie helped me serve my dinner plate. During the dinner, the first thing Karlie asked me was the same as what the Professor asked me in the 'so-called' interview at the department office. That was when I saw the second advertisement with the increased payment. When I said that I applied after seeing the first advertisement she was laughing and inquiring me about the after-effects on my personal life after the experiment. Her main point was that anyone could take a photo of my naked body during the experiment. Since I am not from sex related industry this could be the first time I would be photographed nude and those photos would be available forever in the public domain. She asked me whether I realised that the photos might be seen by any of my relatives, my parents, sisters, brothers, my future mother-in-law and even my future kids. I was startled by this very fact and was overcast by the excitement and emotions when I decided to apply for that position. Karlie said that she personally raised all these after-effects with her mother and then to the research team as an invited member. She said, though she did not know the potential applicants as a responsible nudist who dedicated her life to nudity she felt that it was her duty to ensure that other nudist rights are upheld. That was the reason she fought for a much higher rate than what was later agreed upon by the research team. I told her that I did not apply for it because of the money but solely because of the opportunity to experience nudity in public as I too was a true nudist. She exclaimed that it was the very reason she fought, that the research team would exploit people like me or herself. Her argument was, that nudism was not prostitution, nudism was a way of life experiencing the freedom from not only the materialistic clothes but also from the shame of body image, not just the body image of the shape or fitness of our body but body parts based on its functionality. The body parts that we normally hide from clothes are mainly used for sexual activities and/or involved in eliminating waste from our bodies. True or pure nudists are those who enjoy the above feeling of freedom and the research team should not exploit it. She asked whether a music band could pay a singer less amount if the singer enjoyed singing all the time anyway, no, similarly we nudists also deserve the recognition of our state through the amount they would pay for an experiment. She said she would love to walk around public in the University naked but would not give permission to use any data associated with that one to be used for research purposes unless she was recognized in some significant way. I could feel from her face that she had a hard time arguing for a better payment for the nude subject with the research team. I glanced at her mother and she continued to be silent, I think she had the same argument with her mother as well. Karlie was at her peak of anger and that anger suddenly turned toward her mother as she then moved to the topic of half-naked and nudism. She said that she did not like to be half-naked when she could be fully naked. In her view, half-nakedness in a nudist place was like cheating, similarly, wearing revealing clothes was also cheating. She said she never wore revealing clothes in normal times. I was in an uncomfortable situation, Karlie was attacking her mother in front of me. To calm down the situation I just justified Karlie that her mother could not be naked as she was the boss to me and today was the first day we met. It was partly a professional situation. But Karlie seemed not convinced. But at that instant, her mother stood up and asked me whether I wanted green tea as she was about to bring green tea for both her and her daughter. I nodded yes and she left the place, I thought she was just escaping the difficult situation. After a while, she returned with three small cups filled with green tea in a tray, but fully naked. When she arrived she told her daughter "I will not disappoint you even if it is difficult for me, you are my world", for that Karlie thanked with a smile. Everyone was silently drinking the tea and after the tea Professor said that she had to go to bed as she had a meeting in the morning and told us that she could move our discussion to the evening so that we could come late, implying that we could continue our discussions and could go to bed late. At that time I realised it was already passed 11 pm. She then told me specifically that it was good to continue discussing with her daughter as that would enrich me with the fundamentals of nudism.


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